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Patient Testimonial 

of the Month


 from T. M. regarding her HCG program


I lost 33lbs in 40 days! I've struggled with committing to diets in the past and with the support, structure, meal options, and counseling from the staff at TWIHW my confidence was boosted and my expectations were exceeded. Very satisfied with the results and already signed up for a 2nd round!

Product of the Month:  


This powerful protease enzyme blend is designed to be used between meals and is formulated to absorb easily through the intestinal wall, working systemically in the immune system and circulatory system, unlike digestive proteases which are taken with meals to help digest proteins.  Once in the blood stream, these proteases are picked up by white blood cells, which are first responders to oxidative stress and inflammation, in the human body.  When the white blood cells arrive at the site of oxidative stress and inflammation, the proteases are released where they act to break down unwanted and invasive proteins such as excess fibrin, one of the culprits in plaque development. Proteases also can break down obstructive blood clots, promoting healthy blood flow.    In this way, these systemic proteolytic enzymes operate throughout the body to act as antioxidants, immune system regulators and anti-inflammatories.  


Click here to read about the diseases and disorders for which Protease can be helpful.






*The product information provided is for educational purposes and is not intended as either diagnosis or treatment of any disease, nor does it replace professional medical advice.  (The FDA makes us say that)
*Warning: Please consult a health care professional before using these products.


Recipe of the Month:  


Cauliflower Fried Rice




  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 1 cup fresh mushrooms, sliced
  • cup fresh or frozen onions, sliced
  • 1 cup fresh celery, sliced
  • 2 Tbsp butter or coconut oil  
You Asked For It!

Meet our expert in Botox and Fillers, 
Donna Lloyd, RN

Due to constant requests, we've partnered with Donna Lloyd, RN, to offer Botox and Fillers at our facility.

Call 281-298-6742 to learn about our introductory offer and to schedule your free aesthetic consultation with Donna.

Donna has been practicing aesthetics for the last 8 years, establishing an incredible foundation and passion for injectables, including Radiesse, Belotero, Juvederm, Botox, Voluma, and Artefill.

(limited supply!)

Plan your own private girls night out! Now offering Botox parties with hostess benefits. 
Call 281-298-6742 for details!

Lunch and Learn

Dr. Mila McManus, founder of The Woodlands Institute for Health & Wellness, cordially invites you to a Lunch and Learn!

Friday, July 17th
12:30 to 2pm 


While enjoying a complimentary, healthy lunch provided by The Dinner Dude
listen to Dr. McManus speak about safe, natural and effective solutions to your health problems. She will also discuss the ins and outs of the 
HCG diet (as seen on Dr Oz Show).  
  Share the good news and bring a friend!    
Seating is limited.
Reserve your spot today!  
RSVP to   [email protected] 
or call: 281-298-6742

Learn about
as a hormone replacement option for our male and female patients.


is proudly serving our patients and their pets!

Reminders about your appointments:

  • For your safety, we require an appointment with your provider at intervals no longer than 6 months.
  • We pride ourselves on keeping wait times to a minimum and we do not overbook appointments.  For these reasons,if you cancel within 48 hrs of your appointment, or if you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, you will be charged for the full price of that appointment.
  • If you haven't been in for a routine follow up visit in over a year, there is an additional fee for an appointment due to the additional time needed to update your chart and review your history since your last visit.

This month we are focusing on (another) serious matter--heart disease in women.  It seems that women's fear of breast cancer supersedes their fear of heart disease, but the above statistic should caution otherwise.

Women and Heart Disease

by Dyvette Warren, PA-C


Why is heart disease the leading cause of death in women? Why are women and men being diagnosed with coronary artery disease at younger ages than ever before? Why has heart disease become so prevalent in the last 100 years?


All women face the threat of heart disease. Becoming aware of the symptoms and risks unique to women, as well as eating a healthy diet, free of processed foods and toxins, and exercising regularly, can help protect you.


Coronary artery disease is caused by plaque forming in the lining of the arterial walls. This plaque is deposited along the arterial walls and can eventually rupture and block blood flow to a part of the heart resulting in tissue death. This is called a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Inflammation plays a key role in arterial plaque formation.


If I have plaque in the arteries of my heart, what symptoms do I look for?


The most common heart attack symptoms in women are pain, pressure or discomfort in the chest; however, it's not always severe and is often dismissed. 


Women are more likely than men to have atypical symptoms that may seem unrelated to a heart issue, such as:


Read on...


Happy Father's Day!

HCG Special in Honor of Father's Day!

Mention this newsletter to receive the following special* in the month of June:

1. $50 in free supplements to help maximize results

2. 3 extra weekly lipotropic-B12 injections to continue while on the 3-week maintenance phase

Program ranges from $500-$845

Lose up to 30 lbs in 30 days!

Read about nutritional benefits of hCG here.

TWIHW hCG Program** Includes:
  • Office visit, vitals, exam, TWIHW hCG manual and counseling on protocol: including Dr. McManus' modifications to the original protocol, which makes the program much easier!
  • 40 days of prescription compounded hCG
  • Customized hCG dosing
  • Weekly to biweekly weigh-ins with our medical staff where you will receive booster injection for energy & support
  • A separately scheduled, private nutrition appointment with our staff nutritionist
 CALL 281.298.6742 TO GET STARTED TODAY!!!

*Special is for 1st timers only
**FDA requires this diclaimer:  hCG is not-FDA approved for weight loss. Call 281-298-6742 to find out why

Special Event:
Can Nutritional Deficiencies Cause Depression and Anxiety?

Dr. Arland Hill will be discussing how nutritional deficiencies and imbalances may cause, or contribute to, anxiety and depression.  Spectracell Nutrient Testing will be available at this event at a discounted price for all who attend.

Thursday, June 11th 5:30 to 7pm
Location: TWIHW facility 

Event Sponsored by 
Spectracell Laboratories


Dr. Hill is the Clinical Director of Complete Care Wellness Center and Wellness Coordinator of Specialty Healthcare and Wellness, multi-disciplinary clinics in Houston, TX. He is a doctor of chiropractic medicine and a Board Certified diplomat of the American Board of Clinical Nutrition. He has been practicing since 2003 with a clinical focus on the use of science-based natural therapies for the management of chronic diseases. Dr. Hill received his doctorate from Texas Chiropractic College and his masters in public health from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dr. Hill routinely lectures on topics core to functional medicine including hormone balancing, neurophysiology, and biotrans-formation.


RSVP:  [email protected] or call 281-298-6742



Three Tips to Avoid a Broken Heart

by Nancy Mehlert, MS

If you have not already read our lead article about Women and Heart Disease, I strongly encourage you to do so because it will explain the reasons for our nutrition recommendations.   In our nutrition article today, I am going to get right to the heart of the matter (if you will pardon the expression) regarding nutritional lifestyle changes you can make that your heart will love. Please don't let this underestimate the value of other lifestyle changes including exercise, the quality of your sleep, how you cope with stress, and the health of your relationships, because all of these things are equally important matters of the heart!  We can't exercise our way out of a bad diet or sleep away our worries.  Balance and integration are essential for whole-hearted living and optimal health.  


The overall nutrition strategy for the heart is to reduce oxidation, reduce inflammation, and detoxify.  It is exactly these strategies we recommend for a healthy diet for life!  The human body is wired and designed for a diet rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory foods and plenty of fiber that help to cleanse and detoxify us.  So what are the priorities? 


Read on...

In Good Health,
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