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March 2014
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Oahu Travel Writer Stays at Volcano Village Lodge

It's always very exciting when a travel writer stays with us at Volcano Village Lodge. This past month, Catherine Toth, known for her blog, The Cat Dish, visited some nearby areas and stayed a few nights in our tranquil rainforest setting.

Her blog on our place is a fun read, has great pictures, and is full of insights for any future travelers. Be sure to read it. 
Mahalo, Catherine, for a great piece.


Merrie Monarch Festival

You can feel it in the air: the buzz around town has picked up, and this year's poster has been released. It's definitely the time of year leading up to the 51st Merrie Monarch Festival, Hilo's huge hula competition. 

This year's week-long festival is from April 20-26. While tickets can be difficult to get, the parade and art show alone make it well worth a visit.

If you're planning on attending some of the Merrie Monarch festivities, why not stay at Volcano Village Lodge? It's a quick (45 minutes) and easy drive from Hilo, and is the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day on the Island. 
5 Reasons To Go On a Retreat
Cynthia Revesz

Spiritual Coach

For Emma Spencer Living


rock pile  

Have you ever returned from a trip and felt like you needed a vacation? A boozy-party vacation, reminiscent of college kids on spring break, can leave you feeling worse than if you never went. 


In the same way, an overscheduled theme-park or sightseeing extravaganza can drain you both mentally and physically. Plus, as often happens when traveling, overindulging in heavy restaurant meals, local snacks, or unhealthy fast foods can easily throw your digestion out of whack. 


After trips like these, you often return home in need of detox and some restorative, healthy sleep. Maybe it's time to make your next getaway a vacation for the soul--- where you nourish the body, relax the mind, and connect to the soul. 


Easter Week in Guatemala            
Kim LaPat
Travel Writer
For Emma Spencer Living

Easter Week in Guatemala---    in particular in the city of Antigua---   is an elaborate, multi-layered celebration that begins on Ash Wednesday and culminates during Holy Week (Semana Santa) when parade-like processions wind through the streets. 


Unlike in the United States, where the Easter Bunny tends to take center stage with the hiding of candy-filled plastic eggs, Jesus is at the heart of Guatemalan Easter festivities.


To honor the significance of one of the Catholic religion's most meaningful holidays, Easter in Guatemala is a sight to be seen and an experience to behold. Processions of purple-, black-, and white-robed men and women physically carrying huge, religious-themed floats, called andas, traverse the city streets for up to eight hours on Good Friday. 


The massive, movable dioramas highlighted in the processions can weigh thousands of pounds, and require as many as 60 to 80 people to carry them---    so shift work is the norm. After a block or two, a new set of ushers takes a turn carrying the andas. 

Kolea Estates: Upfront and Uncovered    




Emma Spencer Living


Recently, Kolea Estates, in the heart of Kailua, Oahu, hosted a wedding and family reunion. We are so pleased to have been part of a memorable occasion. 
Here are some wonderful words from a recent guest:
We came for the wedding and got a fabulous family reunion!!! 
I could not have reserved a better place to house my family for my son's wedding. Each one of us had lots of private space and the kids loved the pool! There were four+ families at the house and had plenty of room to even arrange 26 flower vases, bouquets, etc for the wedding. If I had known how spacious the property was, I would have hosted the rehearsal dinner at the house. With the windows open, there was plenty of air movement. The two kitchens and sitting areas made meals very relaxing and easy...

Hawaiian Cultural Festival       

Meghan Jerolaman
For Emma Spencer Living 
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park-NPS

About a month ago, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park announced its 34th Annual Cultural Festival. This very special event, which draws hundreds of people every year, is suitable for all age groups. Come enjoy the live music and hula, sample some Hawaiian food, learn how to lauhala weave, and much, much more. This free event takes place on 
July 12, 2014 from 10am-3pm, and is located at the parks Kahuku Unit near South Point. 

Why not plan your family vacation around this event? Book Now at Volcano Village Lodge or 5th Street Ohana.
Emma Spencer properties give you the vacation you've always wanted with luxurious comfort away from home. With vacation rentals in Hawaii and Guatemala, we offer family friendly vacation properties that will make your vacation something to remember.

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