January 2013
Vol 6, Issue 1

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Beginning from very early in Cub Scouts, a youth will learn age-appropriate methods of administering first aid. Along the Cub Scout and later the Boy Scout and Venturing trails, he will learn to care for the environment, to help his community, to be a responsible citizen, and learn skills such as swimming, hiking, camping, survival, and much, much more.


Every year that he is in Scouts, he will reinforce these concepts over and over. Through working in small units such as dens or patrols, Scouts will forge friendships, learn to care for others, learn to accept and work out differences, and become leaders. 


Robert Baden Powell, the founder of Scouting, once said: "Be Prepared ... the meaning of the motto is that a Scout must prepare himself by previous thinking out and practicing how to act on any accident or emergency so that he is never taken by surprise."


Scouting gives us the opportunity to help young men and women grow with these kinds of positive characteristics. Read below about the many opportunities available to engage young people in Scouting and make them (and us) better Prepared.
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First Aid Meet
Pinewood Derby Workshop
Summer Camp Staff
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Basic Rifle Course
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Nominations Due for Of the Year

Thank you!
Please don't pass up the opportunity to say Thank You and Well Done to a representative volunteer and youth in your unit. Make sure you nominate them this week for the Of the Year recognitions.

You can download the forms from our web site by clicking this link. Don't wait because nominations are due this Friday, January 11, by the end of the day. Interviews to determine the 2012 Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Explorers, and Venturers will be held at the council office on Thursday, January 24. Nominees will be notified of the time.

Well Done! Every year, outstanding youth and adults in the Marin Council are recognized at our annual Recognition Dinner. This year, the dinner will be on Monday, March 11. You can find details by clicking this link. Registration online will be open on February 1 or you can download the registration form, and send it in to the office.
First Aid Meet

Registration is also closing this Friday for the Marin Council annual First Aid Meet. The meet will be held on Saturday, January 26, at the LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael.

Since first aid is a skill that everyone needs many times in their lives, it is essential to learn and practice these skills. The First Aid Meet provides this opportunity.

There is room for 14 patrols, so be sure to get your registration in on time. Click here to download the registration form, and send it in to the office today! Email Patrick Bennett with any questions.
Pinewood Derby Workshop

It's that Pinewood Derby time of year again. Packs are ordering car kits by the case. While some packs host workshops of there own, many cannot. For them, there's hope!

Every year, Chip Patten hosts the Pinewood Derby Workshop at Camp Tamarancho. This year, it is on Saturday, February 9, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This is an opportunity for Cub Scouts and their parents to come up to camp and get all the help they need with their cars.

In addition as an added fun bonus, the Shooting Sports committee is going to open up the BB gun range for any Cub Scout that is attending the workshop. While Cubs wait to work on their cars, they can have fun at the range!

No pre-registration needed; just come up to camp. What is the price of admission? A rock the size of a grapefruit that we can use to line trails. Also, make sure to thank Mr. Patten, his helpers, and the Shooting Sports Committee.
Be a Part of Camp Life

2010 Staff

Summer camp is proven to be one of the greatest experiences and advancement opportunities in Scouting. Scouts who attend long-term camps are more likely to stay in and enjoy Scouting than those who do not.

Crucial to the difference camps make in the lives of young people is the quality of staff that work to provide program and support. There are opportunities to work at these excellent camps Marin Council offers. During the summer months, there are three Cub Scout day camps at Camp Tamarancho as well as Boy Scout resident camp for six weeks at Camp Marin Sierra. Working at summer camp is one of the most rewarding and fun experiences a youth can have.

However, don't wait; the time to apply is now. While there is no application deadline, the people who apply early have a better chance of being hired as well as securing the job they desire. Already, many applications have arrived in our office. If you or someone you know would like to apply, you can download the applications from our web site: Cub Scout Camp and Boy Scout Camp. Age requirements are listed on the forms.
Start the New Year Right

Happy New Year! While everyone is thinking about those pesky New Year's resolutions, how about adding one more to your list: timely reporting of all advancements. Getting your advancement records into the council office is critical.


All of the higher Boy Scout ranks have time requirements, and the requirements are based on the actual recorded date on file with council, not just when units think things were completed. Delays in recording merit badges and rank advancements can prevent a Scout from earning his Eagle Scout rank.


Adults in charge of advancement for each unit should be submitting advancement reports as soon as achievements are earned. Using Internet Advancement will also prevent any delays or errors since advancements transfer to council records automatically and don't have to be hand entered by council staff.


Make the New Year one where we put this important part of the program at a high priority. Recording advancements in a timely fashion will open the road for Scouts who want to travel the Eagle trail.

NRA Basic Rifle Course

The weekend of March 8-10 is your opportunity to become a valuable shooting sports asset to your unit and the Marin Council Shooting Sports program. This Basic Rifle course is the prerequisite to becoming a certified rifle instructor. The cost is $75.00, minimum age is 21, and you must be a registered member of Boy Scouts of America.


If you want to become an NRA-certified Instructor in rifle you must take the Basic Instructor Training. The class is 14 hours and includes classroom sessions, range time, and a written exam. You must attend the entire course. The dates and times are:

  • March 8 from 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. at Marin Council Service Center, San Rafael
  • March 9 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Marin Council Service Center, San Rafael
  • March 10 from 1:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at Camp Tamarancho, Fairfax

NRA membership is required and you can register at NRA web site before the course. Separate from the class fee is the NRA processing and certificate fee which is approximately $40 so bring a check or credit card to the class. Your check or credit card information will be sent to the NRA along with your completed test.


CUT OFF DATE for registration is Friday, February 22. Minimum course number is 4 with maximum of 14 people. Eye and hearing is protection is required for the range and .22 rifles will be supplied. Do not bring personal firearms or ammunition to class. If you have any questions please contact Berne Holman. To register, visit our web site.  

New Unit Tools

Because BSA is gradually upgrading its online database system, they have rolled out Unit Tools 1.0. This resource, which can be accessed through myscouting.org, is the first in a series of tools you will have at your fingertips to keep your membership information in order.

For now, you will have to log in to myscouting.org, click on the link to the new unit tools, then log in again using the same login. Eventually, these two modules will be consolidated.

In this first release, any member of your unit can log in and update their own contact information--address, phone, email. The unit's registered Key 3--charter org. rep, committee chair, or unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, Skipper)--can view and update the entire unit roster. During the night, these changes are integrated into the BSA system so that people's information stays current. This will be a huge help to you as well as to us.

The unit Key 3 has the ability to post unit calendar entries and announcements. They can also export the roster information.

BSA is hoping to add upgrades every 6-8 weeks. In the future, you'll be able to see your Youth Protection Training status, add other trainings, and organize your unit into sub-units, such as dens or patrols.

So be sure to check it out today. If you aren't already registered, go to myscouting.org and create a profile.
News Notes
How are Eagle Scouts Different?

Many of us have witnessed the quality of young people that become Eagle Scouts. Through a program that is fun and adventurous while learning many life skills, we see young men emerge as mature and responsible people. In what ways do they excel? Read more . . .

Which Merit Badges Were the Most- (or Least-) Earned in 2011?

What were the hottest merit badges [in 2011]?


I've got the answer. Maybe.


So first, a caveat: The friendly folks at the Supply Division tell me there's no way to determine exact numbers of merit badges earned. That info is tracked by troops - not the National Council. Read more . . .

New Online Tamarancho Reservation System

Coming soon will be the ability to reserve space at Camp Tamarancho. You will be able to reserve campsites, kitchen, cabins, lodges, and program areas.


This option will not only allow you to see what is or is not available, but it will be a great time saver for our office. The ranger will also be able to go online to view reservations. 


So, stay tuned for this service to be available in the near future. Camp Marin Sierra reservations will still be done through our office. 

Can You Help?

Event Needs 


There are many ways you can be involved with the activities of the Marin Council. Having volunteers for these events is critical to their success and even to their existence. Whether it's the Klondike Derby, First Aid Meet, Annual Recognition Dinner, trainings, or other activities, they are all run by dedicated volunteers. 


The Council Pinewood Derby Race at the Marin County Fair is an event loved by Cub Scouts. However, in order to conduct the race, we need several volunteers, a track, and race software. Individuals as well as units can run events. In order to insure that this event will happen, please contact the council office if you would like to help. 


Other Council Needs 


Camp Marin Sierra summer camp started a mountain biking program in 2010. Although it is ideal for Scouts to bring their own bikes to camp, often this is impractical because of the distance and space available for them to transport them. Therefore, we are seeking donations of good used bikes for this program. Our preference is hardtails that are 26" rims, sizes from 13-17 (small to medium-large). Please, no kids bikes. If you have or know of a bike, email Tim Wells or call 415-454-2983. Thank you ahead of time for your help!

If you have a vehicle that you want to dispose of that is in good condition, our council could use some updated cars and trucks. If it's running and in decent condition, call or email our council office to find out if we can use it.

If the vehicle is older, not running, or needs quite a bit of work, consider donating it by clicking this link. We will receive part of the money gained from the sale of the vehicle. 
Nominating Committee

The executive board of the Marin Council is comprised of dedicated volunteers from throughout our community. Each year, the council nominating committee reviews our executive board membership and also reviews new members to be submitted for election to the board at our annual meeting in February. If you would like to make a recommendation of an individual that should be considered by the Marin Council Nominating Committee for either our executive board or advisory committee, please e-mail  Michael Dybeck. Include Nominating Committee in your subject heading.

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