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Giving Georgia's Environment Its Day in Court!          December 2013
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Let's Continue Giving Georgia's Environment its Day in Court! 

Among the accomplishments we shared with our environmental partners  this year - a $2.5 million settlement in the Ogeechee River fish kill case, increasing wind and solar energy use in Georgia, and halting hog farm expansions.
Rayonier pulp mill waste water pond on the banks of the Altamaha River. Credit: James Holland
Save a Dying River!   
Georgia's "mighty Altamaha" has been polluted for decades by millions of gallons of effluent dumped from the Rayonier wood processing facility in Jesup. GreenLaw, on behalf of the Altamaha Riverkeeper, recently filed notice of its intent to pursue a Clean Water Act case to clean up the river.
       CAFO Rules Stand Firm & Protect Georgia's Rivers  

The EPD's proposed changes to Georgia's Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation (CAFO) rules were halted.  The proposed changes included an alarming roll-back of Georgia's hog-waste rule that endangered water quality and public health. EPD coordinated a public comment process and reported receiving 900 COMMENTS - most were OPPOSED to the change. 
Clean Energy 
       Commission Approves Rate Hike on Georgia Power Customers  

On Dec. 17, the Georgia PSC finalized stipulations for the next three years of electricity rates to Georgians. GreenLaw and Sierra Club issued a statement thanking the PSC for some improvements, but noting that approximately $1.5 billion in coal plant funding could use more oversight.
for the Environmental Community

January 10, 2014 at 12 pm
Loudermilk Center   
Co-hosted by:
Green Chamber of the South
& Southeast Green
Come learn about the environmental issues to be considered during the 2014 GA Legislative Session.
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