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A Healthy Start to Spring
April 2014
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VVL's Media Blitz
Air Travel Tips
Windward vs Leeward
Innkeepers Kitchen
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In The News 


Emma Spencer Living is very close to offering a new unique lodging experience in the Palm Springs area.

The team at Emma Spencer Living has taken time to uncover a small boutique property that will please our loyal, passionate guests.

Finding the right property that meets the needs and expectations of our guests didn't come easy, but we feel that it is worth it.

While the process has been longer than expected, we think you will be intrigued by the theme.  
We hope to be making an official announcement very soon.


Health in a Box


The properties of Emma Spencer 

Living understand the value and importance of Holistic Health especially while traveling.


Volcano Village Lodge has partnered with Dr. Nicole Brod in the development of a signature, holistic health in a box concept.

 A variety of easy to do stretches, self massage techniques, mind relaxation methods, and even communication enhancement games are part of this life enhancing box that we are developing for Volcano Village Lodge. 
Now in Reception!
Volcano Village Lodge Invited on Media Tour
Message From Emma Spencer Living

We want to thank Kristin Jackson and the Big Island Visitors Bureau (BIVB) for arranging our media blitz to Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Kristin is based in Hawaii and is a big promoter of  Volcano Village Lodge.


 "We met with newspapers, magazines, and bloggers," Kristin said.  "Every time I pulled out pictures of our rainforest lodge, the energy level increased. People were blown away by what our former guests already know." One thing that the various media mentioned is the trend for travelers to search out what we like to call, "Unique Lodging Experiences."


At Volcano Village Lodge and at all Emma Spencer Living properties, we strive to provide all of our guests with quality and memorable vacation experience in a unique lodging setting.


We will keep you posted on any media stories that come from the media tour.

Again, a big thank you to Kristin Jackson and the BIVB! Visit our blog to see more pictures from our Media Tour!

Doctor-Recommended Air Travel Tips    
Dr. Nicole Brod

Integrated Whole Health and Wellness Expert 

For Emma Spencer Living 


Whether you're vacationing or flying for business, air travel presents its own special health and wellness challenges. As a traveler who's also a doctor, I've learned a few techniques to turn air-travel negatives into more positive, manageable, and reduced-stress solutions.

Island Info: Windward or Leeward?    

Kim LaPat
Travel Writer
For Emma Spencer Living

Taro in a Stream on the Windward Side of Moloka'i
Perhaps you've heard the terms windward and leeward when referring to different parts of the Hawaiian Islands. But what exactly do those terms mean? If you're not an islander, it's not surprising if you don't really know. Like the nautical terms port and starboard, you may have a general understanding of their meanings, but, if you aren't a sailor, you aren't well versed in their correct usage.


Innkeepers Kitchen: Banana Cinnamon Muffins  

Meghan Jerolaman
For Emma Spencer Living

The other day while I was innkeeping at Volcano Village Lodge, I noticed that our bananas were taking a turn for the worse. Well, I guess that depends on how you look at it. Over-ripe bananas make fantastic banana bread or muffins. I found an older recipe for banana bread, but truth be told, I didn't want to deal with small loaves. 

So I tweaked the recipe, doubled the batch, and made exquisite muffins. These muffins are sure to be a huge success for bake sales, gatherings, or just cause. WARNING: Once you make these, they will be in high demand. Trust me!   
Emma Spencer properties give you the vacation you've always wanted with luxurious comfort away from home. With vacation rentals in Hawaii and Guatemala, we offer family friendly vacation properties that will make your vacation something to remember.

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Emma Spencer Living
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