Inside This Issue - From Diablo Magazine

This month, crank up American Idiot and celebrate Green Day's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Diablo style - with the inside scoop on an extraordinary band and yet another East Bay success story.


Plus, geek out in the East Bay with our ultimate geek guide, learn some water-wise ways to keep your yard and garden beautiful year-round, and rediscover a historic Oakland shopping block as a dining destination. 


green day
Green Day's East Bay // From Gilman Street to the Hall of Fame, one of rock's greatest acts never really left where it started.

geek guide
East Bay Geek Guide // Comic books, dinosaurs, dragons, and superheroes - here's your all-star guide to every kind of geek pleasure in our backyard.

low water landscaping
No Water, No Problem // These three fabulous low-maintenance gardens don't sacrifice beauty, even if they do slash your water bill.

Swan's Market, Revived // Oakland's historic city block becomes a thing of beauty.

mauiSweet Isle O' Mine // Rediscovering how sugarcane has shaped, and continues to shape, the Maui experience.