Hosted by community members from Idaho Spring, Colorado and held at the Idaho Springs Elks Lodge, the 5th annual Colorado Qualifying House and Betty Marler Prom created wonderful memories for the students in attendance.


Many of these young students have never had the opportunity to attend high school dances much less their prom. This special occasion allowed our young men and women to have an opportunity to participate in a moment that is part of their adolescent journey as well as an American rite of passage. Volunteers helped the boys pick out their suits, and the girls with their prom dress, make-up and hairstyles. 


The evening began with a sit down dinner that provided both staff and youth the opportunity to get to know each other.  As the night progressed, the shyness and nervousness was replaced with dancing, laughter and ease in conversation.  Pictures were taken to capture the memories and excitement enjoyed by all.


Each year program staff works extremely hard to create a     normalized, carefree    event for these young people, many of whom are committed by the State of Colorado to residential treatment facilities.   As the night came to an end, students gave thanks to all of the staff and volunteers that were responsible for creating such an enjoyable evening.


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