NET Building - Lincoln, Nebraska
August 19-21, 2015

Filmmakers often need to work a "day job" to fund and successfully deliver their media projects. Not having enough cash to do the work can lengthen a documentary project timeline and risk the timeliness in national broadcast distribution.

The goal of the 2015 Vision Maker Media filmmaker training is to rediscover the art of storytelling in a way that is strategic, ensures project completion and ultimate success. We'll highlight using social media in the documentary film world, and look at the development of ancillary materials to expand the impact of your film.

Filmmakers will leave Nebraska with potential strategic partnerships, new funder opportunities and confidence that their film project will have national impact in and out of Indian Country. Training is intended for funded and emerging filmmakers.

For questions or to be added to the registration list, contact Georgiana Lee - 402-472-0497 - Registration: $200/per person; Hotel block reserved in downtown Lincoln's Hyatt Place - Haymarket. 
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Finding an effective way to promote your message can be as easy as contacting Vision Maker Media's Creative Services. We can help you highlight your organization's activities and produce promotional videos to broadcast your message. Services include event coverage and short promotional video production. 

Contact Boots Kennedye for details and examples of completed custom media projects for a variety of organizations: - 402-472-0494.
Two Bennie Klain (Navajo) Films
Now Available on Amazon Instant Video
Columbus Day Legacy
A Transform Columbus Day youth supporter waits for the Denver Columbus Day Parade to arrive. Photo by Paul Abdoo.
"I decided that Columbus Day Legacy needed to begin with an equal representation from both sides of the conflict--a task which can be a difficult undertaking as a Navajo filmmaker. What emerged as a result of this persistent vision is a contemporary digital portrait of two strong and proud ethnic communities, both fighting to preserve the memory of their prejudiced experiences."

--Director Bennie Klain (Navajo)

Columbus Day Legacy explores tensions and contradictions between Native and Italian-American participants in the ongoing Columbus Day parade controversy in Denver, Colorado. This very personal yet public conflict is visualized through hard questions about the freedom of speech, the interpretation of history and what it means to be an "American."

Weaving Worlds
Zonnie Gilmore constructs a sandpainting rug at home on her loom.
Photo by Nancy Schiesari.

"The film helps students to critically consider the processes and complexities of cultural continuity and change, and the confluence of spiritual, creative and economic motivations in art production."
--Heather A. Howard, Michigan State University; Anthropology Review

Revealing the untold stories of the creation and sales of Navajo rugs, Weaving Worlds
presents a compelling and intimate portrait of economic and cultural survival through the art of weaving. The film conveys a poignant digital account of Navajo artisans and their unique and often controversial relationship with non-Indian reservation traders.

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