This month we're following up on our April 2011 cover story, "The Setup," where Senior Editor Peter Crooks uncovered Contra Costa County's dirtiest drug bust. Plus, we have a few ways to spice up your workout routine in 2015, six great Rocky Mountain ski destinations, and the lowdown on three game-changing East Bay artists. 

The Ride of His Life

In his new book, Diablo Senior Editor Peter Crooks lays out the full story of a dark world of private investigator moms, fake stings, dirty DUIs, and more.

Nonstop to Snow

Find the best Rocky Mountain skiing trip for your slope-side style.
Discover two East Bay artists - and one elusive virtuoso - whose work helped cement the Bay Area's rebellious place in the art world. 

Resolution: Fitness

It's new year, new you time, folks. We've checked out exciting new exercise classes that will make fitness fun. 

Back to Basics

This winter, look for a little cold-weather comfort at these neighborhood favorites.

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