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December 2014 
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Online Course Spotlight
Facing Fear:  Crisis Communication and Disaster Behavioral Health

The fields of crisis communication and disaster behavioral health have knowledge that can be mutually beneficial when disaster strikes. In the aftermath of a disaster, effective communication with the public plays a critical role in determining whether or not the public adheres to recommendations from officials. Understanding how individuals and groups behave in emergencies allows for messaging that is more likely to be understood and acted upon. In turn, effective messages can minimize helplessness and foster resilience. This presentation will discuss disaster mental health myths that can be expected in media coverage and which should be dispelled when possible. It will examine the ways in which psychological responses to disasters influence people's behaviors. Principles of crisis communications will also be reviewed. Finally, the areas in which communication can address psychological and behavioral responses will be covered.  Learn More

Newborn Screening for Inherited Disorders of Metabolism 

All states have newborn screening (NBS) programs, but many practitioners are unaware of what disorders their state/territory screens for via NBS.  Additionally, despite newborn screening having existed for 50 years, many parents are unaware of this life-saving health service.  This course will enable the learner to describe a general overview of the history of newborn screening, discuss the expansion of newborn screening and testing methodologies, and understand the scope of newborn screening and the role of healthcare providers.  CEUs: Nursing & Social Work 0.80 hours.  Learn More 

Risk Communication in Public Health Emergencies
This course is an introduction to risk and crisis communication during a public health emergency. The latest theory from the literature and applied concepts from agency recommendations are covered. This course is a hands-on, case-study based application of risk communication theory and practice. Theory and concepts are taught in the context of extensive examples and practice problems interspersed throughout the lectures. By the end of this course, the participant will have learned and practiced a variety of tools in the formation of risk communication messages.  Learn More 

Focused Strategic Thinking


This course introduces the process of using Focused Strategic Thinking (FST) to develop an organization's strategic action plan during a one and a half day retreat. The course presents each component of the FST process, provides examples of activities, and discusses expected outcomes of each phase from preliminary analysis to implementation.  Learn More  **This course is located on the ALPHTC LMS and requires a separate login username and password.


HIV 101 for Community Health Workers

The purpose of this course is to expose community workers to basic knowledge about HIV's history, prevalence, biology, diagnosis, and prevention. Presenters in this program explain and illustrate statistics related to HIV, how HIV enters and replicates itself, how HIV is diagnosed and treated, and ways to prevent the spread of HIV. Information focuses on universal methods of diagnosis and transmission as well as concerns unique to health care providers.  Learn More  **This course is located on the ALPHTC LMS and requires a separate login username and password.  
Just-In-Time Training
OSHA Publishes PPE Matrix  

Based on Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and CDC guidance, OSHA has released the "PPE Selection Matrix for Occupational Exposure to Ebola Virus", which is intended to help employers select appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for protecting workers who may be exposed to the Ebola virus while working on the job.

This document can viewed online at 
Upcoming Conferences
2015 NACCHO Preparedness Summit
April 14-17, 2015, Atlanta, GA
To learn more, visit:

New Certificate Programs
Leadership Development Certificate Program

The "Leadership Development Certificate Program"  is an online version of the highly successful South Central Public Health Leadership Institute. The online version aims to enhance and develop leadership skills in participants through education and individual change and growth.  The certificate program stresses application of core functions to public health issues and translation of leadership skills  into  tools for community empowerment.  The goals of the program are to:

*Effect individual growth and change
*Develop leadership skills among participants
*Apply leadership skills and techniques in public health practice
*Improve organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and equity
*Develop collaborative partnerships to generate healthy communities
*Develop the skills to create online learning environments conducive to program outcomes

To register for this program, CLICK HERE

Introduction to Program Monitoring and Evaluation in Maternal and Child Health

In 2008, a nationwide Title V training needs assessment revealed a demand for skills and competencies related to program implementation and evaluation. These results reflect the growing demand on administrators, program managers, nurses and other public health professionals to develop and implement successful and effective community health prevention programs. The Introduction to Program Monitoring and Evaluation in Maternal and Child Health course series is designed to address these needs and strengthen the competencies and skills of public health professionals in the area of program planning, monitoring and evaluation.  More specifically, this series will enable students to design and implement evaluations of maternal and child health education programs.  Students will apply their knowledge and develop an evaluation plan for the Child Wellness Program, a program that seeks to decrease obesity among children.

To register for this program, CLICK HERE

Other Training Opportunities

Need Help Studying for your NEHA Exam? New to Environmental Health? Need Some Refresher Courses? 





The Environmental Public Health Online Courses (EPHOC) training program has been developed specifically for you - the most important frontline environmental health professional.  This program will not only give you the knowledge and application of the basic subjects needed in your environmental health practice, but also expose you to the broader field, as well as introduce some of the newest concepts that will shape the future of how environmental health will be protecting our communities and our world.  

The fifteen EPHOC courses are taught by a group of environmental public health subject matter experts from across the country.  The instructor group is a mix of academic professors and environmental health practitioners in several different agency settings.  Course content includes the various roles and responsibilities of environmental public health staff in the over 45 hours of online training provided.  The courses can be taken individually on demand.  They have been divided into multiple 40 to 60 minute modules for each course.  Successful completion of the course content and the post test will allow online students to print out a course certificate.  NEHA members can submit the certificate for pre-approved continuing education hour credits toward credential maintenance.



EPHOC training programs are designed for: 


* New hire environmental public health professional and in-service refresher training

* Individuals preparing for a state or national credential exam

* Environmental health and related-discipline students

* Environmental public health professionals wanting to improve their technical knowledge or receive continuing education hours


For more information, go to 


To register for this program, CLICK HERE


Looking for CEUs?


The South Central Public Health Partnership has many courses available that offer both Nursing and Social Work CEUs.  For a list of courses currently offering continuing education, click here.


We Want to Hear From You


Looking for more training on a specific topic in public health?  Need additional training on a current public health hot topic?  We want to help you address these needs.  Please email us and let us know about your current training needs/interests/issues.  We will evaluate our current trainings to see if we have something that can address your area of interest.  If we don't have the resources already available, we will look into the possibility of developing those resources for you.  Please send us an email at and let us see if we can be of help.  Thank you. 


Participants have 7 weeks to complete each course. A certificate of completion is awarded to those who score 70% or better on the knowledge-based assessment.


All courses offered by the South Central Public Health Partnership are FREE, sponsored by grants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources Administration.


This email was sent to you because you have participated in a training offered by the South Central Public Health Partnership. These projects are supported under a cooperative agreement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant number 1U090TP000400-01, and the Department of Health and Human Services Health Resources Administration (HRSA) grant number UB6HP20201. These projects are also supported under a cooperative agreement from HRSA grant number 1UB6HP22824-01-00 for the Alabama Public Health Training Center.  The contents of these programs are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the CDC, DHHS, or HRSA.