November 2013
Vol 6, Issue 9

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Few people can deny that we have much for which to be thankful. This is the time of year when we pause to reflect on the blessings that are ours: friends, families, jobs, homes, and our country. Certainly along with that is one of the greatest youth programs in America today: Scouting.


There are a couple of ways we can gain perspective to make our time of giving thanks even more memorable. First is the effort in which we all participate to make this season better for many in our county: Scouting for Food (see next article). When the folks from the Marin Food Bank come to share with us at the Scouting for Food orientation on November 6, I think we will all be amazed at the fairly significant number of people in our county who do not have enough resources to feed their families every day. It may be something we take for granted. So our participation and maximum effort is paramount to lightening the load for the less fortunate.


Second, coming soon is Veteran's Day--a day when we commemorate and give thanks for all those men and women that gave their time, talents, and some, their lives, to protecting our freedoms. If you know someone--young or old--who has served or is currently serving, please shake their hand, hug them, and tell them you appreciate their service.


Please join with thousands of Scouts and Scouters of the Marin Council in making this November the best season of Thanksgiving ever.

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Best Service Project Ever!
TIme to Renew
Camp Staff 2014
Talako Lodge Ordeal
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The Best Service Project Ever!

November 9 and 16

Since 1988, the Marin Council BSA has gathered over 1,000,000 lbs of food for the Marin Food Bank. This yearly service project is the largest food drive of its kind by a local non-profit. The need could not be greater. It is surprising how many people need the services of the Food Bank to feed their families.

Keep these dates in mind:
  • Wednesday, November 6, 6:45 p.m. This is before the regularly scheduled roundtable when you will be able to pick up the door hangers, instruction sheets, patch order forms, and maps for your service area. Please have a representative there to pick up your materials. A representative from the Marin Food Bank will also be there to give us perspective on the great need in Marin County. 
  • Saturday, November 9, is the day to distribute the door hangers to your assigned neighborhoods.
  • Saturday, November 16, is the day to travel through these same neighborhoods to pick up the food set out for you. Please do not go out before 10:00 a.m., giving people a chance to get the food out for you.

Full details of the drive is on the instruction sheet. Also, the patch order form can be turned in on 11/16 or anytime up until Tuesday, November 26. We order patches based on these sheets, so if you do not turn one in, it may be that your unit will not receive patches.


Thank you all ahead of time for your service to our communities during Scouting for Food! 

Time to Renew our Charters and Membership

Many people picked up their re-charter packets and are ready to start when the portal opens on November 1. If you haven't picked up your packet, it is at the council office. Don't delay! You should start on it now, since it is due at the beginning of December.

In the packet is a copy of your present roster and your login ID number for internet rechartering. Internet rechartering is accessed through after November 1.

Remember, the annual BSA registration fee will be increasing on January 1 by $9. Presently, it is $15reg. + $3 insurance. It will become $24 + $3 insurance. Boys' Life will remain unchanged at $12 per year. There is a fee chart included in your packet.

Also included in your packet is the sheet to update names of people authorized to use your unit account, either in our store for buying advancement or for paying for things like training courses.

Get Ready, Get Set, Roundtable!
The next roundtable is on November 6. Both Boy Scout and Cub Scout sessions begin at 7:30 p.m. Roundtable is held at the LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael, on the first Wednesday of most months through June. Anyone is welcome to attend. At least one person from each unit should come to stay up-to-date on what is happening around the council.

Here's an update from Cub Scout roundtable commissioner Ron Poggi:


Greetings Cub Scout Leaders,


Another fun filled Cub Scout roundtable is just around the corner. Attention Webelos leaders, we will have a special section just for you that will cover joint den/troop activities and transition to Boy Scouts. Join us to see what you may be missing. Find out what Cubby has been up to. Our theme for the November meeting is Passport to Other Lands and the Core Value is Respect.

It's Not Too Early to Be Thinking about Camp Staff.

It is not too early to be thinking about having your Scouts or adults participate on camp staff next summer. As stated in the opening article above, the two camps we have are gems, and the programs we run there are priceless in effecting growth in our Scouts.

There are three Cub Scout day camps at Tamarancho next summer and six weeks of Boy Scout resident camp at Marin Sierra. Both are opportunities to give back to camp, grow in leadership and people skills, develop a strong work ethic, and earn some money. Along with that, the experience often reignites a Scout's interest in Scouting, and it is common for staff members to form life-long friendships with the people they work with. You can believe that the difference they make in the lives of the Scouts they teach and work with at the camps leaves a legacy in those Scouts lives.

We'd love to come to speak with troops or crews about staffing at camp to generate interest and answer questions. Give us a call or email us to let us know when we can come. Applications for Boy Scout resident camp can be downloaded by clicking this link. Cub Scout day camp applications are available here. Also you can email Chris Wells about Cub Scout camp or Tim Wells about Boy Scout camp with any questions.
Talako Lodge Ordeal


The Order of the Arrow had their Fall Ordeal over the weekend of October 19. Twenty-one ordeal members were inducted into Talako Lodge. A significant portion of the rifle range fence was rebuilt. Also added to the list were the return of the large picnic tables to Sunrise, new railroad ties in the parking lot and grasshopper campground, and refinishing two sets of the ceremonial tipi poles. A hard day's work was capped off by a delicious feast prepared by Ed Vorous. See the video.



Time for Change

The weather is getting cooler, the nights longer and the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. It is a cycle we all see every year. Some folks relish the change of seasons; others like things to stay the same. But change is inevitable and a healthy part of nature.


And so we also have come to have changes in the council's leadership. Marti Madias is stepping down as council Advancement Chair, and Jesse Barnett will be taking on that role. Jesse is a long time Scouter who has served as pack, troop, and crew leader as well as served as an Eagle advisor at the council level. Jesse will continue to be an Eagle advisor as well as run the advancement committee.


In addition to helping out with obvious advancement issues such as Eagle applications, helping Scouts with disAbilities, and finding merit badge counselors, the advancement committee is there to answer any questions your unit may have regarding advancement. From belt loops to palms, they know it all (or can find the answer for you). So if you need help navigating internet advancement, aren't sure how to complete paperwork for an adult award, or if you have no idea what a palm is, contact your advancement committee. They are there to serve you and the units of Marin Council. 

Exceptional Camping Opportunities!!!

It's not too early to plan for the 2014 camping season. So for those looking for outstanding high adventure camps throughout the US, please send an email for a spreadsheet of about 75 (yes, 75) such opportunities.


Add to your pack, troop, and crew calendars the work parties that desperately need help from you all to maintain our highly-valued and heavily-used Camp Marin Sierra. These are on the coming 2014 Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. There is lots of important work to do, but also lots of food and fun! For more information about those, email Tim Wells.


In addition to Tamarancho and Marin Sierra, remember that we have our very own remote high adventure camp for Leave No Trace camping just a few hours away. Anyone interested in a weekend at Slanes Flat, an amazing site, should contact the council office.

Properties Important Reminder

Work Parties
The Marin Council has numerous work parties throughout the year at both of our camps for which we could really use some help--both skilled and unskilled. It takes a lot of effort to keep things ready for people to use.

Many times, we hear people say: "If we had known about your work parties, we would have helped." Well, here is your opportunity to put them on your calendars:

The first Saturday of every month: Work party at Tamarancho, 9:00-Noon. Bring your lunch if you wish, gloves, enthusiasm, and a friend. There is always work to be done at Camp!

Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends: Every year for years and years at Marin Sierra there have been work parties on these weekends to de-winterize/open and winterize/close camp respectively. Because we have snow for 6 months of the year, effort goes into transforming camp from summer to winter use and back every year. Plus, there are always tons of maintenance projects. We house and feed you for the weekend. What could be better?

Marin Council, let's take ownership of our camps to heart and help maintain them. Plan to come to each camp once or twice a year. You won't regret it! Contact John Pope  or the council office to find out how you can help.
Distinguished Citizens

We are pleased to announce our 2013 Distinguished Citizen Honorees, recognizing two outstanding Marin leaders, both of whom have displayed exceptional service to youth in our community over many years.


David Hellman

Marin County Office of Education Trustee, Rotarian, Past President Marin County Bar Association, and supporter / advisor to a number of Marin County non-profits.


Mary Jane Burke

Superintendent of Schools Marin County Office of Education, Dominican University Board of Trustees, and recognized leader in education and public service.


David and Mary Jane will be honored at the Marin Council Distinguished Citizen Dinner on Thursday, December 12, 2013. If you wish to attend, contact Michael Dybeck.

What's Tradin' at the Tradin' Post

Want to find out about some cool stuff at the Trading Post? Just click this link


For your new Cub Scouts, please use our handy What Do You Need? flyer. Provide the new recruits with a checked off sheet, so when they come to the Trading Post, they will know what you expect them to wear. Perhaps if your pack committee chair could provide the Trading Post with a checked off list of what you want new Scouts to have, then we can keep a copy in the store. Then we'll be able to help them when they come in. Look for a check off sheet in your pack mailbox at the next roundtable.  

Reserve Tamarancho Online
Making reservations for unit outings at Tamarancho is now easier than ever. Not only can you make the reservation online, but you can also see what campsites, facilities, or program areas are available for the dates you desire. With the exception of non-Scout groups and campwide rentals, reservations will no longer be made by calling our office.

You can get to the Tamarancho reservation landing page by clicking the button on the left, which is also on the home page of our web site, the Tamarancho page of the site, and also there is a link in the side menu under Camping Programs and Facilities > Camp Tamarancho.

There are some things that are different, so you will want to visit the landing page to read. For example, you must reserve your choices at least 12 days prior to your arrival. Also, you will want to download the Payments and Refund policies.

If you have difficulty the first time with the process or have questions, please call our office at 415-454-1081.



The Marin Council is pleased to welcome two new members to our Executive Board: Kevin Krick of Fairfax and Marti Madias of Novato. Both Kevin and Marti bring exceptional Scouting and managerial experience to the board and will join with our other board members in supporting Scouting in Marin. Marti will also be serving as a council officer in the role of Vice President of Program, providing leadership to the council committee chairs who support advancement, camping, and training.


A Scout is Thrifty!


With that in mind, it might be time to start thinking about your end of the year tax liabilities. Since the markets are at new highs, gifts of appreciated securities can be very beneficial not only to your charity of chose but also for your own tax purposes. In most cases you'll receive the full market value charitable deduction as well as avoid capital gains taxes on the appreciated value. Contact Michael Dybeck to find out more.


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