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Native American Heritage Month
Celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions and histories. Vision Maker Media's DVDs acknowledge the important contributions of Native peoples. November is a great time to learn about tribes, the unique challenges we face and the ways in which tribal citizens work to conquer these challenges. 

Check out our collection of films that encourage dialogue about American Indians and Alaska Natives.
The Thick Dark Fog
57 minutes
Exploring Psychological Trauma of Indian Boarding Schools
The Thick Dark Fog shares Walter Littlemoon's (Lakota) journey to heal himself and his community while reclaiming his heritage. At the age of five, Walter was removed from his family to attend a federal government boarding school where his culture, language and spirituality were suppressed. 

Despite the impact of the Indian boarding schools on Native American communities across the U.S., their impact on Native culture and history has been largely withheld from America's mainstream Native American narrative. 

As time has passed, more positive accounts have surfaced from Native Americans about their boarding school experiences--being saved from poverty and making life-long friends. However, The Thick Dark Fog tells one man's story of healing from the destructive aspects of the Indian boarding school experience and how he gave back to his community.

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Sousa on the Rez: 
Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum
27 minutes
Tracing the History of Bands in Native Communities
When you hear the phrase "Native American music" you may not think of tubas, trumpets and Sousa marches. Yet, this rich musical tradition has been a part of Native American culture for over one hundred years. Sousa on the Rez: Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum
is a half-hour documentary that offers viewers an unexpected and engaging picture of this little-known Native music scene. 

The film challenges viewers to expand their definition of Native American music and broadens their understanding of contemporary Indian life.

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27 minutes
Animated Film Explores World From Native American Perspective
Injunuity is a collage of reflections on the Native American world, our shared past, our turbulent present and our undiscovered future. From Columbus to the western expansion to tribal casinos, we are taught that the Native way, while at times glorious, is something of the past, something that needed to be replaced by a manifest destiny from across the ocean. But in a world increasingly short of real answers, it's time we looked to Native wisdom for guidance. It's time for some Injunuity.

A mix of animation, music and real thoughts from real people, Injunuity explores our world from the Native American perspective. Every word spoken is verbatim, every thought and opinion is real, told in nine short pieces and covering such topics as language preservation, sacred sites and the environment. But rather than simply revisit our history, the goal of Injunuity is to help define our future, to try and figure out the path that lies before us and to focus on where we are going and where we have been.

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Indians Like Us
57 minutes
Join an Expedition from France to Native America
Indians Like Us is a charming documentary about a small group of French Citizens-- called "Savy Western"--who share a passion for everything Native American. Every weekend, they dress up in Native regalia and make appearances at various village fairs alongside their countrymen in France. 

However, in order to fulfill their dream, they must travel to the United States and meet "real Indians." 

Together, they finally manage a two-week drive across the Midwest and discover that the reality of contemporary Native Americans is quite different from their portrayed envisioning. Filled with unforeseen emotion, their road movie visits Pine Ridge, Wounded Knee, and Little Big Horn. Along the way, the film captures surreal and enlightening encounters on both sides.

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