December 2012
Vol 5, Issue 10

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Motivational speaker Zig Zigler, who passed away a couple of days ago, inspired millions of people over the years by his positive influence and message. Mr. Zigler said this about Scouting: "Following the Scout Law sounds like a game plan that would give us all a better chance for success in life--and I mean every area of life."


In his radio address on February 8, 1940, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said this about the Boy Scouts: ". . . I am inclined to think that the individual Scout himself, as he engages in the activities of his troop and patrol and as he acquires the skills that equip him for service, speaks to us all in a convincing manner of the importance of Scouting in the life of the Nation today."


Then in the following year, on the 31st Anniversary of the BSA and while in the midst of international turmoil, the president remarked: "The Boy Scouts have made and will continue to make an important contribution to the welfare of America's young manhood. The Boy Scouts have always responded generously when called into action in the service of their communities and their fellow citizens."


Below, you can click on links to see pictures of Scouts gathering food during Scouting for Food from across the nation as well as the account of a troop helping during the aftermath of the Hurricane Sandy disaster. In Marin Council alone, Scouts perform over 30,000 hours of community service each year.


Scouting creates an environment where our young people learn leadership, civic responsibility, teamwork, and selfless giving. Along with that, they develop skills such as first aid, emergency preparedness, wilderness survival, and environmental stewardship through a program that is adventurous, challenging, and fun. This is Scouting, and it's Scouting in Marin.


Developing our youth into the best possible people they can be by continuing to provide for them this kind of quality program is worth or time, talent, and treasure. Read below to find out how you can be involved. If you would like to read more quotes from presidents, then click here.

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Scouting for Food
New Unit Tools
'Tis the Season
Keeping Techies Challenged
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Quick Links
Scouting for Food Recap

Thanks to all those who participated in the food drive. Despite the bad weather, we brought in over 32,000 lbs of food for the Marin Food Bank, which puts us over the 1,000,000 lb mark since the drive began in 1988! The Food Bank was very appreciative, as evidenced by the great lunch they offered us.

You have tangibly made a difference in the lives of people in Marin by your giving. At the same time, you have taught your Scouts the importance of giving back to the community.

Be sure to log those service hours online along with any other service hours from this year for your Journey to Excellence.


While the Marin Council has participated in Scouting for Food here in Marin since 1988, the food drive is not just a local movement. It's not just Marin but the entire Bay Area, and it's not just the Bay Area, but all over the country.

Click here to see photos from of what Scouts have done around the country to gather millions of pounds of food for those in our communities who need it.
New Unit Tools

Because BSA is gradually upgrading its online database system, they have rolled out Unit Tools 1.0. This resource, which can be accessed through, is the first in a series of tools you will have at your fingertips to keep your membership information in order.

For now, you will have to log in to, click on the link to the new unit tools, then log in again using the same login. Eventually, these two modules will be consolidated.

In this first release, any member of your unit can log in and update their own contact information--address, phone, email. The unit's registered Key 3--charter org. rep, committee chair, or unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Advisor, Skipper)--can view and update the entire unit roster. During the night, these changes are integrated into the BSA system so that people's information stays current. This will be a huge help to you as well as to us.

The unit Key 3 has the ability to post unit calendar entries and announcements. They can also export the roster information.

BSA is hoping to add upgrades every 6-8 weeks. In the future, you'll be able to see your Youth Protection Training status, add other trainings, and organize your unit into sub-units, such as dens or patrols.

So be sure to check it out today. If you aren't already registered, go to and create a profile.
'Tis the Season

JTE_Wreath It is that time of year! Holiday Season? Well yes, but it is also recharter time! Many of you have already started the process of rechartering online, and we thank you for that. For those that have yet to start the process, now is a good time to begin. We have asked that your recharter paperwork be completed and turned in to the council by the end of the day on Monday, December 3.


Along with this recharter paperwork, you should turn in your signed Journey to Excellence (JTE) worksheet. Your commissioner may have already contacted you about this. For anyone that has questions or needs some assistance in completing your JTE worksheet, we will have several commissioners at the upcoming roundtable on Wednesday, December 5, that would be happy to answer any question you may have. We will be at roundtable by 7:00 p.m. to speak to anyone that would like some help. Bring all of your JTE paperwork, and get it completed before the holiday season consumes us.

Keeping Your Techies Challenged

Do you have Scouts who are looking for new challenges? Are there Scouts in your unit who are more technically inclined? Looking for something new to offer to your unit? BSA has introduced the Nova and Supernova awards. These are a series of awards available to four levels of Scouting-Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts, and Venturers.


The Nova series consists of four awards, one each in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The Supernova awards require in-depth activities in STEM. These awards are meant to encourage more STEM-related knowledge while challenging Scouts who may be bored.


More information is available by clicking here.
New Online Tamarancho Reservation System

Coming hopefully by the beginning of the year will be the ability to reserve space at Camp Tamarancho. You will be able to reserve campsites, kitchen, cabins, lodges, and program areas.


This option will not only allow you to see what is or is not available, but it will be a great time saver for our office. The ranger will also be able to go online to view reservations. 


So, stay tuned for this service to be available in the near future. Camp Marin Sierra reservations will still be done through our office. 

Can You Help?

Coming Events


There are many ways you can be involved with the activities of the Marin Council. Having volunteers for these events is critical to their success and even to their existence.


Here are some coming events for which we need volunteers in order to even conduct them. Coming up soon are the Fishing Derby in June and the Council Pinewood Derby Race at the Marin County Fair. These are two events that are loved by both Scouts and adults alike. Individuals as well as units can run events. 


In order to insure that they can be conducted, please contact the council office if you would like to help. 


Other Council Needs 


Camp Marin Sierra summer camp started a mountain biking program in 2010. Although it is ideal for Scouts to bring their own bikes to camp, often this is impractical because of the distance and space available for them to transport them. Therefore, we are seeking donations of good used bikes for this program. Our preference is hardtails that are 26" rims, sizes from 13-17 (small to medium-large). Please, no kids bikes. If you have or know of a bike, email Tim Wells or call 415-454-2983. Thank you ahead of time for your help!

If you have a vehicle that you want to dispose of that is in good condition, our council could use some updated cars and trucks. If it's running and in decent condition, call or email our council office to find out if we can use it.

If the vehicle is older, not running, or needs quite a bit of work, consider donating it by clicking this link. We will receive part of the money gained from the sale of the vehicle. 
News Notes
Marin Council Distinguished Citizen

The Marin Council is pleased to announce the selection of Russell A. Colombo, CEO and President of Bank of Marin, as our 2012 Distinguished Citizen. He will be honored at our annual dinner on Thursday, December 13. Please join us in congratulating Mr. Colombo for his leadership and contributions to our community.

If you would like to attend the dinner, contact Michael Dybeck.

Why Do We Love Scouting?

Young or old, single mom or new dad, Scouting has millions of fans across the country. Read more . . .

This Is What Scouting Is All About

Scouts never cease to amaze me. Whenever someone needs a helping hand, Scouts are there.


The latest example: Brooklyn-based Troop 13, led by Scoutmaster Pete DiSalvo.


Superstorm Sandy spared the troop's families, but that didn't diminish their desire to serve others.

Read more . . .


What's Tradin' at the Tradin' Post

at the cool stuff
available at the
Marin Council
Tradin' Post!

As we bring 2012 to a close, we begin to look back at all we accomplished together in the Marin Council with growth in programs and membership, increases in camping attendance, and improvements made to our camps. We know that we have provided the lifelong gift of exceptional Scouting to thousands of young people in Marin.


We hope that this holiday season you will support those efforts through your end-of-year donation to the Marin Council. In the coming days, each of our families and supporters will be receiving a holiday card with an invitation to make a donation. When you consider your donation, please know that 100% of your donation remains local--only benefitting Marin youth, Marin programs, and Marin Council camps.


Thank you for all you do for Scouting, and best wishes for the holidays.


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