Community engagement and service to others represent a key tenet of Rite of Passage, which is embraced by students and staff at the Mt. Evan's Qualifying House (Q-House) and Lookout Academy.

For the last three years, the young men at the Q-House have organized a fundraising event for the St. Baldrick's Foundation, an organization that funds research and raises awareness of childhood cancers.  As part of the event, participants collect donations for the organization and shave their heads to show solidarity with cancer victims.  This year, over 30 community members, including Rite of Passage students and staff, raised nearly $1,200 for St. Baldrick's.

To help the Q-House students with this event, students from the Lookout Academy barbering class traveled to Clear Creek and volunteered to shave the heads of participants.  Students utilized space at the Idaho Springs Elks Lodge to welcome participants and educate them on how they are helping children, teens, and young adults who are fighting cancer.

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