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Testimonial of the month
Testimonial from
Barbara W.
When I came to The Woodlands Institute for Health and Wellness one year ago, I had so many issues that I was weary, tired, and skeptical that the wellness program could make a difference. Some of my problems included chronic fatigue, joint pain, headaches, irritability, eczema, loss of endurance, moodiness, hopelessness, foggy, cravings, weight gain, sluggishness, loss of interest, low energy, inability to fall asleep/stay asleep, frequent colds/allergy symptoms, anxious, thyroid nodules, constipation, diarrhea, stomach issues, and more. Because traditional treatment and medicine previously prescribed by physicians had failed me, I was very skeptical and most cynical that I would never get relief. Dr. McManus prescribed a plan specific to my needs, and she listened to me very intently, addressing each issue brought forth during our visit.  Instead of giving me a prescribed medication, she gave me explanations, choices, education, recommendation, tools, instruction, and hope.

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as a hormone replacement option for our male and female patients.

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Syncing Up
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.....If this orderly connection is interrupted even briefly, the body and mind react with alarm. If the interruption lasts long enough, physical and mental processes decline into the flatline of despair

As Valentine's Day comes to us this month, relationships grab even more attention than usual - assessing ones we have, envisioning ones we want, watching for cards and flowers, shopping for the right message,  or maybe just wishing the Day would hurry on by. There is an old saying that marriage is like a walled city: those who are inside want out and those who are outside want in.  What is it that makes relationships so central even though elusive or troublesome?  The most common thought is hormones. Hormones drive us to find a mate. But according to three professors at the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine, the driver is not our hormones but our nervous system.  

Read on to learn more about this fascinating connection!

Is Generosity Better Than Sex?
According to an article by Tara Parker-Pope, "no, but a new study says it's crucial in a marriage".  According to her article, 'Men and women with the higher scores on the generosity scale were far more likely to report that they were 'very happy' in their marriages".  Among those with lower generosity scores, "only about 14% claimed to be 'very happy' ".

How do you measure up?  Take this short questionnaire provided by Parker-Pope's article.

Nutrition Nugget:
The Relational Side of Good Nutrition
by Nancy Mehlert, MS

As February rolls around and red hearts and roses pop up everywhere, it is impossible not to think about relationships, especially those closest to us that qualify in our minds as a "valentine". So what could a nutritionist have to say about relationships???
As with all of our choices, what we eat is influenced by many factors from education, experience, beliefs, emotions, and yes, the influence or opinions of others.   The actual reasons why you eat what you eat may not be based at all on what is best for your unique body but factors influencing you from many angles.  It is a worthwhile exercise to examine how your relationships impact what you decide to eat... Here are some examples where a relationship had a bearing, good or bad, on what was eaten: 

Paleo Cleanse
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Curried Halibut

Mila McManus MD

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Maddie Hitt
Medical Assistant

Maddie Hitt has been a Medical Assistant here since 2013.  Known for her beauty inside and out, Maddie makes life and work fun!  She has a special way of juggling the fast and busy days and somehow can always squeeze in one more thing to help others. 

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