The students and staff at Sycamore Canyon Academy recently traveled to the Grand Canyon for the trip of a lifetime.  For many, this trip was their first time camping so setting up their tents, building a campfire and roasting marshmallows  were new tasks they were eager to take on.  The first day was spent on a 12 mile hike around the rim.  The students were in awe of the spectacular views; student athlete Andrew W. asked, "Is this real? It looks like a painting".  The highlight of their trip was their hike up Mount Humphreys, Arizona's tallest mountain.  It was here they encountered deep pockets of snow and other obstacles they needed to overcome.  Many thought this hike would be too difficult to finish, but with much effort and  encouragement they reached the 12,633 foot peak.  Conquering this challenge gave each of these young men newfound confidence, skills, and memories they will take with them long after they leave Sycamore Canyon Academy.

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