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Testimonial of the month
from Mrs. H.M.

I was suffering with PMS symptoms for a long time. Mood swings, irritability, headaches, fatigue, etc. 

Learn about

as a hormone replacement option for our male and female patients.

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Triumph Pharmacy
Triumph Pharmacy is proudly serving our patients and their pets!

by Dyvette Warren, PA-C
edited by Mila McManus MD

The gene mutation that's very common and can affect your heart health, mood, sleep, and detox pathways, to name a few.

Beginning in the womb, and throughout your life, your personal health and happiness, mental capabilities, and propensity for disease are heavily influenced by genetic as well as non-genetic factors, including DNA mutations, nutrition, exposure to micro-organisms and toxins, stress, and other environmental conditions.

If you suffer with, or have a history of, migraines, depression, insomnia, anxiety, Alzheimer's, chemical sensitivities, arthritis, pain, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), heart disease, stroke, DVT(deep venous thrombosis, ie: blood clot), pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lungs), side effects with hormones (e.g., birth control pills), miscarriages, autism, birth defects, failure to thrive, anemia, epilepsy, psychosis, ADD/ADHD, seizures, or take prescription medication, particularly those for cancer and autoimmune disorders, we highly recommend that you get tested for an MTHFR gene mutation. This is a piece of the healthcare puzzle that can be treated.

What does the MTHFR gene do?

Click here to read about MTHFR mutation, effects on your health, and how to get tested.

Squash for Dummies
Open your mind.  Open your mouth.
by Nancy Mehlert, MS
Now more than ever, there are a multitude of sizes and shapes and colors and in many cases, what we think is a kind of pumpkin, is really another relative in the winter squash family. We decorate and carve them but sometimes forget to appreciate the amazing dishes they make too!  So today, let's focus on the nutritional opportunity and great tastes found in the winter squash family.
There are more than a dozen varieties of winter squash and they are sweeter, denser and firmer than the summer squash (zucchini and yellow crookneck).  In flavor and texture they generally tend to be more similar in taste and texture to a sweet potato though there are variances. 
The most popular and easily found winter squashes are Pumpkin, Spaghetti, Butternut, Acorn and Delicata. Other less common varieties include Red Kabocha, Carnival, Sweet Dumpling, Red Kuri, Buttercup and Blue Hubbard. Here are the ones represented in the picture:

Product of the Month: 
Active (methylated) B-complex

Active B Complex™ provides a full-complement of essential B-complex vitamins in a high potency formula.  Activated, coenzyme forms provide optimum B complex vitamin support for individuals who may have difficulty metabolizing standard supplemental forms of B vitamins, particularly those with the MTHFR gene mutation/variant.

**Mention this newsletter for 20% off this supplement during the month of November**

*The product information provided is for educational purposes and is not intended as either diagnosis or treatment of any disease, nor does it replace professional medical advice.  (The FDA makes us say that)
*Warning: Please consult a health care professional before using this product.

Recipe of the Month

Baked Acorn Squash with Apples

Mila McManus MD

Would you like to have Dr. McManus speak at your next meeting or event?  Call (281) 298-6742 today and speak to Kim Beale about details and scheduling.
Employee of the Month
Our employee of the month for November is Kim Beale.  With the exception of Dr. McManus, Kim is our most tenured employee.  More than a decade ago, Kim had an appointment with her PCP at a bustling family practice and he was not able to see her so she was put on Dr. McManus' schedule instead. From that point on, Dr. McManus became her family's doctor.  For the previous 5 years, Kim had seen multiple doctors and been prescribed multiple drugs for various health issues.  Kim had expressed to Dr. McManus on numerous occasions her distaste for the medications she was taking.  Kim was basically feeling "fat, tired and depressed".  Dr. McManus tried to tell Kim about this "new approach" she was using but Kim was very resistant.  Finally, Dr. McManus literally said to Kim, "Give me 6 months and if I can't change your life, we will go our separate ways. I KNOW I can fix you". Kim finally agreed and within just a few weeks of practicing Dr. McManus' health and wellness approach to medicine, Kim was stunned by her results and she soon after found herself begging Dr. McManus for a job. The rest is history.

In Good Health,

Mila McManus MD

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