April 29, 2015
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Jeremy & Jerome "Hiana" Thompson (Onondaga). 
Photo by Erik Korver. 
Lincoln, Neb: Tucked away in central New York State is the Onondaga Nation, a sovereign Native American community known to produce some of the top lacrosse players in the world. Yet, the fear of leaving their community, substance abuse, and poverty have kept far too many of these players from venturing off the "Rez" and into collegiate or professional ranks.

Enter the Thompson brothers--Jerome "Hiana" and Jeremy--who are driven by a single goal of beating the odds against them and playing lacrosse for national powerhouse Syracuse University.

Hiana and Jeremy's father, Jerome "Ji" Thompson commented, "They started school late and they've come from so far behind to catch up and do as well as they're doing now. And, just to get that degree to show everybody, because I know there are people out there that actually know them that don't think they can do it."

Producer/Director Luke Korver explains, "Lacrosse is more than just a game--it's a way of life, it's a heritage. It's being Iroquois. It's being Native American. It's a part of their culture, their religion, who they are."

The brothers heavily pursued their ongoing, shared vision of playing lacrosse for Syracuse University. Athletically, the brothers were standouts, but academically, they struggled. The obstacles in their way were frequent and daunting, but their love for the game, each other, and their family's unyielding determination, helped propel these youth against the odds.

"I titled the film The Medicine Game because the game has helped not only the Thompsons, but many families and communities to stay healthy both physically and mentally, to bond with one another, and to learn many powerful life lessons," said Korver.

To watch the film's trailer, visit www.visionmakermedia.org/medicine_game. The Medicine Game is now available to own or rent from the iTunes® store.

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