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October 3, 2014
Vol. 2

Welcome to the Loara Saxons Alumni Association e-newsletter! 
A Message from the President

Hi Saxon alumni and friends! 


This is the second edition of our new e-newsletter and I hope you are enjoying them. As we go on with these newsletters we will try to keep you current on what is happening at Loara as well as updating you on what the Alumni Association has in the works. And, some fun trivia along the way.


The next Alumni breakfast will be October 11th at 9 am at Marie Calendar's on Euclid in Anaheim and I hope to see you there. We had a great turnout in September.  Click here for directions from Loara High School. 


Please check out the links on the right side of the newsletter. They will take you to our Website, our Saxons Traditions Store where you can buy shirts, jackets, and blankets.  Also, you will see a link to our Facebook group and a link to our online membership application so you may join the association.   


We need more of our classmates to join the Association. I know everyone is asking for your money these days. But, it only costs $20.00 per year and just think of the good we could do if we could sign up 5000 of the approximately 24,000 graduates at $20.00 per year. Please consider joining us if you haven't already.


The homecoming game is Friday, October 17th at La Palma Park's Glover Stadium. Come early and stop by the Alumni Association booth to pick up an old fashioned spirit ribbon!! Our football team has struggled this year and they could really use some alumni support! 


See you Friday, October 17th at the game!


John Marshall


Homecoming Activities - Students and Alumni
by Anna Kunkle

According to Wikipedia, Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back alumni of a school. It is a tradition in many universities, colleges and high schools in the United States. It usually includes activities for students and alumni, such as sports and culture events and a parade through the streets of the city or town.


We don't have a parade through the city but we do celebrate Homecoming!   We, the alumni, kick off the celebration with our monthly breakfast at Marie Calendar's in Anaheim.  Click here for directions for directions from Loara High School.   


The students begin their celebration during spirit week October 13th - 17th which focuses on all things Loara.  Since this is the year of the 50th graduating class they are focusing on that milestone as much as possible. 


The Homecoming Assembly will take place during the day on Friday, October 17th.  Later that night both students and alumni are welcome to the football game at Glover Stadium.  Kick off is 7pm.  Click here for directions to Glover Stadium form Loara High School.   


Please arrive early to purchase your ticket(s) and get a good seat for the game.  The halftime show is going Traditional.  The FULL band will be playing in FULL uniform for halftime.   


Don't forget to stop by the Alumni booth to get your spirit ribbon and check out some of the alumni gear.   If you would like us to bring something special from the Saxon Store let us know at [email protected].   


The Dance is Oct 18th!  If alumni would like to come and see the gym prior to the dance you are welcome to starting at 6 pm.  If you would like to volunteer your time as a chaperone, please contact Mrs. Mejia, [email protected], so she can get you admin approval.

Thank you for supporting the Alumni Association and more importantly Loara High School, our Alma Mater. 


Alma Mater
by Paul Chylinski
As many have seen, Loara has gone through many transitions in it's 50 year History.  In digging through the archives it was discovered that the Alma Mater we have been singing for years is in fact a "newer" Alma Mater then was brought to the Saxons. (See Volume 1 Issue 1 of the Saxon Shield)

Original Alma Mater
All hail Loara, All hail thy fair name,
they loyal sons and daughters will always sing thy fame.
Thy colors I'll cherish, in fond memory.
I'll sing thy praise and glory
Wherever I may be.
I'll sing thy praise and glory
Wherever I may be.

When does it change? Why does it change? Who changes it? Since being on this fact finding mission we are getting closer to an answer, but no good story goes without intrigue or controversy.  John D. Marshall (class of 69) discovered while preserving the Saxon Shields for posterity sake that there are two articles that show a shift and a controversial voting measure.  It appears that the school was to vote in November of 1964 (Saxon Shield November 5, 1964) on whether they were willing to change the Alma Mater mid year and apparently that vote was thrown out and another was to take place as stated in the December 3, 1964 edition of the Saxon Shield.  Following that we have yet to find any written decision to when the switch actually happened but that it did happen.

Anthony Mastroangelo (Class of 65) offers this "Several, and do not ask for names as I can not tell you, put together a bunch of words that some here are calling the first alma mater. Problem being no one, except perhaps some creating the words were willing to accept it. 

To the best of my knowledge the above referenced individual work was never accepted as our alma mater via a stand alone vote.

By the end of the '62-'63 year the issue of the alma mater started to become contentious especially because of the insistence over its use.

At the beginning of the '63-'64 term the Chamber Singers had just been formed and their director, Edwin Grace, suggested that as a new group they could contribute greatly to our school by writing new and more musically appropriate lyrics.

The Chamber Singers took on the task with vigor. After an extended period of repeated rewrites it was finally decided that our own Mrs. Molly Wampler should be asked to accept the role of poet laureate for Loara. In all the charm and patience always displayed by this wonderful lady, she agreed to help us in putting together a blend of words that for whatever reason seemed to elude us for too long a time.

The final draft of the alma mater provided by Mrs. Wampler, to the best of my knowledge, never had so much as one word changed since it was presented back to the group that also unanimously approved of it.

The student body ultimately voted to adopt the words written by Mrs. Wampler which was to used in conjunction with the musical composition of James Ployhar."

The Alma Mater has been sung it's current text and tune since then.  It is sung at every Assembly, Game and Event.  The students show two fingers in the air showing sign of victory whether we win our lose, because as Saxons, we always are winners.

Current Alma Mater
Hail Loara, school we cherish,
Built by Saxons loyal and true
She provides a firm foundation
Which will last our whole lives through

May her memories always linger,
May traditions live long too
Red and Gold with fly forever
Loara we'll honor you

Hail Loara, school we cherish,
Built by Saxons loyal and true
She provides a firm foundation
Which will last our whole lives through

This was found following the original blog:

In the Saxon Shield they finally accepted the Alma Mater.  This article doesn't really clear up any mystery we didn't already know, and we don't really have any knowledge to why they threw out the vote, but here it is in black in white that during the 64 - 65 year they "didn't have an Alma Mater and they played the fight song slow" but by November 18, 1965 a day before their Homecoming when they announced their first Queen, an article comes out about the "controversial Alma Mater."

Click here to see and hear our Alma Mater recorded by the LHS band and choir!


Homecoming Assemblies
by Paul Chylinski

1962 - 1970

Traditional Assemblies were held and the alumni returned to support their team, their school and their community.  It was a true Homecoming where the alumni were allowed to come to the dance for free and helped performed in the Assemblies.   

1970 - 1985

 The Legend of Boom Boom (John Dahlem) was well known at Loara High School during the 1970 - 1985 school years.  Boom Boom performed at all Homecoming Assemblies (until Homecoming 1984) and helped the faculty start the annual tradition of entertaining the Loara community.  Although "political correctness" would not support Boom Boom today, many Saxons fondly remember her dances and cheers for the football team.  For awhile Boom Boom's little sister Bubbles the Ballerina (Rick Martens, class of 75) came to perform but was short lived (1984 - 1987) as the Loara community changed.  Bubbles was initiated in 1985 and it was also the year they began the teachers Lip Sync, which is the tradition that is carried on today.   


1985 to the present

The all teacher lip sync came out of need.  Boom Boom retired her wig to become a Principal at Ball Junior High School, Loara's feeder school.  There was a concern to what came next after Boom Boom but with numbers like LMFAO and Psy and the teachers willingness to participate, we really solidified the next era of Homecoming Assemblies.  Our audience this year was filled with alumni and they were treated to a spectacle of cheers and spirit.  Along with the all teacher lip sync we have a 35 minute student assembly with performances from Cheer, Color Guard and Student Groups ... Loara's assemblies are legendary.


 Click here to see the 1988 Homecoming Assembly

Homecoming Halftimes & Games
by Paul Chylinski

There have been several ways we have found to crown a Queen and King.  Since 1965 (First Homecoming) The Queen was announced in a halftime ceremony and by 1988 (First Kings) we began crowning Kings at the dance.

We've brought them out in corvettes, chariots, walked them out, paraded them, carried them and the likes.

No matter how we have done it the winners have felt that stars, like they are the only one in the room at that moment and to them and the school, for that one moment, they are a Queen of a King.

All this while there is a football game going on in between crownings or even a dance when it comes to  the King.


For the 50th we spared no expense, we had corvettes representing each year, we had confetti cannons that went off when the queen was announced, we brought the band out of 1/2 time retirement to play a soft song in the back ground while the queens were announced and we had 2 emcee's describing the girls and boys and they came driving by.  For 2012, we had a show.  In the past 24 years that I've been involved in the crowning, i'm always amazed we make it in time because our 1/2 times often go long.  The shortest I believe was about 4 minutes and the longest was this year and we used all 20 minutes given with only about 50 seconds left on the clock.

As to the football games, often times the game we chose is the big rival. Either Katella High School or Anaheim High School which will rile up the crowd.  As leagues shift  and we are now in the Golden West League we no longer can battle these teams in our Homecoming game.  We have only been in 3 Leagues, Empire, Sunset and now Golden West.  

What are some of your memories of Homecoming Game and Halftime?  Share them with us on Facbook!  Click here for the Loara Saxons Alumni Facebook group.   

Click here to see a video about Loara's Homecomings from 1962 - 1987.

Click here to see a video about Loara's Homecomings from 1988 - 2012.   


Homecoming Dances
by Paul Chylinski



High school dances have changed in the last 50 years.  If you read the Saxon Shield and Yearbooks of old you will see that the Homecoming Dances were true Homecomings.  The alumni were invited back for free and the cost of the dance was $1.00.  But the decor was not extravegant but it worked for the time.  Most of the time there was a Dj spinning records in the corner and everyone had a great time.

Surprisingly the cost hasn't shot up that much in 50 years.  A ticket is $15.00 today, surly that doesn't match the cost of living increases.  Loara works hard to make the dances as affordable as possible for all to attend.  Nothing worse than a dance with no one there.  In a 1990's yearbook they reported they were over 400 attendees, today we get about 800 in attendance in good years but we generally hit the 700 mark.  Sadly that's about 1/3 of the school, many have to work, baby sit or are not interested in dances. 

In 2013 terms Dj is a name that has morphed Vj (Video Jockey), Digital Dj's and more have entered the scene.  Oddly enough many have turned back to vinyl to mix their music but most do so on a Digital turntable not playing records or cd's at all but digital remixes that are further remixed at the dance itself.  Video has entered the dj scene that allows Dj's to play music videos of the songs they are tracking at the same time.



Meet the Faculty - Vice Principal, Mr. Klatzker!
by Anna Kunkle
Daniel Klatzker is one of the Vice Principals at Loara High School and is a fellow alumni. He graduated from Loara in 1990 and says the school gave him "a solid foundation to help build my college education."

As he looked back at his high school years, his most memorable experiences were "competing in the Academic Decathlon and placing" and "learning from Mr. Klevos that English courses can be more than just reading and writing. That it can be an infusion of culture, art, and music as well." It is no surprise that English became his favorite subject because of Mr. Klevos, Daniel's favorite teacher.

Academics is not the entire story though. Daniel participated in the band all four years of high school and says, "band was the most influential high school experience shaping my social life during high school." Along with band he also played baseball and soccer for two years and was on the Academic Decathlon team. "Being a part of extra-curricular activities taught me a lot about persistence and commitment to be the best I could be and be a part of something bigger than myself."


When it comes to his most memorable extra-curricular experience it was all four years of Band. Daniel states they were, "Standing ovations during the concert season and earning the highest award from the judges, football game half time shows, parade season, band trips and band camp, and waking up ridiculously early to submit myself to Mr. Schroeder's craziness in zero period."


After high school, Daniel received his BA from CSUF in Communication/TV and Film. "I decided to go back to school after having a career in the film industry to study English and get my teaching credential. In many ways it was a leap of faith, that I could be a quality educator." Daniel has earned his BA in English, teaching credential, and MA in Education Administration from CSULB. "My education at CSULB confirmed that I wanted to be an educator and prepared me well for both being a teacher for 15 years and an assistant principal for the past two years."


The students, faculty, and staff at Loara are very lucky to have Daniel as part of their team/family. Daniel offers this piece of advice to his current students, "take advantage of the time in high school to try new things and get involved in as many activities as you can - doesn't matter what it is - JROTC, Band, sports, ASB, theater, computers..."


Thank you for all you do Mr. Klatzker!   



Where Are They Now?
by Pamla Manazer
Do you ever wonder what happened to the guy who was voted most likely to succeed from your senior class?  What about that guy that wrote something in the year he shouldn't have and didn't get to participate in graduation?  How surprised might you be to hear that the girl who was so painfully shy in your English class is now a published author and successful life coach?
The "Where Are They Now?" Section of the e-newsletter is the place for alumni to reconnect.  We want you to be a part of the e-newsletter.  Write an article about a classmate you knew/know or write about you.  We want to know "Where Are They Now?"
Articles are due by the first Monday of each month to Pam Manazer at [email protected].  In the meantime, watch for our "Where Are They Now?" column in the November issue of the e-newsletter. We are looking forward to keeping you connected across the years! 
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Dates to Know
October 11
Monthly Alumni  Breakfast @ Marie Calendar's @ 9am
Click here for directions to Marie Calendar's from Loara High School

October 17
Homecoming Football Game @ Glover Stadium @ 7pm
Click here for directions to Glover Stadium from Loara High School

Volunteer Opportunities
Homecoming Dance Chaperone!
Please contact Mrs. Mejia at
[email protected]

for more information

Trick or Treat So Tots Can Eat
The Loara Thespian Troupe #7592 has started getting cans together for the Loara High School all school canned food drive.  Drop off your donations to the school in care of Room 114 by October 10th.
Donations Needed!

LOARA Athletics Trainer needs HELP!


Loara's Athletic Trainer position has finally been filled but we have a problem, Many of the items that they have to work with are out of date, no longer work, or we just don't have it.

  • Loara Athletic Training Room Wish List
  • Rehab/Exercise equipment
  • *Ankle
  • Weights                  
  • Towels ( Hand Towels)
  • Arm Slings
  • *5lbs Dumb
  • Bells                 
  •  *BioFreeze                     
  •  Pen Light
  • *Foam / Balance Pad            
  • * Lotion
  • *BosuBall                              
  • *Rescue Shears
  • *Small Step Stool                  
  • * Scissors
  • *Ice Bag Dispenser                
  • * Skin Lube
  • *IceBags                                  
  • * Ibuprofen Tablets
  • Modality Equipment
  • *Ultra Sound Machine         *
  • Game Ready Machine
  • *STIM Machine                       *
  • Foam Rolls ( different size pool noodles)
  • *Stretch Rope
  • *Massage Stick
  • *Treatment Table
If you are able to make a donation please bring it to the Homecoming game on Friday, October 17th or drop it off at Loara High School.

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