Saxon Alumni News!
July 3, 2015
Vol. 11

Welcome to the Loara Saxons Alumni Association e-newsletter! 

Dear fellow Saxons,


Happy 4th of July!

We had a great time last Saturday, June 28th at Tom's Farms in Corona. The pizza was great and the friends even better! We even signed up 2 new members. We had a good turnout in spite of the heat and humidity. I know some went shopping while they were there and Ken Hecker brought his wife, daughter and granddaughters out. I think the kids had a great time on the rides.  It was a fun day and we will do that again next year and hope for cooler weather. A big thank you to Luisa MacLeod for making all the arrangements for this event!


Recently the Saxon Marching Band was selected to go to Washington DC to perform in the Memorial Day Parade next year. It is going to cost a huge amount of money just to get them there and they also need some new equipment. Our Saxon Marching Band was the only band chosen from our state to attend. Please visit their "GoFundMe" site and donate what you can. Even $5.00 helps!!


The Loara Saxons Alumni Association was proud to be the 1st to donate on the "GoFundMe" page. The Association donated $500.00. It is not a lot but it was a start and this some of your membership dollars at work! As we grow we hope to be able to increase these types of donations to Loara and start a scholarship fund.


We have some upcoming events that you are sure to enjoy. July 26th we have rented a big suite for the Angel's game. There are still a few tickets left but you better hurry. In October, we will be doing a wine tasting with food pairing in Temecula. November we will be back at Linbrook Bowl for more bowling fun!!  See the "Upcoming Events" section below for specifics and links to purchase tickets. 


The Class of 1965 will be celebrating their 50th Reunion this year on October 3rd. For more information click is going to be magical! 


We still need more Saxons to join us. Please visit our website and click on the membership tab. There are two easy ways to sign up. One is an online form that you pay by credit card and the other is a printable form that you print, fill out, and mail with a check. It is only $20.00 per year, $5.00 active military, and we cannot do this without your generous financial support.


Have a safe and happy 4th of July


John, Class of 1969


Meet the Board
by John Marshall, LSAA President
It has been one year since I was elected your president. The time seems to have gone by quickly.  If you are on Facebook you see a lot of postings by me about upcoming events or new members and membership renewals. While I may be the "face" of the Association I am by no means doing this all alone.

Let me introduce you to our board of directors and officers.

Anna Kunkle, Class of 1992, and our Vice President. I don't know what I or the Association would do without her. Anna spends vast amounts of her time on Association activities including this newsletter, running our website, creating Facebook posting, organizing our board for events and fundraisers and much, much more. Anna also serves on the boards of several other non-profits and the information and connections she has are invaluable.

John Turanitza, Class of 1965, Secretary and Past President. John was our first President and was part of the organizing of the Association. John's long experience in the Anaheim School District has helped with many connections and knowledge on how to deal with the school district. Something I had no clue about.

Richard MacLeod, Class of 1972, Treasurer. Again, I don't know what I would do without Richard. He keeps watch over our banking and he and his wife Luisa (more on her later) attend and help out at virtually every event we have. No check gets written without Richard's approval of the receipt or invoice.

Steve Milner, Class of 1965, Director and Past Vice President. Steve has been integral in starting our Saxon Store online and also listing yearbooks on eBay. Steve designed our t-shirts with Ken Hecker's help and also developed the product line for our Saxon Store. 

Chris Turanitza, Class of 1965, Director. Chris helps at virtually every event and also has connections to the school district as she is employed at Dale Junior High. 

Pamla Manazer, Class of 1965, Director. Pamla is another who helps at virtually every event we have. Pamla is a marketing person and has helped us in that field. She also planned last year's Holiday Brunch at Orange Hill Restaurant.

Tim Scott, Class of 1965, Director. Tim brings his business experience to our Association. Currently he is performing an audit of our books and that should be done soon. Tim also helps at events. 

Anthony Mastrangelo, Class of 1965, Director. Anthony is our "Founding Father" so-to-speak. Anthony was the person who convinced the initial board members to get together and form the Association. I was personally contacted by Anthony as were many others I suspect and convinced we needed to do this. Anthony helped write our bylaws, arranged for creation of our logo and for the creation of our first website. Anthony also arranged for the fabricating of the Time Capsule. 

Robert Adler, Class of 1965, Director. Robert is a new addition to our board and we value his legal knowledge immensely! Robert recently retired and has been traveling but he helps out on events when he can.

Ken Hecker, Class of 1966, Director. Ken knows just about everything there is to know about the early days of Loara. His knowledge and memory are incredible not to mention his photo library. Ken comes to help at virtually every event and he and Richard take a lot of photos for us. 

Ethel Halpern, Class of 1982, Director.  Ethel, another newer board member, is a huge help to me. I have recently turned over to her all membership renewals and she handles those mailings for us now. Ethel helps at all the events and is a real trooper. She is becoming more involved on the board and she has had some great new insight and ideas. 

So there you have our board of directors. A great group of Saxons and I value all their connections, experience and help!

But there are three more people we need to mention. 

Tim Scott's wife Judy who is helping with the audit and advising us on the needed changes to our Quickbooks Accounting program. Tim and Judy have spent many hours recently working on the audit and the accounting program. A report should be coming by our next board meeting

Richard's wife Luisa is a real trooper. She comes to all the events and helps out. She also has planned a couple of events, including Tom's Farms. Luisa graduated from Marina High in 1969 but is a Saxon through and through. I don't know what we would do without Luisa and Richard.

Mary Jayne, my wife, also attends all events and works all the booths. She has been a huge help to me and my duties while I have been on the board. Mary Jayne graduated from Troy High in 1969 but she also has become an honorary Saxon like Luisa and I don't know what I would do without her.

Upcoming Events
Your Alumni Association is creating fun, creative ways to keep you involved and active.  We have several fun events planned and we hope you will join us for one or more of them. 

Join us for an evening full of food, fun, and fireworks!  We have our own suite with a great view of the game and fireworks.  Tickets are $110 per person and we will be watching the game from our very own suite.  Don't wait, we only have 5 tickets left so Click here to purchase yours.

Join us on Sunday, October 18th for a fun "Wine and Dine" event at Lorenzi Estate Vineyards and Winery in Temecula, CA.  Your $30 tasting fee will include a special "Winemaker's Tasting Menu" of five (5) wine selections from their portfolio and a small plate of food tastings. This event is limited to the first 25 people to participate to Click here and purchase tickets.  

The Linbrook bowling event was so fun we have decided to do it again.  Join us on November 14th as we take a trip back in time at Linbrook Bowl for an afternoon of fun!   Click here to purchase your $15 ticket.  Your $15 gets you 2 hours of bowling and shoe rental.  We look forward to seeing you at 1:30pm for food and drinks in the Kopa Room.  Bowling begins at 2pm ! 

We can't have fun without YOU!

Click here to join your Alumni Association today!

Thank you for your continued support of your Alumni Association!!!   

Active Military                     $5

Member                             $20

Member and Spouse         $30

Name Plaque on Locker  $100

Lifetime Membership       $500


 Click here  for the online application!   


Visit our NEW Website!
LHS Band Fundraiser
The LHS Saxon Band has been honored with a nomination to perform in the Memorial Day parade in Washington, D.C. in 2016!!!

Take a moment and donate to this amazing honor and opportunity!

Click here to make your donation!

Support the LHS Band's 4th of July Fundraiser!
    Support the Loara HighSchool Band by purchasing your fireworks from their stand at the Honda Center on Saturday, July 4th from 10am - 9pm.

 Click here to print out the flyer to present to the stand.  30% of sales generated will be credited towards the band.

The funds from this fundraiser will help to purchase new instruments.  Some of the current instruments are being held together with tape or zip ties. 
Shop our Store!
Featured item

 Black Band T-shirt - $20

to see the other great items on the Saxon Store!

Dates to Know
July 11th  - 9am - Monthly Breakfast @ Marie Calendar's

Click here for directions from Loara High School

July 25th - 5pm - end of game
Angel's Baseball Game

August 8th - 9am - Monthly Breakfast @ Marie Calendar's

August 17th - Mama Cozza's Charity Golf Tournament
Tee time between 7 - 11am
Dinner & Raffle at 5:30pm

October 18th - 5pm - game
Lorenzo Vineyard and Winery Wine and Dine Event

November 14th - 1:30 - 4:30pm
Linbrook Bowling Event

December 12th - 9am -
Holiday Brunch at OrangeHill Restaurant

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Mama Cozza's Charity Golf Tournament
Join Mama Cozza's in their Charity Golf Tournament on August 17th at Willowick Golf Course. 
Proceeds will benefit the Lazarex Cancer Foundation.

    There are many ways to give back.  You may participate in the tournament for only $100, sponsor a tee for $100, donate to the cause if you can't attend, or join them for the dinner and raffle for $40.  All entries must be received by August 11th.  Click here to download the entry form or call Rhino at 714-635-0063

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