April 2014
Vol 7, Issue 4

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For a little over a month now, the BSA 2013 Report to the Nation has been available. In reading through the details, it is amazing how much Scouting is going on around the country!


One note in the report is particularly impressive by itself. Scouts throughout the country volunteered 17,042,938 hours of community service across the nation! Yes, that's more than seventeen million hours. The price tag at the going rate makes this worth more than $377 million. Marin Council's contribution is significant for our size: approximately 30,000 hours.



Lord Baden-Powell said it well. Imagine the landscape of Marin and our entire country without those 30,000 or 17 million hours respectively. The impact is significant. 


And more importantly, look how our Scouts are learning through doing. Every time they work on a trail, collect food, paint buildings, pull weeds, or clean up the sea shore, they are learning the greatness of giving back to the communities in which they live. They are not doing it alone but with their friends and families by their sides, working together for the betterment of the world around them. That is extremely significant.


We hope you will get a chance to click on the link above to view the entire report. Thank you for everything you all do--that we do together--in Scouting.   

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Quick Links
Time to Fish!
fishing-pole-handles.jpg Everybody has a great time at the Fishing Derby. Again this year, in partnership with the Marin Rod & Gun Club, the Marin Council is holding the Fishing Derby. This great event gives Scouts a chance to experience fishing with their friends and adult partners off the MR&GC pier.

This year, the derby will be held on Saturday, May 10, from 9:00-1:30, at the Marin Rod & Gun Club. The derby part is 9:00-11:30, and the BBQ and prize session is from 11:30-1:00. Download the flyer and release form here. There is a minimal fee for tons of fun! Get your registration in right away!
April Roundtable
The next roundtable is on Wednesday, April 2. Both Boy Scout and Cub Scout sessions begin at 7:30 p.m. Roundtable is held at the LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael, on the first Wednesday of most months through June. Anyone is welcome to attend. At least one person from each unit should come to stay up-to-date on what is happening around the council.

Along with important council information and announcements, the roundtable meetings will include the following:

For Cub Scout roundtable, Ron Poggi says, "Join us at our April meeting where we will be exploring the world of Science and Technology--the "S" and "T" of Scouting's STEM program. Learn how your Cub scouts can earn the Super Nova Award!!! We will again be playing games and have a BIG surprise for you. There are only two more fun meetings left before the end of the year BBQ, so join us to make the most of this year and the summer that's nearly upon us."

Also, make a note that there will be a Cub Scout Recruiting Seminar at 6:30, before roundtable, on April 2. Make sure someone from every pack attends! Membership VP Andy Odell will be presenting ways and ideas for successful Cub Scout recruiting.


Boy Scout roundtable will feature the leader orientation for Boy Scout summer resident camp at Camp Marin Sierra at the beginning. 

Cub Scout Recruiting Seminar

Don't Miss This

Most Cub Scout leaders know how important it is to add Scouts to their pack continually to maintain its long-term health. However many times, leaders feel at a loss as to how to do this or what resources are available.

Have no fear! Our Vice President for Membership, Andy Odell, will be presenting a one-hour recruiting seminar before roundtable on April 2 at 6:30 p.m. This will be at the LDS Church--same location as roundtable.

Andy is very experienced and will help pack leaders understand how to do successful spring and fall recruiting as well as continually throughout the year. Bring your questions, problems, successes, and difficulties because he is there to help you. There will be time for leaders to share ideas--both what to do and what not to do.

No pre-registration is needed. If you have thoughts, ideas, or questions, email Andy Odell.
Time for Cub Scout Camping

Attention Cub Campers! Dust off those tents, pack your bags, and get ready for a great time in the outdoors. Cub Camping is kicking into to high gear with a season of great camps for Cub Scouters and their families.  

  • Family Fiesta at Tamarancho "Space Wrecked" - May 16-18: Scouts and their families will have a blast participating in events and activities hosted by Council Troops, Crews, and Posts. This year's theme will see participants space wrecked on an alien planet, with activities ranging from homesteading, paper rocketry, and crafts, and the staples of archery & BB guns. Registration forms are available here: Information and registration Forms 
  • Day Camp at Tamarancho "Castles and Kings" - July 7-11, July 21-25, and August 4-8: Three separate weeks of action-packed days for incoming second through fifth grade boys culminating in the Friday afternoon campfire event put on by the campers for all the parents. These camps sell out quickly so don't wait too long. Camps are held at Camp Tamarancho in Fairfax. Bus service is available for an extra fee. Information and registration forms
  • Webelos Woods at Marin Sierra "Trail To AOL" - August 29-31 at Marin Sierra: This event is for incoming 4th and 5th grade Cub Scouts and a parent. Scouts will form patrols, each led by one or more Boy Scouts. Activities will include separate tracks for Webelos and AOL Scouts. All participants will have the opportunity to achieve a minimum of 4-5 standard pins, while the AOL Scouts will receive 1:1 training in the fundamentals of Scout Spirit, as defined in the Oath and 12 points of the Scout Law. Ask anyone who has attended this camp - if you are a Webelos, this camp is not to be missed!  

All the 2014 event information is contained on the Marin Council web site at this link, and the registration forms for the events are posted in the same section as soon as they become available.


Want to Staff Cub Camps?

Cub camps always need staff. We pay youth 15 and up for summer Cub day camp, and we credit service hours and thank you gifts for help at weekend camps. Scouts and adults: sign up to help staff a camp today! Cub Scout day camp applications are available here. Also you can email Chris Wells about Cub Scout camp. You can email David Pearce, Cub Scout camping chair, as well. 

Marin Council Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby fun does not have to stop with your pack races!


All Scouts not racing in the council derby are welcome to enter the Marin County Fair exhibition. Scouts can earn awards for their cars based on their handicraft. What will work well is if cars are collected by each pack. After your own pinewood race, pack them up in a tub, and bring them into the council office when you have the forms filled out. Parents must sign the exhibit entry form, which will be available soon.


First place winners for each rank from your pack are welcome to enter the Marin Council Pinewood Derby at the Marin County Fair on July 2. Collect winning cars and impound them so that they can be submitted for weigh-in as a group. All Scouts are welcome to come to weigh in, but weigh-in by pack will avoid late sign-ups. Weigh-ins will be Tuesday, June 3, from 5:00-7:30 p.m., and Saturday, June 14, from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. at the council service center in San Rafael. In fairness to the on-time entries, no late entries will be accepted. No exceptions. 


Volunteers are needed to support the Marin Council Pinewood Derby at the Marin County Fair. We need people from various packs to participate. If you will be coming anyway to watch the race with your son, please volunteer to help for a couple hours. If you are available for weigh in, or to assist with race day set-up, clean-up, or racing, please email Bill Bradbury.  

It's Not Too Early to Be Thinking about Camp Staff.

Camp Positions are Still Available at Both Camps!

Although all under-18 positions are filled at Marin Sierra, we are still looking for a couple over-18 and over-21 positions. These are (18) Trail to Eagle director and Cooking merit badge counselor, and (21) Climbing director.

There are many opportunities still available at Camp Tamarancho. Cub Scout day camp is a great place to work 1, 2, or all 3 weeks. Young women and men learn how to apply themselves, teach, lead, and work with younger Scouts. The minimum age is 14 to be a counselor in training and 15 years old to be paid.

Applications for Boy Scout resident camp can be downloaded by clicking this link. Cub Scout day camp applications are available here. Also you can email Chris Wells about Cub Scout camp or Tim Wells about Boy Scout camp with any questions.
Trained Leaders are Effective Leaders

Coming up is our super weekend of training being held at Camp Tamarancho in April:

These trainings are conducted by seasoned Scouters who have a passion to share their knowledge and experience to enhance the overall Scout experience.


Register on the Marin Council web site under Training. There you will find more details about the different offerings.

A Camp Marin Sierra Work Party Story
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful camp in the sierras called Camp Marin Sierra. For years, this camp wanted a new rifle range, and they even received a grant from the NRA to help fund it. Once enough additional funds were saved to buy all the materials, there was still not enough to pay for the labor to build it.

However, that did not stop the brave Marin Council from seeing their dream come true. Volunteers were assembled, both young and old, to converge on the camp for several work weekends. They worked hard and were fed well. Both skilled and unskilled laborers put there backs into the work, and behold, before too much time had passed, a new rifle range was built. They stood back in awe at the beauty of the new facility, taking pride in adding to the joy of the summer program for Scouts. 
Volunteers are at the heart of what we do and are key to making sure our camps are well taken care of. Nobody else will do it. Like the hearty workers above (and there were more), we realized the dream of building that range.

But wait; there's more! Not only did they build the range, but they dug and laid pipe for the wash stand in front of the range. Even the young Scouts put their backs into the work, like Joey above and Gavin on the right.

But wait; there's even still more! Not only did they build the range, lay the pipe, and erect the wash stand, they did numerous other chores around camp to make sure it was ready for winter.

Kind of a silly story to illustrate a point:

We need your help.

Last year, after many units complained of the horrible graffiti upstairs in Ibach Lodge, a group of volunteers went in to paint it so that it would be clean and fresh--without graffiti. Every year, volunteers roll endless amounts of log rounds in front of both lodges to use to heat them for the winter. Then they roll them away at the end of the winter. Plus a myriad of other jobs are done. We feed and house those who help for the entire time they are there.

This year, we will have our usual Memorial Day and Labor Day work parties. We are hoping for quite a bit of help. Thanks to volunteer Rich Parker, we have newly routed campsite signs to install in the 12 campsites that don't have them. We will be building 10 more tables, we will build more tent platforms, and we will prepare transform the camp from winter to summer use. For some things we need skill; for many jobs just willing, hard-working, capable people.

For quite some time, people have complained about the kitchen in Ibach Lodge, struggling to cook there. We are going to change that! During the August weekends of the 16th and 23rd, right after camp closes, there will be two work weekends to (1) reroof Ibach Lodge (headed up by volunteer roofer Dan Hixenbaugh), (2) remodel the kitchen, and (3) finish putting FRP and new fixtures in the Ibach bathrooms. We need both skilled and unskilled but capable workers. We will feed and house you for the weekend(s) that you are there.

Will you help?

Contact John Pope or Tim Wells with your positive reply.

Thank you!

-- The End -- 
Friends of Scouting

What is Friends of Scouting (FOS)? FOS subsidizes every Marin Scout's activities by about $250 a year or less than 70 cents a day. Without FOS fundraising, Marin Sierra Boy Scout summer camp would cost about $100 more per week, and you'd be paying double the current fees for summer day camp for Cub Scouts at Camp Tamarancho. That's the difference between what you pay for Marin BSA programs and what they actually cost. FOS is 25% of our yearly budget.


Why should we donate to Friends of Scouting? For the same reason families donate to local school foundations; we donate because we are contributing to our children's education. Just as parent contributions allow our local schools to offer programs not available in many other California schools, Marin Council FOS donations allow our local Scouts and families access to some great facilities and programs close to home at an affordable price.


Your packets are ready, so let us know when you will be doing your Friends of Scouting presentations. 


For more information, contact Chris Wells.

Order of the Arrow Activities
Talako Lodge ran two great activities in March: Klondike Derby and the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Workshop. Thanks to Michael Swalberg for putting together great videos of both events.

Talako Lodge successfully held 2014 Klondike Derby at Marin Sierra. A total of 84 youth and adults, plus 24 staff, braved the winter storm that hit the Sierras on Friday night. Fortunately, the weather gods were wrong, and we had fresh snow, good weather, and lots of fellowship. Even the sled race at the end was a great success.


The Western theme was herded by Marshal Karl Menzel. Although is seemed doubtful he would catch the outlaw, in the end, he caught his man (James Barton). Thanks to Ranger Dana who kept the parking lot open on Friday night, and Ranger Andy for a fast camp clean up and check out. Here's the video

Here's a big thank you to everyone coming up to Tamarancho to attend the Pinewood Derby Workshop, hotdog feast, and BB gun shoot. Nearly 100 cars were cut out on Saturday. This time, the weather was spectacular! Thanks to Tim Wells who rescheduled the event.
Take a look at this short video of what went on.
Boy Scout Camping Questionnaire

The Boy Scout camping committee is in the process of assessing the outdoor camping activities troops in the council have experienced and have planned. As such, a questionnaire for Scoutmasters has been devised in order to gather this information. Some of you have already had detailed conversations with camping committee members about this.


For those Scoutmasters who have not yet had that conversation, we ask that you please take a couple of minutes to complete this very important and useful questionnaire by clicking this link .


It is our intention to use these responses and experiences to refine the data and communicate with our members at the troop level. We are considering the open exchange of your camping adventures with other troops as possible fodder for their troop plans. Please also include the adventures you'd rather forget or wish you could redo knowing what you know now. This could be especially important for high adventure outings and for long-term backpacking trips.


We are also interested in your troop leadership working together with other troops in Marin Council to perhaps include Scouts and leaders on a provisional basis for some of your high adventure and 15/20/50 milers. We recognize that not all Scouts have the option for these sorts of trips within their own troops for a myriad of reasons we hope to discern.


Another goal is to help all Marin troops achieve Gold status in their Journey to Excellence in the areas of short-term and long-term camping.


As we move forward with this, we thank you all in advance for the time you take to help us hopefully open up the camping experience for all Marin Council troops and Scouts.

National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)

Marin and Redwood Empire Council's 2014 NYLT Course

June 22 (Sun) 12 noon to June 28 (Sat) 11:00 a.m.

Camp Tamarancho


National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is an exciting, action-packed program designed for councils to provide youth members with leadership skills and experience they can use in their home units and in other situations demanding leadership of self and others.


The NYLT Course is leadership training experience sponsored by the Marin and Redwood Empire Area Councils and held at Camp Tamarancho in Marin. The training is conducted by highly qualified youth staff under the supervision of adult advisors.


The course models a month in the life of a unit. The training consists of a variety of lectures and Scout activities culminating in an overnight outpost camp.


Any questions, contact Erik Masterson Scoutmaster 2014 NYLT Course. You may obtain more information or apply through the Marin Council by clicking this link.  

Shooting Sports Committee News


Fun! Fun! On the Range  


Become a BB gun range master. Come learn all about operating a BB gun range for a council Cub camping event. Get the confidence you need to help Cub Scouts have a safe and fun experience on the BB gun range during council events.


What You'll Learn 

  • How to train Cub Scouts to use a BB gun safely.
  • BB gun shooting basics.
  • Shooting positions.
  • BB gun range operation rules.

Once trained as a BB gun range master you will join with other volunteers to help staff council Cub Scout shooting events at Camp Tamarancho.


Training will be at Camp Tamarancho, 1000 Iron Springs Rd., Fairfax on Sunday, April 27, 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Registration forms will be available at the April roundtable or on the web site.


For more information please email C.J. Carrillo, Shooting Sports Chair, or phone 415-389-8945. 

What's Tradin' at the Tradin' Post

Click this link to see updates from the Tradin' Post.
Technology Quest

Technology Quest:

A Leadership Challenge, July 15-19


This course is designed to provide you with a technology-based leadership challenge that applies the cutting edge technology activities, and advanced leadership skills and that motivates you to follow a life of servant leadership by helping others succeed based on the values expressed in the Scout Oath and Law.


The TQ Challenge will equip youth leaders to be better leaders, and to better succeed in all aspects of their school, family life and careers. It will help guide a Scouts' journey in leadership service to others - able to develop all members of whichever team they lead. It provides life skills for now and the future.


Course Activities include

  • Advanced teambuilding skills
  • Geocaching
  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Engineering
  • Biotechnology

Participant Requirements

  • Be 14 years of age by the first day of the course
  • Open to both youth and adult leaders
  • Be in good physical condition and have parts A, B, and C of the BSA annual medical form.
  • Be motivated to engage in leadership learning and to pass your skills to others after the course

Program Cost


The cost of the program is $375. Registration deadline is 5/31/14. This fee covers meals/lodging, training materials, a cap, and t-shirt. Payment in full is due with registration.


Click here for information and registration form. 

Click here to email for information.

Give Back to a Friend

Empire Mini Storage in Novato has been donating space to the Marin Council for a number of years. The space they donate to the council has been used to store furniture and equipment for Camp Marin Sierra during the snowy winter months until it can be taken to camp in the late spring. This storage space has been very useful and extremely valuable to us.

Would you help us to give back to them with a "thank you" service project? They could use help sweeping around the buildings, raking leaves, pulling weeds, or other light-duty chores. If a unit wanted to participate in a "thank you" service project, it probably would only involve a few hours on a Saturday.

Be sure to let us know if you can do a service project there. However, also contact manager Bill Fort at 415-883-3910 or click this link to email. Let him know when you would like to come over to help.

Thank you!
Other Important News


The Oakland A's are happy to announce that the A's Scout Day event will be back for the 2014 season! This year's event is scheduled for Sunday, June 1, vs. the LA Angels. Once again, the event will feature a special pregame festival, parade, and a Scout day patch.


Visit www.athletics.com/scout for more information. 


Group tickets are now on-sale. To reserve a group, all that is required is a 10% deposit. Call or email Mason Snyder directly at 510-563-2373 to get started!

Thank you!

We would like to thank the following Marin Council Friends of Scouting donors so far this year for their financial support of Scouting in Marin:

Chris Albinson

Barry Amsden

Jerome Aparton

Adolph Ardito

Jon Arild

Elmo Armanini

Scott Aster

Pierre Babka

Kenneth Back

Richard Barnecut

William Barton

Jacob Bastacky

Kirk Beales

William Bell

Barbara Bennett

H.M. Berston

Benjamin Berto

Brian Bettini

Kurt Birkhahn

Robert Blau

Carl Blom

Stephen Bogel

Terrence Boren

John Brandon

Diane Brown

George Buckle

William Burrows

Alice Callagy

Wayne Campbell

Chris Cardinal

Joseph Carlomagno

Cary Carrillo

Phillip Cassou

Lewis Champion

Fred Cherniss

Robert Christophel

Laurence Chu

Jeffrey Clark

Pieter Colenbrander

Duane Collins

D Keith Coombs

Andrew Cordano

James Crisp

Judith Dawson

Stephen De Maeyer

Rudolph De May

Deborah Demars

Donald Dickey

Stephen Dolan

Duncan Drechsel

Michael Dybeck

Frank Ellinger

Daryl Englebright

Barry Evergettis

Grace Farley

Arthur Fenn

Manuel Ferreira

Walter Ferris

Charles Flanik

John Fletcher

Andre Gabany

Donna Garrett

Barry Gilbert

James Gorder

Donald Grant

Fredolin Gregory

Martha griffin

William Hagler

Lenora Hart

Rolf Hartley

William Hassler

Susan Hayes

Dan Heagerty

R Gerald Heinze

David Hellman

Marjorie Hennessy

Eileen Hinkson

Eve Hinman

Ruthe Hirsch

Berne Holman

Allan Hulme

Gerda Humphreys

Peter Hunt

Susan Hunt

Katrece Hunt

Glenn Jamieson

Brice Jones

Claron Jorgensen

John Knebel

Kevin Krick

Arthur La Vere

Russell Labelle

Karen Larsen

Arthur Latno

William Lockett

Lewis Lovell

Marti Madias

Alva Manning

John Maurer

Brian Mayo

A. Bernard McCarthy

Linda McCready

Stephen Mckeever

Laverne McVae

Ed Meagor

Anthony Mei

Dennis Melka

George Metz

William Millar

Joel Moss

Marian Moynihan

Christopher Mumford

Kathryn Nagel

William Nicholson

Robert Nickoloff

Duane Nix

Frank Noonan

L. Dickinson O'Brien

Andrew Odell

Louise Oser

George Pasha

Alfred Peguero

James Peters

Robert Petersen

Michael Piro

Jean Poland

John Pope

Paul Prudhomme

James Raccanello

Wanda Pike Rees

Edward Remmell

David Rempe

Margaret Rempe

Larry Rich

Harry Richards

Michael Riley

Nancy Roberts

Guy Robinson

Madeline Rose

Harvey Rothschild

Nancy Rozell

Ruhl Russell

Stephen Ryan

Lawrence Salarpi

David Schiller

Norman Schoenstein

Olivia Schultz

Charles Schultz

Donald Schumacher

Irv Schwartz

William Schwarzer

Kent Seymour

Mark Shafer

Patricia Shurtz

Dolores Silva

Stephen Simon

George Skinner

Eduardo Sousa

James Spilman

James Stein

Christopher Strong

John Stuber

Peter Sullivan

Peter Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan

Marilyn Sutherland

Peter Swall

Thomas Tachis

John Taddeucci

Robert Tanem

Lynn O'Malley Taylor

Elaine Tom

James Tooley

Frances Totten

Anton Traub

Thomas Trimble

Ted Van Midde

Margaret Veneman

Al Vipiana

Ruth Voorhees

Russell Wallace

Colette Weil

Barbara Wilkes

Gary Willson

Brian Wittenkeller

Maria Woodward

Joan Wright

C. Bennett Young

Samuel Ziegler

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