Producer Newsletter Vol. 9 Issue. 2
A list of opportunities for filmmakers to help increase the diversity of the media landscape.
Public Media Content Fund Deadline is 3/18 
It's a less than a month until our March 18 deadline for Public Media Content Fund applications. Vision Maker Media invites proposals for programs intended for Public Television that represent the experiences, values, and cultures of American Indians and Alaska Natives.

For guidelines and a link to the application, please visit
Students Apply Now
Vision Maker Media is looking to partner American Indian and Alaska Native college students with Public Television stations to offer multiple summer or fall internships. Students interested in applying for this internship opportunity must apply online at visionmakermedia.org/intern by Tuesday, March 24, 2015.

Insider Knowledge: Read Funded Applications and Tips from the Filmmakers That Wrote Them
Documentaries are not journalism. They can be journalistic when based in fact, but documentaries move people beyond the numbers and facts and data, beyond the news reports of what happened and when it happened. Your documentary is a story, and those seemingly small stories -- told by your main characters -- actually help to tell a much broader, societal story.

Your proposal must illustrate your creative risk-taking and how you plan to tackle the complex or uncomfortable issues.  

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Job Opportunities and Fellowships
Please see our website for a complete listing of job opportunities and fellowships.
Chicken & Egg Pictures
New York


Senior Editorial Producer
PBS NewsHour
Washington, D.C.

Production Assistant
New York

Iowa Public Radio

Media Arts Director
Washington, D.C.

Senior Web Developer
PBS NewsHour
Washington, D.C.

Coordinator, Public Media Station Relations
Iowa Public Television

PBS NewsHour
Washington, D.C.

Production Manager

Manager, National Market Outreach
Film Festival Opportunities
Please see our website for a complete listing of film festival opportunities.
Training and Other Opportunities
Please see our website for a complete listing of training and other opportunities.
The Center for Great Plains Studies and The Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs 
Lincoln, Nebraska
NAJA, OU Gaylord College of Jourmalism and Mass Communications, and Vision Maker Media  
Norman, Oklahoma
2015 Native Media Summit Set for March 26-28

The Native American Journalists Association, OU Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication, and Vision Maker Media will host the annual Native Media Summit March 26-28, 2015, at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Okla.


The annual tribal media event coincides with the 2015 OU Spring Contest Pow-Wow on March 28. Content will be aimed at advancing Native media, with a focus on Oklahoma tribes.