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November 2013
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"Feeling Good:)" 

November, for me, is one of the greatest months of the entire year! Why you ask? Well, this month I turned a whopping 35, Fresno State's football team is undefeated, KYJO is celebrating our 6th year anniversary and I have just welcomed my 5th child into the world, baby girl Kemi! My 35 years have seen me through times of change and they came with many obstacles and road blocks. Instead of getting discouraged, I embraced the challenges. Many find it tough to go through change but the ones who accept it, embrace it and understand it are the ones who will be successful.

KYJO would not be where it is today if we didn't believe in change. We are always looking for the answer to how we can better ourselves. We embrace constructive coaching, that will change us for the better, and then we move on! Many of the foster youth that come to KYJO have a hard time grasping this concept at first. In the beginning coaching can feel negative. Once they understand the concept of bettering themselves by learning from their mistakes they improve by leaps and bounds! Some are not accustomed to the rigors of constant change, but they eventually understand it's necessary to get them where they want to go. In the end they finally hold the belief, "without failure there is no success!"

Speaking of change, we have a young man who has turned his life around so much he doesn't recognize the new person he is today. He is excelling in culinary school, works in our corporate office as an assistant, and is currently doing an internship with Fresno Unified School District's Nutrition Center. I also serve as his financial advisor! That's a lot for a 17-year-old to go through that only knew street life, before getting to KYJO. My hats off to the Marion staff and his corporate office supervisor, Jodi, for helping to guide this young man down the right path. He is getting experience that will help him succeed in the real world. He is well on his way! I love to teach, train and advise the youth, along with the staff, ways on how they can be in my shoes one day.

On Oct. 19th, we successfully completed KYJO's 2nd Annual BBQ Cook-Off/Bring It Home Weekend! Hats off to our valued sponsors: Gold Sponsor, Diamond Learning Center; Silver Sponsors, Esano Health, I Speak Hot Mess, Bautista Medical Group, North Fresno Primary Care, Thiesen Dueker Financial Consulting and Bronze Sponsor, Dethrone Base Camp. We would also like to thank our supporters and volunteers: Walmart, Silver Creek Almond Co., ABC Auto Body, the McLane High Cheer Team, and Fresno Pacific Women's Basketball Team.

I also would like to acknowledge my hardworking staff, Fresno State Football Alumni, and our many other supporters. When planning events things don't always go as planned but that's when you come together as a "TEAM" and knock it out! That is exactly what happened during the BBQ Cook-Off. I would like to thank Lorenzo Neal and Q97.1's Greg Hoffman for being our special celebrity guest judges. I was running around so much I didn't get a chance to taste all of the meat but with all of the lip smacking I heard, I could tell it was great! Some of the KYJO residents had an opportunity to help with the setup and tear-down of the event. They didn't know that so much went into throwing an event of this magnitude. To ease their pain, they had their chance to compete in the cook-off. Unfortunately, they didn't have adequate equipment to BBQ for over 200 people lol!



To my Fresno State Football Alumni, you guys have out done yourselves, once again! KYJO's BBQ Cook-Off featured Football Alumni but the highlight of Bring It Home Weekend came with on the field recognition before the start of the homecoming game. Many thanks to Coach DeRuyter and Fresno State for embracing this Bulldog tradition. It's great that we can combine foster youth and Fresno State football so that together they can inspire each other. Our foster kids got to see the importance of brotherhood and comradery. Yes, it's different from loving a girlfriend or wife; it is the love for your fellow man. Even though we come from different walks of life, we are all family when it's said and done. To my KYJO and Bulldog family, I thank you for being the loving souls that you are! To view pictures of KYJO's Bring it Home Weekend please click here.    

Speaking of families, we are always looking for loving families to be great foster parents that will exhibit the same loving and caring nature that we do! Answer that call...


Lastly, we at KYJO want to continue to go above and beyond for our foster youth. We believe that they deserve the same opportunities as any other child! With your continued help and support we can make sure they do not go without. We hope that you consider us for a year-end financial gift, so that we can continue to improve the lives of our youth.







Kevin Jordan

Executive Director




Thank you to everyone who attended KYJO's 2nd Annual BBQ Cook-Off; it was a success! With only a month to prepare, KYJO staff pulled together to make it happen!

We had 16 amazing competitors vying for KYJO 1st place trophies. The competition was stiff and the voting was close, but only a few would get to stand before the crowd to hold up their prize!

To view the winners of KYJO's 2nd Annual BBQ Cook-Off  click here.


The intoxicating aroma of grilled meats and the sizzle of the grill, led to good moods all-around. Everyone enjoyed themselves and anticipation of the tasting was high. When tasting doors formally opened to the public, the crowd did not waste any time! There were a lot of happy faces at the picnic tables! To view pictures of  KYJO's 2nd Annual Cook-Off please click here  

This event was a hit, but as you know with KYJO we are never complacent or satisfied with a job well done. We understand that change is necessary to improve and get better. The 3rd Annual KYJO Cook-Off will be even bigger and better than the last!


"One change makes way for the next, giving us the opportunity to grow."- Vivian Buchen




Become A Foster Parent Today! 

Open up your heart and your home to a child in need.

One of the most rewarding things you can do in life is to help someone else. Especially, if that someone is a child! Our staff at KYJO will happily speak to you about what it takes to become a foster parent. Please give us a call today for more information. (559) 243-7002.


" Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For,indeed, that's all who ever have."-Margaret Mead





Celebrating Excellence!

House of the Month 

September- KYJO House

October- Barstow House


Resident of the Month

September- Richard P.

October- Siegfried W.


Employee of the Month

September-Piseth Sam            

October-Kenneth Richey


Getting selected for a KYJO Honor does not come easily! There is a LOT of hard work that goes into achieving these milestones. KYJO recognizes the steps you have made to achieve these goals and we salute you!

"Change always comes bearing gifts." - Price Pritchett


The Spirit of Giving:) 

The holiday season is almost upon us and foster children in Fresno County could use your help! Our request is a simple one: Host a KYJO "Angel Tree" at your place of business!

Our "Angel Trees" hold ornaments which detail the gift a child living in foster care or in a group home would love to receive on Christmas Day. Your customers, clients, vendors and friends would be able to select an ornament and purchase the gift for the child. They would then return the item unwrapped to your place of business! It's as simple as that.

A simple yet rewarding act that will bring a smile to a child on Christmas morning! Once gifts have been donated, we pick up the tree and donations-wrap them and make sure these children in out of-home-care have a very Merry Christmas!

We would be very grateful if your business would decide to participate in this wonderful program. We will drop off our miniature trees immediately following Thanksgiving. Please give us a call at (559) 243-7002 if you would like to be an "Angel" to a child in need!

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." -
Mahatma Gandhi 


KYJO Training Available  

KYJO Training and Continuing Education Department strives to provide quality training to agencies that provide a safe, stable and consistent environment for children who have been abused or neglected and for children with serious emotional and behavior difficulties.

KYJO Enterprises is now an approved vendor through Community Care Licensing to provide the 40-hour Initial Group Home Administrator's course. (Vendor # 2000397-730-1).

The State of California requires that a potential GH Administrator participate in and successfully pass a State exam.

Please call to register for our next training sessions.

December 5th, 6th, 12th and 13th

Back to Back Thursday/ Fridays. 





Location: 3806 Laborde Place, Bakersfield CA, 93308
Phone: (559) 243-7002 / (661) 428-2915 Fax: (559) 243-5788
Cost: $300.00/Each, $100.00 nonrefundable deposit is required


"Change is the end result of all true learning."-Leo Buscaglia

Special Congratulations to Alvaro! Alvaro was the first resident to receive an academic scholarship in KYJO history!  He turned 18, Nov. 18th and has stepped down from the group home. In order for him to keep his scholarship we decided to help him get an apartment so that he could continue to attend college.

He is pictured above filling out his apartment application.Well... we are happy to report that his application was accepted and we helped him move into his brand new apartment! His roommate will be MSW Greg Dawson also pictured above. With Mr. Dawson looking out for him and Mr. Kevin Jordan as his financial advisor, Alvaro has no choice but to succeed!  

Last Month's Activities


  • Fresno State Basketball and Football Games
  • Changing Within Workshop
  • Moaning Cavern Tour
  • Family Day at the Park
  • Circus Vargas
  • KYJO's 2nd Annual BBQ Cook-Off
  • Trunk or Treat


Upcoming Activities: 

  • Horse Drawn Sled Rides
  • Fresno State Men's Basketball Game
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Holiday Party
  • Snow Trip
  • Alcatraz tour, and many more!


"Thank You to Our Sponsors"
KYJO would like to again extend a very special thank you to our fantastic sponsors who supported KYJO's 2nd Annual BBQ Cook-Off. The funds from the Cook-Off are going toward providing our youth in out-of-home care with dream outings over the holidays and beyond! KYJO is concerned not just with meeting the basic needs of our kids but with transforming their outlook on life. Providing them with opportunities they may not normally be able to experience. With your help we are able to make this possible! Thank you for your support! 

Thank you to our Gold Sponsor:

Thank you to our Silver Sponsors:

Thank you to our Bronze Sponsor:

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Kevin Jordan
Executive Director

KYJO Enterprises, Inc.
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