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IBS is cured!

"If you want cutting edge medicine with great results, I highly recommend this doctor. Why do others state having issues related to yeast candida? The answer is simple in that a large number of people have this in varying degrees, with all of the related accompanying health issues. There again, reading can easily confirm this through some research if you are so inclined."

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Are you Full of It?

by Mila McManus MD

Are your bowels moving at posted speeds? This article discusses various underlying causes of constipation and sluggish bowel function and how to address the issue naturally.

OK, so not the cleanest or most fun topic we could come up with, but it's an important one.  Sluggish bowel function and constipation are a serious matter with potential for contributing to, or causing, other health issues.  Toxic sludge, for one, will simply recycle back into your body, thereby increasing toxic load.  And toxic load is a cause of constipation!  The causes most people think of in relation to constipation are dehydration and lack of fiber in the diet.  While adding water and fiber to your diet are important for many reasons, I rarely find that these interventions alone will fix the problem.  

Nutrition Nugget
All About Papaya

by Nancy Mehlert, MS

Here in Texas, you can find Papaya in the grocery store almost year around.  This fairly medium to large sized fruit is orange in color.  It grows well in any tropical area, but is native to southern Mexico and Central America.  It is especially helpful to mention papaya in our newsletter this month as we look at various aspects of digestive and bowel health, as papaya is well recognized as a fruit that aids in digestion, soothes an upset tummy, and provides a respectable amount of fiber to aid in regularity and digestion. And of course, the good news is, it has a great refreshing flavor which is nice for the hottest months of the year.

Paleo Cleanse
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Did you miss our article about energy medicine?  It's mind blowing.

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Tropical Fruit Salsa

Mila McManus MD

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from Kim Beale:

I'm a real believer in my daily Green Juice.  I know it's full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber which certainly contribute to regularity and healthy digestion.
I usually freeze slices of the cucumber and lemon to help make the smoothie cold and thick.  Enjoy!

In Good Health,

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