July News

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Welcome to our July issue of INTO THE WEST for all participants in our Cub Scout Day Camps for 2013. We have provided this information to give you a better understanding of what to expect at our summer day camps.

  • Bus Schedule: The schedule is posted at www.boyscouts-marin.org in the Cub Camping section of our web site. IF YOU ARE DRIVING: morning drop-off please wait until the buses have arrived in camp before you drive back down the hill. Afternoon pick-up please arrive at camp by 3:45. Iron Springs Road is too narrow for a bus and car to pass each other. Do not use a computer-mapping service for directions to this camp-they are incorrect. Please follow these directions: Go west on Sir Francis Drake Blvd. through downtown Fairfax, turn left onto Olema Rd. (past St. Rita's Church), travel one block and turn left on Manor Rd., travel one block and turn right on Rock Ridge Rd., travel one block and go up the left road (Iron Springs Rd.) follow this road into camp. You can also click this link to access a helpful map. All cars must back into parking spaces. Staff will help park cars so follow staff instructions. Friday there is no afternoon bus because there is an end-of-week campfire program.
  • Bus Monitor Job: Morning bus monitors check all the campers in and then call the on-site director to let them know who is or is not on the bus. Afternoon bus monitors make sure that all the campers are picked up. The bus monitors are at the bus stops to make sure no camper is left by themselves in the morning or afternoon. They are not baby sitters so make sure you arrive on time.
  • Friday Afternoon Campfire: Campfire starts promptly at 2:30 p.m. Plan to arrive by 2 p.m. to give time to hike out to the campfire bowl. See driving directions under Bus Schedule section.
  • Pictures: Since many of you do not want any pictures taken of your camper we will not allow anyone to take pictures during the Friday campfire. Please respect the privacy of each camper and parent. Leave your cameras at home and keep your cellphones in your pocket during the Friday campfire. We do not allow newspapers to take camp pictures nor do we allow pictures for BSA purposes.
  • Camper T-Shirts: On Monday the campers will be given their t-shirt to wear for the week. Plan to have your camper wear the t-shirt each day. This is our way of identifying who the campers are.
  • BB Gun and Archery: ALL campers will go through the safety briefings the first time they are at the ranges. Once the safety briefing is done any camper not doing these activities will be given an alternate activity to do. Campers must be on their best behaviors at the ranges. Any camper misbehaving will be removed from the range for the rest of the week and given an alternate activity.
  • Swimming: Bring towel and swimsuit. Swimming area is divided into three sections: non-swimmer, beginner, and swimmer. If your camper wants to swim he needs to take the swim test which is done as follows: jump into water feet first, swim three laps on stomach (freestyle or breast stroke), fourth lap doing resting backstroke, and then float on back. No goggles can be worn and no "floaties" are allowed. Remember this is a natural body of water so there are no "lines" on the bottom, and we have water plants and fish. The swim test is not mandatory, and if they don't do the swim test, they will only be allowed in the non-swimmer area.
  • Food and Things to Bring: Please provide your camper with lunch, snacks, and a refillable water bottle. Also give him a hat to wear and a backpack to carry these items. Tamarancho can be foggy and cold so make sure your camper has a light jacket or long-sleeved shirt they can use if needed. Camper t-shirts will be given to campers on Monday. Have camper wear comfortable closed-toe shoes, shorts, or pants.
  • Medications: If your camper uses an inhaler or has an epi-pen please make sure he brings these to camp with him each day. If there are medications that must be taken during camp time make sure the medication is in the original bottle. We do not dispense acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or aspirin at camp.
  • Camper Placement: Each camper is placed in a DEN with other campers in the same grade. If you provided us with the name of a buddy, we have placed your camper with his buddy. If no buddy is listed, then we go by school or geographic area to create the dens. Each den is paired with another den of campers in the same grade, and they travel to most of the activity areas together. We do have groups of campers that all want to be together. However, this would make the den too large. So we will split them and pair the dens so they still can travel around camp together. We do make mistakes so let us know if your camper is in the wrong group. Don't wait until the end of the week to inform us of the error.
  • Contact us: Please use this email to contact us at camp cubcamp35@gmail.com. It is checked often. If you need immediate information call the office at 415-454-1081.