Celebrations Abound in June

In June, we remember fathers by celebrating Father's Day. It's also Men's Health Month, celebrated the Friday before Father's Day, which brings awareness of preventable health problems and encourages early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. 

In addition, June is LGBT Pride Month, which commemorates the courageous individuals who have fought to achieve the promise that all people can live with dignity and fairness under the law and to rededicate the pursuit of equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.
Father's Day

Teens Establish Trust With Long-Absent Father
Video Letters from Prison
57 minutes

Video Letters from Prison follows three teenage Lakota girls from the Pine Ridge Reservation as they form a tentative relationship with their incarcerated father through the exchange of video letters. The video correspondence between the three sisters and their father illustrates the challenges of establishing trust after a history of broken promises. As the girls journey into adulthood and think about their future, they struggle with what place their long-absent father should have in their lives.

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Host a Screening This Month


* Help others learn about Native American issues
* Share the power of storytelling
* Inform others about a new subject
* Find like-minded people who share your interests
* Potentially change many lives
* Meet new people and make new connections
* Reach out to local non-profit partners
* Meet local "experts" who could be on a panel or lead discussion afterward
* Provide local press with an opportunity to cover your event/organization/cause

LGBT Pride Month

Free Speech & Ethnic Price
Columbus Day Legacy
27 minutes
Columbus Day Legacy explores the quintessential American issues of free speech and ethnic pride against the backdrop of the ongoing Columbus Day parade controversy in Denver, Colorado. Navajo filmmaker Bennie Klain takes viewers into this very personal yet very public conflict, asking tough questions about identity and history in America.

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A Distinct View of Modern America
30 minutes
Injunuity is an eye-popping, mind-jolting mix of animation, music and real voices collected from interviews with Native Americans across the country to create a distinct view of modern America from a uniquely contemporary Native American perspective. Every word spoken is verbatim; every thought and opinion is real. Told through nine short films that cover such topics as language preservation, sacred site degradation, consumerism and the environment, Injunuity is a thought-provoking collage that reflects on our world, our shared past, our turbulent present and our undiscovered future.

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Contemporary Navajo Weavers
Weaving Worlds
57 minutes

In this compelling and intimate portrait of economic and cultural survival through art, Navajo filmmaker Bennie Klain takes viewers into the world of contemporary Navajo weavers and their struggles for self-sufficiency. Highlighting untold stories and colorful characters involved in the making and selling of Navajo rugs, Weaving Worlds explores the lives of Navajo artisans and their unique--and often controversial--relationship with Reservation traders. 

The film artfully relates the Navajo concepts of kinship and reciprocity with the human and cultural connections to sheep, wool, water and the land, showing how indigenous artisans strive for cultural vitality and environmental sustainability in the face of globalization by "reweaving the world." 
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Men's Health Month

Reclaiming His Health
Good Meat
57 minutes
Good Meat follows an Oglala Lakota man's struggles and triumphs as he attempts to reclaim his health.
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Navigating the Health Care System
Walking Into the Unknown
57 minutes
The Emmy nominated documentary, Walking into the Unknown, traces the intimate journey of a middle-aged American Indian male through the health care system as he gains a deeper understanding of himself and the health risks he faces.
Dr. Arne Vainio is an Ojibwe physician who works on the Fond du Lac Reservation in northern Minnesota. Frustrated by middle-aged Native men not coming in for health screenings, he came to the realization that he was also avoiding the necessary screenings. The program is based on Dr. Arne Vainio's 49th and 50th years of life, a critical turning point in the lives of many American Indian males when it is important to become earnestly involved in finding out more about the ways in which their health and well-being are at risk and developing ways to practice healthier choices. 
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A Shared Passion for Native Culture
Indians Like Us
57 minutes
A sincere admiration of Native culture gives way to this charming documentary about a small group of French citizens-called "Savy Western"--who share a passion for everything Native American. Every weekend, they dress in Native regalia and make appearances at various village fairs alongside their countrymen in France. However, in order to fulfill their dream, they must travel to the United States and meet "real Indians." Together, they finally manage a two-week drive across the Midwest and discover that the reality of contemporary Native Americans is quite different from their portrayed envisioning. Filled with unforeseen emotion, this road movie presents great encounters on both sides.
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