Producer Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue 9
A list of opportunities for filmmakers to help increase the diversity of the media landscape.
UNO Film Festival Features Actor Rudy Youngblood, 
Films by Heather Rae & Russell Friedenberg
The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) hosts the Third Annual Native American Film Festival in Omaha, Nov. 6-8. Festival activities kick off at 7 p.m. on Friday with a screening of Wind Walkersfollowed by a Q&A with actor Rudy Youngblood (Comanche, Cree, and Yaqui) and filmmakers Russell Friedenberg and Heather Rae (Cherokee).

The festival continues at 10:30 a.m. Saturday at UNO's Roskens Hall, 6001 Dodge St., with a screening of Family Friendly Films and a producing workshop with Rae and Friedenberg. At 1 p.m., attend a screening of First Circle followed by a Q&A with Rae and Friedenberg. At the same time, Youngblood and Friedenberg will conduct an acting workshop. A screening of  Trudell, followed by a Q&A with Rae and Friedenberg, is scheduled for 3 p.m., and a screening of Frozen River at 7 p.m., followed by a Q&A with Rae.

On Sunday at UNO's Roskens Hall will be a 1 p.m. screening of Rising Voices/Hótȟaŋiŋpi and a 3 p.m. screening of Mother Kuskokwim, followed by a Q&A with Timothy Guthrie and Creighton Backpack Journalism Students.
Vision Maker Media at imagineNATIVE Oct. 14-18
Join Shirley Sneve, Vision Maker Media Executive Director, who will be attending the imagineNATIVE Film & Media Arts Festival, Oct. 14-18, in Toronto. The festival supports the diverse artistic visions and perspectives of Indigenous artists working in the media arts. imagineNATIVE is committed to dispelling stereotypical notions of Indigenous peoples through diverse media presentations from within our communities, thereby contributing to a greater understanding by all audiences of Indigenous artistic expression. More 
Exploring New Markets for Native Films, 
Growing Native Series
More than 150 attendees at the American Indian Tourism Conference (AITC), the only national conference on tourism in Indian Country, learned more about Vision Maker Media films and the Growing Native series. Our goal? To introduce Vision Maker Media to groups interested in selling our films in their tourism gift shops, as well as to scout key locations for filming our Growing Native Series.

The conference featured unique mobile workshops that highlighted the culture of the region and host tribes. Attendees shared knowledge, experience and best practices from tourism programs. Expert speakers provided resources and training to build capacity, as well as networking opportunities to share, teach and learn from each other. More
NETA Professional Development Conference
Oct. 5-7, Tampa Bay
Vision Maker Media's Assistant Director will be attending the NETA Conference Oct. 5-7. The conference features keynote Thomas Hall, chairman of Tucker|Hall, a national public relations and consulting firm. Hall calls himself a communication strategist. The Tampa Bay Business Journal says he is "irreverent, eclectic and engaged." His book "Ruthless Focus" is a clear-headed, real world outline of the strategies and passion that elevate companies to levels of extraordinary service. More

Call for Films
Early submission deadline is Oct. 1 for the Pueblo Grande Indian Market Film Category. It offers a platform in Phoenix, Ariz., for the many diverse perspectives of Native Americans/American Indians within the world of independent film and cinema during the annual Pueblo Grande Museum Auxiliary Indian Market. The festival's focus is to celebrate and give a voice to the unique perspectives offered by Native American/American Indians in film and cinema from every part of the world. Final deadline is Nov. 15.
Offers a high profile, non-competitive environment for celebrating the best in independent Native American/American Indian film and cinema. A private viewing center is provided. Contact Nathan Lefthand at maleravenfour@yahoo.com or call 831-521-8904 for more information.
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