Breaking the Silence
Thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations across the country come together in October to pursue a common goal: to face addiction and stand up for recovery. Check out these films that complement discussions about how addiction affects families and communities, the struggle for recovery, and the remarkable perseverance of the human spirit.
First Circle
Foster Care Impact: Families Struggle to Heal & Change
First Circle looks at the Foster Care system in the United States and addresses the impact of taking children away from their families when they can no longer provide the proper support. 

Life-long battles with drug and alcohol addiction have left families struggling to heal and change their ways while administrators are also working for change. This is a deeply touching story of adolescence, responsibility and the strength of a family's bond among the isolated western landscape that is responsible for both the manufacturing of and liberation from addiction.
Defining Our Future: A Native American Perspective 
Injunuity is a collage of reflections on the Native American world, our shared past, our turbulent present, and our undiscovered future. From Columbus to the western expansion to tribal casinos, we are taught that the Native way, while at times glorious, is something of the past, something that needed to be replaced by a manifest destiny from across the ocean. But in a world increasingly short of real answers, it is time we looked to Native wisdom for guidance. It is time for some Injunuity.

Enjoy a mix of animation, music, and real thoughts from real people exploring our world from the Native American perspective. Every word spoken is verbatim, every thought and opinion is real, told in nine short pieces and covering such topics as language preservation, sacred sites, and the environment. Injunuity doesn't simply revisit our history, but helps define our future and try and figure out the path that lies before us, to focus on where we are going as well as where we have been.

Featuring the voices of William Harrison (Mountain Maidu), Monica Nuvamsa (Hopi, Acoma, Havasupai), Tom Phillips (Kiowa, Creek), Nazbah Tom, (Navajo/Dine), Randy Lewis (Colville), Lyz Jaakola (Anishinaabe) and Audiopharmacy.
Across the Creek
Reclaiming Your Stories & Culture
Broken by the legacy of colonialism, Lakota Tribes struggle for restoration, healing and rebuilding. Across the Creek is a conversation between the elder and younger generations about reclaiming their stories and culture. By looking at traditional family structure, spirituality, language and values, they hope to build a vision for the future.

Video Letters from Prison
Establishing Trust After History of Broken Promises
Video Letters from Prison follows three teenage Lakota girls from the Pine Ridge Reservation as they form a tentative relationship with their incarcerated father through the exchange of video letters. 

The video correspondence between the three sisters and their father illustrates the challenges of establishing trust after a history of broken promises. As the girls journey into adulthood and think about their future, they struggle with what place their long-absent father should have in their lives.

Video Letters from Prison was an audience favorite at the Vision Maker Film Festival in Lincoln, Nebraska, in fall of 2009.
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