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Legendary as one of America's greatest horse tribes, the 21st century Nez Perce decided to bring horses back to their land and lives with the unlikely help of a charismatic Navajo horseman, Rudy Shebala.

Horse Tribe is an epic story about the connection of human to animal, history to life, individuals to community, grief to resolve, and values to action.

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Education Spotlight: Yellow Fever
Tina Garnanez, a young Navajo veteran, goes on a personal investigation into the history of the Navajo uranium boom, examining its lasting impacts and the potential for new mining in the area. Looking at the cost of cheap energy and the future of the industry, Tina becomes an advocate, lobbyist, and a vocal proponent for environmental justice. 

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"A figure released by New Energy Economy shows that converting only 2.5% of the Southwest's available solar radiation into electricity would match the total energy consumption for 2006 in the U.S."

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International Children's Book Celebration
Raccoon & Crawfish: An Oneida Legend  
DVD & Book Combo Pack

This 3D-animated story of a fateful meeting between a scheming crawfish and his mortal adversary--a hungry raccoon--will captivate children and adults alike with its rich imagery, mentions of authentic Oneida dialect, and moral story.  

First iPad Sold in the U.S. in April 2010
Standing Bear's Footsteps: The Meaning of Home
An eBook for iPad & Mac by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve & Others

The PBS documentary Standing Bear's Footsteps tells the story of the Ponca people who were forcibly removed from their northern Nebraska homelands and sent to Indian Territory. This interactive eBook brings together content from the film, the film's educational website, and a series of short essays. 
World Health Day (April 7)
Good Meat

Once a star athlete in his community, Beau LeBeau (Oglala Lakota) now weighs 333 pounds--an unhealthy weight which has triggered the onset of Type II Diabetes. To get his health back on track Beau enlists the help of physician Dr. Kevin Weiland and nutritionist Kibbe Conti (Oglala Lakota). He rapidly sheds pounds and encourages others to do the same, but can he maintain his weight loss amidst the poor diet options and naysayers on the Reservation?

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Walking into the Unknown

Dr. Arne Vainio, an Ojibwe physician on the Fond du Lac Reservation, was frustrated by middle-aged Native men not coming in for health screenings. However, he came to the realization that he too was also avoiding the necessary screenings. To find out what prevents middle-aged American Indian men from becoming earnestly involved in their health, he journeys through the health care system to gain a deeper understanding of this issue, of himself, and the health risks he faces. 

Humorous Day (April 19)
Harold of Orange 

Poet Gerald Vizenor's screenplay draws on trickster myths common to many Indian tribes to create a contemporary satire which dispels many Hollywood stereotypes. The story involves trickster Harold and his scheme to obtain corporate funding for a chain of coffeehouses featuring reservation-grown "pinch bean" coffee. 

More Than Frybread 

Twenty-two Native American frybread makers, representing all twenty-two federally recognized tribes in Arizona, convene in Flagstaff to compete for the first-ever, first-annual, state of Arizona Frybread Championship! The film takes a larger-than-life turn as four contestants battle their way to take home the prize in this comedy you can almost taste! 

Earth Day (April 22) & Arbor Day (April 24)

March Point
In the late 1950s, two oil refineries were built on March Point, an area that was once part of the Swinomish Reservation by treaty. This is a story of three boys' awakening to the destruction these refineries have wrought in their communities as they complete a filmmaking assignment. 

A personal story of how a multi-million dollar project displaced the Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara Nation in North Dakota. Producer J. Carlos Peinado returns to the Fort Berthold Reservation and discovers stories of the past as he assesses tribal identity. Through interviews and archival footage, a uniquely Native American perspective emerges, giving light to a portrait of resilience and survival in the face of catastrophic change. 

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