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May 2014
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Famous Blogger, Alice Dubin Visits Volcano Village Lodge


Alice Dubin, Los Angeles-based media writer, editor, and reporter, recently traveled to the Big Island, Hawaii for her blog Homebody In Motion. 


It was our pleasure to host such a talented individual at our rain forest retreat. In her recent post, Big Island Babymoon Part Deux: Black Sand, Volcanoes, Waterfalls (and Seriously Spicy Thai) , Dubin eloquently describes her impressions of Volcano Village Lodge. Here's an excerpt:


"One of five lodge-like rooms, Hale Manaluna seemed to glitter like a pretty beacon from the outside, surrounded by lush green foliage. We hadn't known what to expect, really---- but this was way more."


Mahalo nui loa, Alice.


Fun Sights on Oahu  


Wa'ahila Ridge State Recreation Area on Oahu often takes visitors by surprise as not expecting to see a forest of evergreens only minutes from downtown Honolulu and a short drive from Kolea Estate and Pineapple Ohana.
Wa'ahila Ridge is a beautiful place to visit during your vacation on Oahu.  The park is reached by driving through a typical Hawaiian neighborhood.  The views are spectacular at every turn.
Wa'ahila Ridge is a popular weekend destination for locals looking for hiking trails, or a simple picnic.

Sea Turtle Nesting Is Upon Us Again
Meghan Jerolaman
For Emma Spencer Living
Honu'ea Covering a Nest
Honu'ea Covering a Nest At Halape

It's that time of year again on the Big Island: sea turtle nesting season. The Hawaiian Hawksbill nests mainly on the southern shores of the Big Island from May until October.


These extremely rare sea turtles nest at night in complete darkness. They can be spotted at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as well as beaches in Ka'u, including Punalu'u Black Sand Beach, located 30 miles from Volcano Village Lodge and 5th Street Ohana, is a nesting beach for these turtles.


While many stop at Punalu'u to visit the basking honus (green sea turtles), seeing the elusive honu'ea (hawksbill) and eventually their hatchlings, is a truly special experience. 


Please keep in mind that all marine wildlife should be observed at a safe distant for you and the animal.  


"Clocking Out" in the Mobile Era   
Wes Hitchcock

Life & Peak Performance Coach

For Emma Spencer Living 


In today's technology-saturated society, is "clocking out" in the Mobile Era even possible-or advisable?  


Can we truly be separated from our mobile devices in a real and complete manner-that is, not check our emails, calls, or texts AT ALL for any extended period of time? When it comes to the everyday work week, I hardly think it's feasible anymore-but when it comes to the weekend, or when you're on vacation, I think it's worth a try.




Trust The Journey    

Cynthia Revesz

Spiritual Coach

For Emma Spencer Living 

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." Martin Buber

From the moment we emerge into the world, we are travelers embarking on an unknown journey. Where will the road of life take us? We don't know. While we can steer towards a particular destination, there may any number of obstacles or detours. It's a humbling realization that much of what happens in life is beyond our control. We have to trust the journey.  


2400 Fahrenheit Is HOT!    

Feline Groundskeeper
For Emma Spencer Living

I'm always trying to find new, fun things to do in the area. Dandelion, a cute little feline that made her way to Volcano as part of an artsy family from St. George, Utah, told me about a hot place a few miles north of Volcano on highway 11.

2400* Fahrenheit is a glass blowing studio at the end of Old Volcano Rd. Being the adventurous cat that I am, my catmobile was out and ready to explore.  From the Lodge, I made my way to 11 and headed toward Hilo.  Not very far down the road, about two soccer field lengths beyond the 24 mile marker, I turned left onto Old Volcano Rd.

It may not have been a mile from that point, but it felt like a long way.  At the end of the road I was a confused cat. I finally realized that the metal farm like gates and the brown and tan country house was home to what I learned to be an amazing glass blowing studio.happens in life is beyond our control. We have to trust the journey.


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