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Bring Indigenous Stories to the Forefront of Public Dialogue!
From the Executive Director

Vision Maker Media is a national, Native American and female-led organization, proudly residing in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the past 39 years! Our mission is to share Native stories with the world that represent the cultures, experiences, and values of American Indian and Alaska Natives.

Sometimes, the shameful chapters of America's past dese
rve to be excavated! We encourage these chapters to be told by Native American filmmakers. Unfortunately, these filmmakers are marginalized, yet many can still find an audience, especially in Lincoln.

Adrian Baker (Hopi) kicked off our last Vision Maker Film Festival with his animated short film, Injunuity. A cinematic collage and animation, the film captures modern-day Native American issues, as well as the stories of our shared past.

Your support allows us to continue to bring Indigenous stories to the forefront of public dialogue in Lincoln. You can make a change for the better! 

There are so many issues to talk about and discuss, so many problems that need our attention. Rather than set out to solve all of these issues, we want to create starting points for discussions more than anything else. 

Every dollar of your support received in the next 24 hours will receive a share of the challenge match pool offered by the Lincoln Community Foundation.

Please help us make the 2016 Vision Maker Film Festival (March 10-13, 2016) a success, by giving to Lincoln TODAY and choosing Vision Maker Media as a nonprofit you would like to support!  

Pilamaye (thank you), 
Shirley K. Sneve (Rosebud Sioux)
Executive Director, Vision Maker Media
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