October 2013
Vol 6, Issue 8

The Dispatch
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for Marin Council Leaders
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Assets and Treasures 


The Marin Council has been blessed with so many valuable resources. We have two outstanding camp properties on which units can camp, learn, explore, and run their programs. We also use them for council events and camps. Some councils do not even own a camp; we are fortunate.


We have a council office building that houses our offices and store, and it services thousands of people both inside and around Marin County.


One of our greatest resources is the volunteers that work tirelessly to bring excellent Scouting programs to our youth. These are an energetic and enthusiastic crew of people with varieties of amazing skills. Scouting in Marin could not exist without them.


Then there is our single greatest treasure: our youth, our kids, our Scouts. Scouting give us opportunities and means to spend the kind of quality time with our children that they need, which will mold them into great people. There is no substitute for the time we are with them. Growing useful citizens, heroes, people of strong character is fostered in the garden of our time, attention, and commitment to them.


Read through this newsletter to find out the many ways we can continue to make that investment in our leaders of tomorrow: our youth. 

In This Issue
Tiger Cub Expedition
TIme to Renew
Turn Them In
Eagle Scout Alumni Dinner
Training Ahead
Turkey Shoot
Shooting Sports Classes
Scouting for Food
Property Updates
Honoring Heroes
More Real Scouting
Advancement Tips
Tradin' Post News
Camp Staff 2014
Tamarancho Reservations
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Cub Camping News

October 12-13: Amazing fun at Camp Tamarancho for Tiger Cubs!


Tiger Cub Expedition, held at Camp Tamarancho, is a great way to introduce your brand-new Scouts to the Scouting program with lots of fun outdoor activities plus they get to camp at Tamarancho! What could be more fun than that?


Regrettably, Cub Scout Adventure Weekend had to be cancelled, which was to occur the same weekend. Cub Camping Chair David Pearce will talk at roundtable on October 2 about why it had to be cancelled. The camping committee is sorry for the disappointment brought to Cubs and adults because of this. 


NEW for 2014: Cub Scout Day Camp dates are July 7-11, July 21-25, and August 4-8. We will not hold a June Day Camp as three Marin school districts will not be finished until mid-June which would be a conflict for the June day camp. These dates are already posted on the Cub Scout camping page along with the newsletter we send out to our day camp parents. Registration forms for those usually appear online around February.

Time to Renew our Charters and Membership

Coming soon is the time when everyone re-registers for the coming year and we clean up our rosters. Before roundtable on Oct. 2 at 6:45, we will do a recharter orientation. Please send the people that will be working on it. There's not a lot new, but for those who have not done it before, it will be the information they need to make the process easier. Sometimes a refresher for the veteran leaders is helpful to brush up on BSA systems and policies.

We will give you a copy of your present roster and your login ID number for internet rechartering. Internet rechartering can be accessed through MyScouting.org after November 1. Units can use the month of October to begin gathering data, applications, and payments.

Remember, the annual BSA registration fee will be increasing on January 1 by $9. Presently, it is $15reg. + $3 insurance. It will become $24 + $3 insurance. Boys' Life will remain unchanged at $12 per year. We will be giving you a fee chart in your re-registration packets on Oct. 2.

Also included in your packet will be the sheet to update names of people authorized to use your unit account, either in our store for buying advancement or for paying for things like training courses.

Fall: An Optimal Time to Add Scouts

Turn Them In . . . Please.
Applications, that is.

Yes, this is the time of the year that is perfect for signing up new Scouts. At the Marin Council office, we get inquiries all the time from people that are looking to join, and this time of year is particularly active. We forward them on to you to connect you with the inquirer. There are people out there that want to join Scouts!

Some units have been having quite a bit of interest, and people have been signing up. That's wonderful news! However, complete the process by turning in the paperwork for your new Scouts (and leaders) as soon as possible. This will complete their registration, start their Boys' Life magazine subscription, and they will already be on your roster for rechartering.

Remember, try to do multiple recruiting activities so that you can get everyone involved who is interested. If you need flyers or materials to hand out, contact the council office. One of the most effective ways to attract new people is for them to be invited by their friends--either the Scouts themselves or parents.

Troops: those fifth and sixth graders who are not in Scouting right now are often eager to join. Invite them on an outing. Give them that sense of adventure that keeps other Scouts motivated and engaged.

If you need help with a recruiting plan, please contact the council office at 415-454-1081. We can help.
Once and Eagle, Always an Eagle

The Marin Council is pleased to host our Fifth Annual Gathering of Eagles for adult Eagle Scout alumni on the evening of Tuesday, October 29, 2013. The event will feature keynote speaker and New York Times bestselling author Dale Brown.


Regardless of where you received your Eagle Scout award you are invited to attend this event and enjoy the company of other Eagle alumni and rekindle your Scouting spirit.


If you are interested in attending or would like more information, please contact MIchael Dybeck. However, act fast as space is limited and prior reservations are required. This event is limited to adult Eagle Scout alumni.

The New Training Offerings are Available Now

It's Scout leader training season! Please get your unit's adult leaders signed up now for the appropriate courses all being offered in one weekend at Camp Tamarancho on October 25-27. Check out the registration pages for all the details.

You can come Friday night for BSLST and stay over that night if you want to attend IOLST on Saturday/Sunday, and finish BSLST Sunday afternoon. Continental breakfast will be provided Saturday morning for those that stay over.


Additionally, Merit Badge Counselor Training will be offered before the October roundtable on 10/2, starting at 6:30 p.m., at the San Rafael LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road. Please drop us a note if you plan to attend.


If you are interested in additional training, either more date choices or additional courses, just let us know by clicking this link.

Get Ready, Get Set, Roundtable!
The next roundtable is on October 2. Both Boy Scout and Cub Scout sessions begin at 7:30 p.m. Roundtable is held at the LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael, on the first Wednesday of most months through June. Anyone is welcome to attend. At least one person from each unit should come to stay up-to-date on what is happening around the council.

Here's an update from Cub Scout roundtable commissioner Ron Poggi:


Greetings Cub Scout Leaders,


Join us at the upcoming October Cub Scout Roundtable where our core value will be Citizenship and the theme will be Every Vote Counts. Now is a good time to invite NEW leaders so they can get a good start to the Scouting year. Our program will have many tips for den and pack leaders including recognition and awards for the boys, the importance of den chiefs, and looking sharp in a Cub Scout uniform. Also, there will be "special" Tiger Cub information to share.  


Plus, find out where Cubby has been and what adventures he has taken this past month. Remember, the more leaders that show up from your pack, the better your chances of taking Cubby home with you...

First Annual Marin Council Turkey Shoot

Marin Council Shooting Sports Committee presents our First Annual Turkey Shoot on November 2 at Camp Tamarancho.


Cub Scouts (including Tiger Cubs and Webelos) will be using the archery and BB gun ranges from 9 a.m. to noon and Boy Scouts will be using the archery and rifle ranges from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.


In order to allow everyone time to use the ranges, time slots need to be selected. Each slot is 30 minutes. Pick a first and second choice so you will be assured a slot. Here is the link to the registration form. Fun prizes will be awarded.

Shooting Sports Classes
The Marin Council Shooting Sports Committee is sponsoring two instructional classes for Scouts and adults:
  • Basic Shotgun--Sign Up Now--Deadline, Friday, Sept. 27 
  • Home Firearm Safety  
Click here to read the class descriptions and find out how to sign up.

Scouting for Food

Mark November 9 and 16 on your calendars for Scouting for Food. Held on the second and third weekends of November, the service project is not only the largest single food drive by a non-profit in Marin, but it tops the list as favorite of Scouts and leaders. It's a tangible way to help to help other people.

Prior to the November roundtable on 11/6 at 6:45, we will have an orientation. At that time, units can pick up their door hangers and confirm their areas. On Saturday, November 9, is the day to drop off door hangers, and Saturday, November 16 is the day to pick up the food and deliver it to the Marin Food Bank.
What Happened with Our Properties this Summer

 Properties Committee Report October 2013


Summer days are gone, and the properties committee is reminiscing about days past and looking forward to the fall activities.


The work parties continued through the summer and on in to the fall. Continuing improvements to the ranges and camp facilities were the result. Upcoming work parties will include reducing the fuel load in the camps, the climbing wall at Tamarancho, and many other projects. Please come along and have fun.


The flow trail continues to be popular with its associated benefit thanks to Jim Jacobsen and the Bicycle Trails Council. An alternate camp considered for improvement is the Old Redwood Camp below the shop area which would replace the dead heifer camp.


The cell tower is proceeding on schedule and includes the installation of water piping in the utility trenches for our future water distribution needs.


During the Labor Day camp power weekend, a hardy crew consisting primarily of Tim Wells and camp staff closed down camp and reduced fuel load around camp. This work party occurs every year on Labor Day weekend so please consider coming up to the mountains for fun and fellowship next year.


Popcorn Sales 2013 -- All Units Should Be Participating

Some Popcorn Facts for All Marin Council Members


  • Annual Popcorn sales are done by all BSA Councils throughout the United States as part of council and unit fundraising
  • Popcorn sales make up part of the Marin Council annual budget and we get approximately 33% of the popcorn sales revenue
  • Packs, troops, and crews in Marin already participate in the yearly popcorn sales and can earn up to 34% of popcorn sales revenue
  • Many of our Marin Council units do online popcorn sales and these units receive 35% of the online sales
  • These same units also do door-to-door and storefront sales, and this year they can earn 34% of their sales if all benchmarks are met
  • If you haven't done online popcorn sales before, consider this: the sales are year-round, you have no inventory to deal with. Your customer orders directly from the popcorn company, who ships them the product, and the local unit receives 35% of the sales
  • We expect all units to participate in popcorn sales. WHY? As with Friends of Scouting (another annual fundraiser), the council's portion of the popcorn money earned goes into our annual operating budget to support our camp properties, trading post, and program-related expenses. All Marin Council units use the camp properties, trading posts, and programs that we offer, and without fundraising help, we cannot continue to offer programs at the costs we currently charge
  • Sell Popcorn, support your own unit, support your own BSA council

All the popcorn sales information is posted on our web site. You can also email Chris with any unanswered questions. 

Honoring Heroes

At our last annual Marin Council Recognition Dinner in March, we honored several members of Troop and Crew 76 because of their quick thinking and heroic actions. These Scouts: Lane Rodriguez-Dickens, Collin Rodriguez-Dickens, Brian Swanson, and their leader, Jesse Barnett, worked together to save the life of a hiker who had fallen over a ledge on Mt. Whitney with no way to save himself. This was done with considerable risk to themselves.


These four will again be honored, this time by the American Red Cross at their 2013 Marin County Heroes Breakfast on Thursday, October 3. The breakfast will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel from 8:00-10:00 a.m.


Please seriously consider attending to honor these as well as others from Marin County. For more information, click on this link.


More Real Scouting in Action

The Scouts and Scouters in West, Texas, have taken "to help other people at all times" to a new level of awesome.


First, let me recap. On April 17, 2013, a deadly explosion at West Fertilizer Company left a tight-knit community in pain. Fifteen people died and more than 150 buildings were damaged.


Read more . . . 

But We've Always Done it that Way!

Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910. The past 100+ years has seen many changes in America, and Boy Scouts has changed too.


Recently, National released a new Guide to Advancement (GTA). This document underwent a major overhaul several years back, and this latest version is the result of a diverse committee evaluating feedback to make updates. All changes are outlined on page 7, section


Despite National's attempt to keep advancement current with the times and in keeping with the values and aims of Scouting, many unit leaders feel they can create their own advancement rules. Sometimes these practices are in violation of the GTA. Unit leaders will often say that their own procedures are "better" than National's rules or that they are creating "superior" Scouts. Then, they will recite that the unit has been "doing it this way for years." These well-meaning adults fail to recognize that they are setting an example for the youth that people in positions of authority do not have to follow the rules and that leaders can choose what rules they want to follow.


All unit leaders should review and follow the GTA. If they are unsure how to interpret something, the council Advancement Committee is available to offer advice. Units that have long standing traditions should continue to carry those on, but just as BSA has done, units also need to move forward with the times. Adhering to the current GTA should be a tradition in every unit.


The new GTA can be found by clicking this link. If you have suggestions for changes or updates, please send an email, and it will be forwarded to the council advancement committee.

What's Tradin' at the Tradin' Post

The Trading Post is your place for Uniforming in September and October! Until the end of October, we are open until 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday nights, and also from 11:00 until 2:00 on Saturday.


For your new Cub Scouts, please use our handy What Do You Need? flyer. Provide the new recruits with a checked off sheet, so when they come to the Trading Post, they will know what you expect them to wear. Perhaps if your pack committee chair could provide the Trading Post with a checked off list of what you want new Scouts to have, then we can keep a copy in the store. Then we'll be able to help them when they come in. Look for a check off sheet in your pack mailbox at the next roundtable.


Click here to view some other Trading Post items. 


It's Not Too Early to Be Thinking about Camp Staff.

Indeed, it is not too early to be thinking about having your Scouts or adults participate on camp staff next summer. As stated in the opening article above, the two camps we have are gems, and the programs we run there are priceless in effecting growth in our Scouts.

There are three Cub Scout day camps at Tamarancho next summer and six weeks of Boy Scout resident camp at Marin Sierra. Both are opportunities to give back to camp, grow in leadership and people skills, develop a strong work ethic, and earn some money. Along with that, the experience often reignites a Scout's interest in Scouting, and it is common for staff members to form life-long friendships with the people they work with. You can believe that the difference they make in the lives of the Scouts they teach and work with at the camps leaves a legacy in those Scouts lives.

We'd love to come to speak with troops or crews about staffing at camp to generate interest and answer questions. Give us a call or email us to let us know when we can come. Applications for Boy Scout resident camp can be downloaded by clicking this link. Cub Scout day camp applications will hopefully be available soon. Also you can email Chris Wells about Cub Scout camp or Tim Wells about Boy Scout camp.
Reserve Tamarancho Online
Making reservations for unit outings at Tamarancho is now easier than ever. Not only can you make the reservation online, but you can also see what campsites, facilities, or program areas are available for the dates you desire. With the exception of non-Scout groups and campwide rentals, reservations will no longer be made by calling our office.

You can get to the Tamarancho reservation landing page by clicking the button on the left, which is also on the home page of our web site, the Tamarancho page of the site, and also there is a link in the side menu under Camping Programs and Facilities > Camp Tamarancho.

There are some things that are different, so you will want to visit the landing page to read. For example, you must reserve your choices at least 12 days prior to your arrival. Also, you will want to download the Payments and Refund policies.

If you have difficulty the first time with the process or have questions, please call our office at 415-454-1081.

If you've visited either one of the Marin Council camps during the past several months, you might have noticed new program equipment, building repairs and remodels, and general camp improvements. Perhaps you and your Scouts enjoyed the new paddle boards, road resurfacing, trail construction, and newly-improved ranges. Maybe you've appreciated new program materials, storage sheds, picnic tables, tents, and platforms. You've likely benefited from, although perhaps not been aware of, upgrades to our kitchens, waterlines for campsites, and the addition of a tractor-mower to reduce fire danger at Tamarancho.


While we've been busy with those additions, there is still more we hope to do, such as re-roofing more key buildings and a kitchen remodel for Ibach Lodge to support our winter users.


You may wonder how we can afford all these improvements and repairs on our limited non-profit budget. Well, we can't, at least not without your help. Unfortunately, donations in some areas are just not keeping pace with spending needs. But, you can change that; you can help. Your donation in the remaining months of the year is especially important to help us finish what we started and not stall necessary improvements to your camps and your council.


Your donation will help fund the Marin Council for both our operating and camp needs:

  • Consider making or increasing your annual Friends of Scouting gift to support annual operations. Friends of Scouting gifts can be mailed to the council office or made online
  • Support one of our targeted camp funding projects such a Raise the Roof.
  • Join with us in discussing larger giving opportunities, such as underwriting specific camp capital improvements and our Camp Preservation Endowment Fund. Contact Michael Dybeck to learn more.  

We know that the resources we've invested in the camps and the council have made a lasting impact on our Scouts. We'd like to do more. With your donation we can. Thank you for supporting Scouting in Marin.  

Marin Council, Boy Scouts of America