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November 30, 2015

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Home $14.95 
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A surprise visit to the Sky Mountain Resort by a major travel guide sparks mayhem, romance and comedy in this critically praised holiday feature. A resort manager must deal with his vegetarian chef, his lovesick assistant and jeep-obsessed father, while struggling with his own romantic feelings for the woman he mistakes as the Worthington Travel guide guest. In the midst of all the mayhem, the real reviewer and secret guest befalls a myriad of problems that leave him questioning not only the resort, but his own sanity. Buy Now - Limited Quantities Available

5 minutes
Home $12.95
Sale $5.00
Buy this video storybook for friends or family. An animated whimsical look at what Christmas Eve might be like for a magical American Indian village where tipis and TVs co-exist when the Native Santa Claus, Old Red Shirt, comes to deliver goodies for Native children. Buy Now - Limited Quantities Available
5 minutes 
Home & EDU $12.95 
Sale $5.00
An animated short film written and directed by Gary Robinson with illustrations by Jesse T. Hummingbird. The whole family will enjoy this whimsical adaptation of the timeless classic yuletide song The Twelve Days of Christmas adapted to a Native American perspective and illustrated by one of America's great Indian artists. Twelve different Native American groups are represented in the lyrics and images of this fanciful animated short film.

Wapos Bay Series 
6 episodes, 24 minutes each
Home $74.95 
Sale $64.95
EDU $335.00 
Sale $275.00
This 6-part series is a charming and often humorous look at the contemporary life of the Cree people. Set in a fictitious community in northern Saskatchewan, the animation stories follow the exploits of young Raven, Talon and their cousin T-Bear as they face challenges and learn valuable life lessons. 
Buy Now - Limited Quantities Available

Episode 1: There's No 'I' in Hockey
- Teamwork and cooperation can be learned at any age as Talon, T-Bear, Raven and their kohkum (grandmother) find while competing in the winter festival.

Episode 2: Journey Through Fear - Raven, T-Bear and even Jacob journey through fear one step at a time with support from family members and elders.

Episode 3: They Dance at Night - A respectful spirituality must be observed daily to balance old ways with new.

Episode 4: Something to Remember - T-Bear and Raven acquire something to remember as they explore the full meaning of sacrifice and appreciation leading up to the Remembrance Day ceremony for the Wapos Bay community.

Episode 5: Taking A Time to Learn - Working on the trapline has been an important part of family activity for generations. The intense preparation for a trip to the trapline offers opportunities for Talon and his mushom (grandfather) to negotiate responsibilities with care.

Episode 6: The Elements - Shows the work and effort the Wapos Bay community must perform in order to create opportunities for the youth and to learn about and value their Aboriginal traditions, including finding ways to counter the pervasive influence of electronic technologies.

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