Nestled in a canyon of natural beauty and a rich history, Sycamore Canyon Academy capitalizes on its unique environment to offer its students opportunities for experiential learning and skill development. Hands-on-learning projects, such as the most recent Nature Trail construction, afford students opportunities to take on leadership roles and work collaboratively with others to create something meaningful.
Student-Athlete N. Gonzalez, who is the Project Manager for the Nature Trail construction, directs four SCA staff and a team of student-athletes who are working to complete the project by the end of August. "I feel good about being Project Manager, and working with my hands keeps me motivated to continue working hard. I can't wait to see it when it's done," he said. The trail, which will be a half mile long and tell the "story" of SCA, will feature a cabin fašade, bridges, and a mine shaft replica.  Although the initial goal of building the nature trail was to enhance SCA's campus, the project has grown beyond its scope to become a tangible source of pride and accomplishment for SCA students.
"A lot of us are taking ownership of our work," said Shift Supervisor Howell. Surrounded by the shade of large Sycamore trees and the surrounding desert, the trail is meant to enhance the existing campus for visitors, families, students and staff, and will also be utilized during SCA's annual Haunted House fundraiser in October. The nature trail has brought excitement and enthusiasm to SCA student body and staff.  
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