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A Romantic Beginning
Febraury 2014
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Engagement at Volcano Village Lodge
New Holistic Team Member
Gluten-Free Quiche
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Pineapple Ohana Coming This Spring To Emma Spencer Properties

The community of Kailua and the island of Oahu offer very few quality economical vacation opportunities for travelers.  
It is our desire at Emma Spencer Living to provide our guests a quality, comfortable, yet economical place to vacation in one of the most beautiful, bucolic destinations in the world; Kailua, Oahu.


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Volcano Village Lodge
la casa pool/lake
La Casa Colibri
5th Street Ohana
Couple Gets Engaged at Volcano Village Lodge
Meghan Jerolaman


For Emma Spencer Living

diamond-ring-rose.jpgA rainy, windy start to their vacation in Volcano, HI. How was John supposed to propose to Kassi in this weather?  After checking into Volcano Village Lodge, John and Kassi went out to eat, went to "the glow", and came back to the room with a bottle of wine. 


Wine was poured, candles lit. The candle light was reflecting softly off the vaulted ceilings of their room, the wine waiting for a toast, the fireplace roared, droplets of rain steadily fell on the rooftop...


Just then, when Kassi entered the room, John got down on one knee. 


The rest is history, or should we say a new beginning, the answer was of course YES! 


To Kassi and John, all of us at Volcano Village Lodge and Emma Spencer Living would like to wish you a Hawaiian saying about love, "E Hoomau Maua Kealoha," May your love last forever.

Side note: We talked with John and Kassi and we will be following their progress through this special time.  

Welcome Dr. Nicole Brod!               
Emma Spencer Living


Volcano Village Lodge and all the Emma Spencer Living properties around the world are exited to announce the addition of Dr. Nicole Brod to the team of professionals helping to make your travel experience a holistic healthy vacation.   
Dr.  Nicole Brod has been focused on working with her clients to find and achieve optimal health and well being.  She is now transitioning her skills to help our guests experience a more healthy holiday.
As part of the team here at Volcano Village Lodge, Dr. Nicole Brod will focus on holistic health issues and exercises that appeal to the modern day traveler.  Our goal at Emma Spencer Living is to provide you, our valued guest, a unique lodging experience that transforms you from a tourist to an involved, healthy, and socially aware traveler.
Dr. Nicole Brod will be providing holistic health blogs as well as having an active role in the development and implementation of a holistic mind and body experience while staying at all of our properties. 
Gluten-Free Quiche                   


Volcano Village Lodge


Food fads and food allergies are constantly changing with diets, social media, and time. At Volcano Village Lodge we are always tweaking recipes and trying new ones to accommodate our guests dietary restrictions. 


A gluten-free diet is at the top of the list. While some may fear cooking gluten-free, for breakfast it's nothing to be scared of. 


Omaha! Omaha!    

football-hands.jpg Wes Hitchcock
Performance Coach
For Emma Spencer Living 


Much was made on sports talk radio about the 44 times Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos used "Omaha!" as a verbal cue before certain plays in their playoff game against the San Diego Chargers.


In the NFL channel's analysis Tuesday night, former QB and now TV contributor Kurt Warner was jokingly asked why Peyton Manning used "Omaha" as a play call, versus other US cities. Kurt remarked that Broncos Head coach John Fox had probably started using the name at the beginning of his career, and head football coaches are "creatures of habit." 


Whether you want to admit it or not, habits rule our lives, for better or for worse. At this point in life, you can probably brush your teeth, take a shower, and even drive your car to work without much thought, as your preprogrammed habits take over.



Emma Spencer properties give you the vacation you've always wanted with luxurious comfort away from home. With vacation rentals in Hawaii and Guatemala, we offer family friendly vacation properties that will make your vacation something to remember.

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