January 10, 2013

 MIIAB Health Insurance Summit 



By now you have received information about our upcoming Health Insurance Summit scheduled for January 21st. We need as many agents as possible to be involved in conducting our strategic moves at the Capitol to keep agents involved in the health insurance process. Also, I ask you to click on this link, which  provides you with updated information on the recent press conference which was conducted today on legislation to set up this state-wide health insurance exchange. This is very interesting due to the fact that both Republicans and Democrats took part in this press conference. 


We also know that many MIIAB members are not involved in the sale of health insurance and therefore are less interested in this issue.  But we know many of our members do sell health insurance and it can make up a considerable part of their agency income.   It is these members we are seeking at the following meeting: 



MIIAB Health Insurance Summit

MIIAB Conference Center

7500 Flying Cloud Drive, STE 125

Eden Prairie, 55344

January 21, 2013

9:00 to 11:00 AM


Join fellow MIIAB members interested in this issue.  We will review the progress towards a state health insurance exchange, hear from state officials putting together the exchange and discuss how agents can influence this process.    If you care about the government's involvement in the health insurance market, you need to attend this meeting. 

If you write a significant amount of health insurance, please join us.  If not, we request that you share this information with the person or persons in your agency most involved in health insurance.  


Please RSVP to April Goodin at agoodin@miia.org or 952-253-2074


Dominic Sposeto 
MIIAB Lobbyist
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