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February 6, 2015
Vol. 6

Welcome to the Loara Saxons Alumni Association e-newsletter! 
Message from the President
Hello fellow Saxons,

How about that Super Bowl Game!!  Wow!


Okay, enough about that!  In our last newsletter I spoke about the Alumni Association donating a laptop to a deserving Senior as part of the Winter Wishes program at Loara. The young lady, Valeria Aguilar was not at the assembly as she was traveling with her parents. The laptop has been presented to her by Principal John Briquelet.


Principal Briquelet presenting Valeria with her new laptop from the Loara Saxons Alumni Association 

Mr. Briquelet says of Valeria: "Valeria is a wonderful young lady and a true Loara Saxon.  She has set her sights on earning her college degree and has mapped out a clearly defined course to achieving her dreams.  I can think of no student more deserving of having her Winter Wish fulfilled, and given her strong work ethic and "can do" attitude, I am certain we will be hearing great things about her in the future."

We can only do these types of things with your generous donations and they are very much appreciated!


Our current big project is the preservation and burial of the Time Capsule. This has turned out to be a more expensive project than first planned due to school district regulations. One cannot just dig a hole on campus and drop it in these days. We have to submit plans and use a school district contractor to build a concrete vault that will contain the time capsule. All this will cost a lot more than we initially thought. So, we have started a "Kickstarter Campaign" and hope this will help generate the funds we need. We would really like to get this done by this summer to go in conjunction with the Class of 1965's 50th Reunion. Please click here to donate whatever you can!!


I hope to see many new faces this Saturday, February 7th at Marie Callendar's on Euclid in Anaheim for our monthly breakfast! They are great fun and you might just win a door prize!  Bring some classmates for a mini-reunion!!


Please encourage your Saxon friends to join the Association! It only costs $20.00 and every $20.00 helps!



John D. Marshall -- President


The Alumni Association has a new website,  We would love to have our fellow alumni be as active with the site as they wish.  Your participation is key in order to preserve our history and traditions.  We can't do it without YOU!

We are in need of pictures for the following pages:

*Rick Marino & the band for a memorial page on the website

*Saxons Who Married Saxons for the slide show on the website

*Pictures for the slide shows for each graduating year

        Does your year have a Facebook page?  Let us know so we may
           include it on your years page. 
Please send your pictures to [email protected]!

Thank you for your continued support of your Alumni Association!!!
Help send students to Prom - Prom Fundraiser
by Anna Kunkle
How can you help send a student to Prom 2015?  Your Alumni Association is supporting this cause and has purchased boxes of World's Finest chocolate bars.  We have until March 27 to sell as many boxes as we can.  For every 3 boxes of chocolate sold a student will receive one Prom ticket and a boutonni�re/corsage.

If you would like to support this cause and sell a box at your place of employment please email [email protected].  Boxes are $60 each and contain 60 assorted chocolate bars. 

If you would like to purchase individual chocolate bars for $1.50 each we are happy to ship them to you.  Please email [email protected] with the type and quantity you would like.  We will include an envelope w/postage for payment.

We have the following types to curb that craving:

Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
Milk Chocolate Crisp
Milk Chocolate with almonds
Milk Chocolate with Caramel



Sammy Saxon is ready for Prom!


by Paul Chylinksi
On January 19, 2015 the Anaheim Union High School DIstrict held it's first ever Servathon.  The Servathon was three fold, to get students engage in community service, to raise much need funds for the school sites and to support the Anaheim Union High School District Foundation that helps pay for larger events in the district like Junior High Athletics, Band Spectacular, Athletic Awards Dinners and the likes.

Loara High School paid an integral part in getting the Servathon off the ground.  Former Activities Director, Alden Esping chairs the Foundation, and Principal John Briquelet and current Activities Director Paul Chylinski chaired the Servathon Districtwide, helping bridge together all 20 schools in the Anaheim Union High School District.  The AUHSD Servathon is a fundraising opportunity and so much more.  It is about service and giving back to the community.  I believe that this generation is not as selfish as the generations before and they look at the world with a good philosophy and they want to serve their fullow man.  They want to know at the end of their life they did something that mattered.  Giving back wasn't the message we heard when I was a kid, and I had to learn it as I was older;  today, it's a societal message.

January 19, 2015, Loara held several events:
  1. Charity Miles / Stand Up to Cancer - Run, Walk, Bike: 60 students along with Government teacher and Loara Alumni Kyle Walker and Math Teacher Terry Purdy Ran, Walked or Rode 10 miles 
  2. Anaheim Garden: Science Teacher Jessica Yett and 10 students helped clean the Community Garden 
  3. Huntington Beach Clean Up: Government Teacher and Loara Alumni Paolo Macgala, English Teacher Jess Leon, Math Teacher Kelly Turner and Student Accounts Technician Toni Stroud working with 60 students cleaned up the beach 
  4. White House Restaraunt Homeless Outreach: English Teacher and Loara Alumni Karen Ridley along with 20 of her student helped prepare food for the homeless 
  5. Buena Vista Care Facility: Activities Director and Loara Alumni Paul Chylinski along with 43 of his students had a 2 hour social for the patients across the street at the Care Facility 
  6. Softball Clinic: Special Ed Teacher, Softball Coach and Loara Alumni Todd Rolph along with 20 of his girls held a clinic for the kids in the neighborhood to teach them good Softball Technique. 
  7. Park Clean Up: ROP Teacher John Seibert and Security Officer Rosa Mulleady and a crew of about 20 cleaned up Modjeska Park 
  8. Art Lessons: Art Teacher Meridith Kirby and 10 of her students went to a retirement community and taught art lesson.
Next year we would like to make the event even bigger and involve the alumni and surrounding community.  We are in the works to various other Service Projects.  Click here to join the conversation on facebook and become a fan.

For more information or If you own a local business and would like to get involved please email Paul Chylinski at [email protected].

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Your Alumni Association wants to know what events you would be willing to attend.  Please take this short survey to help us create fun events for all alumni to attend.  This is a great way for us to reconnect and for our younger alumni to network. 

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Go Saxons!



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Time Capsule Fundraiser
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Please donate to the Kickstarter - Time Capsule Fundraiser.

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February 7th - 9am - Monthly Breakfast @ Marie Calendar's

March 14th - 9am - Monthly Breakfast @ Marie Calendar's

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Loara Choir needs your support!

by Lorena (Munoz) Dayton

The Loara Choral Music Department is going strong with 5 choirs and over 130 students participating. After at least 10 years with the same dresses and tuxedos it was time to purchase new outfits. With no money provided by the district for new outfits, and with organizations not being allowed to charge the students any money, the Choral Music Booster parents have been fundraising for several years to purchase these uniforms, and although all of the money has not been raised, we had to go ahead with the purchase. The old dresses were literally falling apart. Skirts no longer would zip and were pinned together, hems were ripped, and the velvet tops of the two-piece dresses were threadbare. The boys outfits also had to be replaced.

So, our director Mr. Rigsby paid by credit card, and the boosters are paying him back as we can. The entire purchase was over $7,000.
We would love it if any choir alumni would like to "sponsor a dress or a tux"!  We purchased a single style dress for all the choirs to wear, instead of different dresses, so that sizing and replacement would be easier. We purchased new pants, vests, shirts, and ties for all the boys. The dresses run approximately $60 plus tax, and the boys outfits are about the same
Anything alumni can do is appreciated! Checks can be made out to Loara Choral Music Boosters and mailed to the school at

Loara High School 
Attn: Loara Choral Music Boosters 
1765 Cerritos Ave. 
Anaheim, CA 92804

Thank you for your support of the Loara Choir!   

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