Becoming a student body leader (called a RAM) at Sycamore Canyon Academy (SCA) takes a great deal of commitment. A student must prove he has strong leadership skills and motivation to uphold positive norms that is expected of our leaders. He must also set goals, demonstrate desirable character traits, and be a role model to others. Sycamore Canyon Academy's Student Ferguson has done all these tasks and more. As a part of an effort to achieve his RAM status, Student Ferguson led his fellow students in a community service event in the Oracle, Arizona community.


While meeting Santa was a highlight, the event also included a performance by a local church choir and a train for children to ride. SCA students enjoyed helping the kids and are looking forward to similar service opportunities in the future.

Student Ferguson is proud to have assisted in this event and recognized that in addition to organizing SCA students, he had to practice the Positive Skill of patience while assisting people of different ages. While it was a lot of work, Student Ferguson "enjoyed walking the kids to see Santa Claus" and is looking forward to receiving his RAM status next week.

The event, sponsored by the Oracle Volunteer Fire Department, allowed hundreds of children to visit the fire department with the intention of meeting Santa and getting their Christmas wishes heard. Students from Sycamore Canyon Academy helped direct the traffic to appropriate parking lots and guided children to see Santa. Students also assisted visitors, young and old, who took part in this community event.


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