It's hard to believe that November is here. It hasn't turned cold yet but it's coming. This fall has been exciting in the store with many new yarns and patterns. And it keeps getting better because new yarns are still arriving.

Camelot from Classic Elite is arriving this week.

New Stephen West KAL
There is a new Westknits Knit A Long starting at the beginning of November. We are going to do this as a store KAL at the same time (see more about this later in the newsletter) 

From Stephen West:
Yarn: Fingering weight

Yardage: Color A - 355yds / 325m 
Color B - 285yds / 261m 
Color C - 395yds / 361m

This year's mystery KAL uses 3 colors. I recommend using solid, semi-solid, or speckled yarn like the beautiful colors from Hedgehog Fibres.

Color A 
Think about color A as the main color, the leading role in the shawl. This could be a speckled or multi-color yarn or a beautiful neutral. It has space to shine. If you want to use a self-striping yarn then I recommend using it as color A. Color A needs a buddy so along comes color B.

Color B 
Color B is an accent color. It needs to offer some contrast to color A. Think about a pop of color or something brighter or darker than color A.

Color C 
Color C joins the party fashionably late. It's a color that demands to be featured. This could be a bold sassy color or something dark and dramatic.

Try to avoid 3 colors that look very similar like 3 shades of light blue or 3 busy multi-colors. If the colors are very similar they will blend together. Instead, choose a light, medium, and dark color for your trio or 3 colors that offer different personalities.

Store KAL
Auburn Wave knit in Train Case from Mrs. Crosby
We are starting a store Knit a Long from now until the end of December. You have two options
-The Doodler - a mystery KAL from Stephen West
-The shawl of your choice. And believe me, you have many choices. Some might say too many.

There will be prizes. Everyone who finishes their project by December 31 and emails me pictures to share on the blog will be entered. We'd love everyone to join in but prizes can only be mailed within Canada.

Knitting Needles
You can enter your needles on Ravelry - then you can print out a card to carry with you.
How many times are you shopping for yarn and then you have the needle quandry? Do I have the correct needles at home? You don't want to buy them if you already have them but it's late Saturday afternoon, you want to knit over the weekend and the yarn shop is closing soon. What do you do??

There are many apps that you can download on your phone to keep track for you.

There is also a place on Ravelry to enter them all. Go to 'my notebook' and then 'needles and hooks'. 

Or try a recipe card in your wallet listing all the sizes. It will always be with you.
The Royale
We have a new special edition needle set from Knitter's Pride. I have knit with the needles and highly recommend them. The join between the tips and the needle are very smooth. The join between the tips and cords are great too.

The set sells for $148.50

Happy Knitting!!

Julie, Cathy and Lynn

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