November 2012
Vol 5, Issue 9

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As you know, October was a very busy month for Scouting. Not only was there training and camping opportunities, units were busy recruiting and doing their own activities. Oh, and don't forget popcorn sales!


In November, we slow down a little. The big activity of the month is our annual gathering of food for the Marin Food Bank. You can read the article below for details, but plan to be involved in every way you can. The need is greater than ever!


Then, let's take time to give thanks of not only a great program through Scouting, but also for the friends and families with whom we participate. Years from now, we can look back and be thankful for the memories and time spent together in Scouting.


Read through this newsletter for all the valuable information. Not everyone is on our mailing list. So if you can, use the Forward button on the right to send it to others in your pack, and encourage them to subscribe. 

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Ready! Set! Gather Food! This is the time of year when we can be thankful for an opportunity to give back to our community in a huge way. By huge, we mean tons to the Marin Food Bank in Novato. On average since 1988, Scouts have gathered 40,450 lbs per year!

The service project occurs over the weekends of November 10 and 17--the first one to put out door hangers and the second to gather the food and deliver it to the Food Bank. Wednesday, November 7, there will be a special SFF orientation at 6:45 at the LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael, just before the regular roundtable meeting. There you can pick up your maps and door hangers. Tiffany Moore from the Marin Food Bank will also be there to speak to us at 7:30.

This year, the Food Bank will again be serving a hot dog lunch to us. YAY! You can download information about the drive by clicking this link. Also included in that packet is the patch order form. Anyone who works at least one of the days gets a patch.

If for some reason you cannot make the meeting on November 7, please contact the office to see how you can get your maps and door hangers.

Oh, and be sure to log those service hours online along with any other service hours from this year for your Journey to Excellence.
Roundtable: Back to San Rafael!

For roundtable in November, here is some important information:
  • It will be held at the normal location: LDS Church, 220 N. San Pedro Road, San Rafael.
  • At 6:45, a Scouting for Food orientation will be held in the gym. This is where you can pick up your maps and door hangers.
  • At 7:30 sharp, a representative from the Marin Food Bank will speak briefly on the importance of the food drive and what the MFB does.
  • Immediately following that in the gym, there will the town-hall-style meeting with the council leadership addressing the recent media attention toward the BSA membership policies and ineligible volunteer files. 
Popcorn Central
Click this image for all things popcorn!

Cub Camping Opportunities

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The 2012 Cub Camping program has officially concluded with two successful camps, running in parallel at Tamarancho, in October: Tiger Cub Expedition and Cub Scout Adventure Weekend. Starting with Family Fiesta in spring, three sold-out weeks of Cub Scout Day Camp, an oversold Webelos Woods, and our October events, adult and youth volunteers delivered an outstanding program to more than 600 Cub Scouts as well as their parents.


The Cub Camping Committee would like to thank Venturing Crew 76, Boy Scout Troops 15, 24, 27, 38, 42, 50, 59, 73, 82, 200 and 2000, all of the Cub Scout Day Camp staff, camp & program directors Pat Townsley, Greg Spry, Ken Mayer, Chris Wells, Leigh Ann Bostian, Mary O'Donnell, Stacy Mendenhall, Laura Hunerberg, waterfront director Tim Davidson, camp chef Mike Morrison, rangers Dana Hanley and Andy Sawdon, the Shooting Sports Committee, and the Properties Committee for their contributions. Putting on a great camp is no small feat!


We are always looking for creative input, program support, and new committee members. Come help drive the next generation of 2013 Cub camping programs including Webelos Woods, Tiger Cub Expedition, Cub Scout Adventure Weekend, Family Fiesta, and Cub Scout Day Camp. For more information on meeting times, events and ways you can get involved, please contact David Pearce, Cub Camping Committee Chairman. 

Talako Lodge Order of the Arrow

Congratulations to Michael Swalberg, Joe Barton, and Bill Barton, who received Vigil Honors. The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting.


The lodge held its fall Ordeal at Camp Tamarancho on Oct. 19-21. Seven new Ordeal members were inducted and two Arrowmen became Brotherhood. Congratulations to all.


Elections for lodge officers is Nov. 13. Please notify Michael Swalberg or Robert Tong by Nov. 1, if you plan on running.


Mark your calendar, the annual lodge banquet is set for Dec. 1 at the St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Belvedere. More information will be coming soon.

How has your Journey been?

As many of you know we are approaching the end of the calendar year which means that all units should be focused on their Journey to Excellence score and preparing for their annual rechartering. In preparation for your rechartering your unit should have someone responsible for gathering the appropriate information needed for rechartering, such as member information, including new member application forms with appropriate signatures.


Your unit should use the online tool, Internet Rechartering, which can be found as a selection in the left hand menu of you're MyScouting home page. Internet Rechartering allows you to

  • Select members from your existing charter roster,
  • Promote members from another unit,
  • Add new members,
  • Update member information, and
  • Print a summary of costs associated with the new charter.

If you are a new user of this tool there is an online tutorial located on the Internet Rechartering start page that has instruction on using the tool. Once you have completed your Internet Rechartering, you will need to turn in your charter paperwork, including forms and payment, to the Scout service center.


Your unit's recharter should be completed by the December 3. If you need assistance your unit commissioner can assist you.

Journey to Excellence

JTE Score Sheets

In addition to rechartering your unit should be seriously looking at your Journey to Excellence progress. As you know Journey to Excellence (JTE) is the balanced scorecard of your unit's annual performance. JTE measures 10 to 13 performance criteria which allows you to earn one of three levels of recognition: bronze, silver and gold. Each of these levels has individual goals to earn the levels appropriate points. The summation of these points across the 10 to 13 items is the unit's overall annual JTE score.


Your unit commissioner probably has already worked with your unit in setting goals for each of the performance measurements. As the year winds down over the next two months you should be looking at your JTE performance and using the JTE Worksheet to record your scores and certifying the results by obtaining signatures from your unit leaders, commissioner and your charter org. rep. Your completed JTE worksheet should be turned in to the Scout service center or your commissioner with your charter renewal paperwork.


All of the resources for Journey to Excellence can be found on your My Scouting home page which can be found by logging in to


If you have problems or questions contact your commissioner or the Scout service center. Scouting in Marin has had a great year so far. Let's all contribute to finishing off the year with a bang by getting all charter renewals and Journey to Excellence worksheets turned in on time.

Yours in Scouting,

Brad Stevens

Council Commissioner

Didn't We Do That Last Year?

Yes you did, and it is time to do it again. The "Of the Year" nomination forms are out and ready for your unit to complete! Nominating a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturer, or Explorer of the year is easy.


For most units, there are probably a few stand-out members. Maybe it is the Webelos with all the belt loops or the Venturer who earned her Ranger Award. Then again, maybe it is a Scout who saved someone's life or an Explorer who overcame adversity to better her life and give back to the community. Of the Year candidates can be whoever your unit decides. But the most important thing is to nominate someone.


Selecting an Of the Year candidate allows units to recognize someone for their exemplary behaviors, allows your unit to be involved at the council level, and sets examples for the other members to strive for. So however you do it, select a member, encourage him/her to attend the Marin Council Recognition Dinner (many units sponsor their candidate and family for the dinner), and cheer your candidate on.


And don't forget about your volunteers. Many units bypass nominating a volunteer of the year because they don't want to single out one adult over all the great volunteers they have. Selecting a volunteer of the year is a great opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of your volunteers while acknowledging the specific efforts of one individual. It is easy, it builds morale among your volunteers, and it can be fun putting one member in the spot light for just a few moments.


The Of the Year nomination forms are  available online. They can be emailed, dropped off, mailed, or faxed to the council office. They must arrive at council office by January 11. LATE FORMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. So get the forms, and have fun taking a fresh look at all your unit's members as you pick your candidates.
Properties Committee Report November 2012



Many camp improvements have been completed this year with our committed group of volunteers who contribute substantial time and effort in maintaining and improving the council properties. We continue to work on challenges and opportunities for the coming year in moving towards our goals outlined in the new strategic plan and our goal of first-class facilities to support the council programs.


Rob Flatland has completed the formation of test surveys to assess camp improvement needs for the updating of our camp strategic plan, and we hope you have or will have an opportunity to reply to one of the surveys. A work party at camp Tamarancho is scheduled for December 1, which will focus on the archery and rifle ranges. We can promise a fun filled day in fellowship with the shooting sports and properties committees. As many of you have experienced camp was excellent this year, and we would like next year to be even better with our facilities in top shape.


Read more . . . 

Camp Preservation Fund

In the spring of this year, the executive board of the Marin Council approved a new funding initative as part of the council's strategic long range plan: the Camp Preservation Fund. This fund will hold donations perpetually in the council's endowment accounts, and each year, earnings from those donations will support annual capital needs of Camp Tamarancho and Camp Marin Sierra.


It is our goal to raise $1,000,000 in the Camp Preservation Fund by 2016. This fall, we publically announced the Camp Preservation Fund, and we are pleased that we have secured our first major gift for that fund: $100,000 from William and Joanne Murray, Jr. In addition, Deanne Wilson has been recognized as a James E. West Fellow through a gift made to the fund in her honor by Troop 48. These gifts will support our camps for generations and ensure they continue to make great Scouting memories.


For more information about the Camp Preservation Fund, contact Michael Dybeck.

Can You Help?

Coming Events


We know you read above all about how you can be involved in Cub Scout camping. Having volunteers for these events is critical to their success and even to their existence.


There are also coming events for which we need volunteers in order to even conduct them. Some coming up are the Fishing Derby in June and the Council Pinewood Derby Race at the Marin County Fair. These are two events that are loved by both Scouts and adults alike. Individuals as well as units can run events. 


In order to insure that they can be conducted, please contact the council office if you would like to help. 


Other Council Needs 


Camp Marin Sierra summer camp started a mountain biking program in 2010. Although it is ideal for Scouts to bring their own bikes to camp, often this is impractical because of the distance and space available for them to transport them. Therefore, we are seeking donations of good used bikes for this program. Our preference is hardtails that are 26" rims, sizes from 13-17 (small to medium-large). Please, no kids bikes. If you have or know of a bike, email Tim Wells or call 415-454-2983. Thank you ahead of time for your help!

If you have a vehicle that you want to dispose of that is in good condition, our council could use some updated cars and trucks. If it's running and in decent condition, call or email our council office to find out if we can use it.

If the vehicle is older, not running, or needs quite a bit of work, consider donating it by clicking this link. We will receive part of the money gained from the sale of the vehicle. 
News Notes
Marin Council Distinguished Citizen

The Marin Council is pleased to announce the selection of Russell A. Colombo, CEO and President of Bank of Marin, as our 2012 Distinguished Citizen. He will be honored at our annual dinner on Thursday, December 13. Please join us in congratulating Mr. Colombo for his leadership and contributions to our community.

If you would like to attend the dinner, contact Michael Dybeck.

New Merit Badges in the Works

The BSA is working on some new merit badge offerings for Boy Scouts as well as revising and updating others. For example, the new Search and Rescue merit badge is just out. Next year, we will have, among others, new Eagle-required Sustainability, and Cycling will be revised to include mountain biking as an option. Cooking will be Eagle required in 2014. Click here for more info.

Boy Scout Oath and Law Becomes the Standard Soon

It's official: The resolution to move to one Oath and Law for Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity, Sea Scouts, and Venturing was approved by the Boy Scouts of America's executive board. Read more . . .

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