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Editorial: The New Wisdom and the Future
New Essay: The Future Evolution of Consciousness
Online Course on the Virtues: Gentleness
New Essay: Being Fully Human
New Essay: Creating Wisdom
New Course: Science Fiction - The Mythology of the Future
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Wisdom, Consciousness, and the Future


This Month's Highlights
June, 2014


Included in this month's issue of Wisdom and the Future:   

  • Editorial: The New Wisdom and the Future - Tom Lombardo 
  • New Essay: The Future Evolution of Consciousness - Tom Lombardo 
  • Virtue of the Month: Gentleness - Lee Beaumont 
  • New Essay: Being Fully Human - Chris Thomson 
  • New Essay: Creating Wisdom - Sajid Khan 
  • New Course: Science Fiction - The Mythology of the Future by Tom Lombardo     
  • Archive Pages for Center for Future Consciousness and The Wisdom Page 


The New Wisdom and the Future
Tom Lombardo   





What does wisdom have to do with the future? As many of my colleagues on The Wisdom Page would probably reply, "Just about everything--at least everything important." It is through wisdom that we will create a positive future, and without it, the future will almost certainly be a bleak and dismal reality. It makes sense to connect the themes of the future and wisdom. 


Over the last year and a half I have been publishing two online newsletters: Futurodyssey for the Center for Future Consciousness and the Wisdom Page Updates for The Wisdom Page. Often I have included identical items (essays and book reviews) in both newsletters. This last year I talked with many of The Wisdom Page advisory board members about combining the two newsletters, and beginning with this issue, the two are being combined into one: The new title for this synthesized creation is Wisdom and the Future. If you have been on either the CFC or WP mailing lists, you will be receiving this new publication. You can still access old issues of both newsletters in their separate Archive Pages, but from now on there will be just one Archive Page for issues of Wisdom and the Future.

I envision Wisdom and the Future as an electronic journal with essays, book reviews, thought pieces, and even poems at times, addressing issues and themes relevant to either understanding wisdom or understanding the future. Preferably, submissions should synthesize both themes. Contributions to the journal should be well-written, intellectually informative and provocative, and ideally, demonstrate personal relevance and value to the reader. Historically grounded essays will not be excluded, since history frequently has great relevance to both the present and the future. Moreover, history expands and enriches our consciousness of time. I envision the journal reaching an increasingly large and diverse audience, "spreading the word" of the philosophy and the ideas of both The Wisdom Page and The Center for Future Consciousness.  I encourage all those interested readers to submit their writings for consideration for publication in Wisdom and the Future.  


This month the lead article is my new essay "The Future Evolution of Consciousness." This article, in the spirit of synthesis of futurist and wisdom themes, pulls together my thoughts on the nature of consciousness; the special significance of future consciousness (informed by the past); evolution; flourishing in life through wisdom and virtue; and the value of science fiction in the evolution of future consciousness and wisdom. It epitomizes, in my mind, the kind of essay that strongly pulls together futurist and wisdom themes. I will be speaking on some of the ideas in the article at the World Future Society conference in Orlando Florida July 10th through the 13th. 


As a reminder, I will also be giving a day long intensive "consciousness expanding" course on "Science Fiction: The Mythology of the Future" at the WFS conference on July 10th. See the description below on the course, as well as the earlier essay I wrote in the WP and CFC newsletters. Recently, it dawned on me that there is a strong and illuminating connection between wisdom and science fiction. See the lead article or take the course on science fiction.

One final thing: Maintaining the newsletters and the two websites requires an ongoing financial investment. I have, in the past, received contributions from readers, colleagues, and advisory board members, but most of the cost falls to me. If you value the work being done both in the CFC and TWP, please consider making a donation to our cause. Email me and I'll give you directions regarding how to make a donation. Thank you.

Hope you enjoy the first issue of Wisdom and the Future.  




New Essay:  
The Future Evolution of Consciousness 
Tom Lombardo 

Consciousness is at the center of human reality. Consciousness is the medium in which everything that is meaningful to humans is manifested and understood. Although humans possess physical bodies, and live within a physical world, and utilize a host of physical technologies in the management of their lives, human contact with the physical world comes through consciousness. At the core, humans are conscious beings with conscious selves that think, feel, desire, remember, and imagine within their conscious minds. Hence, if we are to thoughtfully consider the future of humans, the central question we should ask is how human consciousness will transform in the future, a topic of inquiry that I approach using the expression "the future evolution of consciousness." ...

Human consciousness is an evolutionary phenomenon embedded within and reciprocal with an evolutionary physical universe. Our capacity for future consciousness--in its holistic psychological richness involving thought, memory, imagination, emotion, motivation, and personification--is an evolution of evolution, bringing the evolutionary process under intelligent, ethical, and purposeful guidance and control. Through future consciousness, we are purposefully guiding our own self-evolution, including the evolution of consciousness.

Defining the psychological ideal and preferable direction for our purposeful self-evolution, "flourishing in the flow of evolution" is a realistic and dynamic model for identifying psychological well being. Wisdom (inclusive of various character virtues) facilitates flourishing and the evolution of evolution, and is the highest expression of future consciousness. Wisdom should serve as the guiding light for both our individual future development and our collective evolution, especially as we consider technological augmentations regarding the future of the conscious mind. Education, conceived as a vehicle for facilitating purposeful evolution and ethical character development, should serve the ongoing development of wisdom.

Science fiction provides an arena of imagination and thinking on the possibilities of the future, including the future of consciousness. Science fiction reflects flexible, diverse, and holistic future consciousness expressed in a narrative and mythic form. Science fiction provides a particularly appropriate medium for exploring the ideal of wisdom. A key challenge to science fiction, though, is to envision what future conscious minds will be like, especially minds that can realize higher levels of self-evolution, wisdom, and flourishing within the ongoing flow of evolution within the universe. Still, science fiction offers a prime example of purposeful future consciousness, the key psychological capacity that is driving the future evolution of consciousness.

To Be Published in
World Future Review, Fall, 2014.

Virtue of the Month
Lee Beaumont 

"Nothing is so strong as gentleness.
Nothing is so gentle as real strength."
Ralph Sockman

This month's virtue is gentleness, the virtue of doing your good with the least possible harm to others. It is the decision to approach others from a stance of love-or at least benevolence-rather than indifference, or worse. Gentleness is courage without violence, strength without harshness, and love without anger. Gentleness is an inner peace that resists war, cruelty, brutality, aggressiveness, barbarism, coarseness, insult, violence, and other violations of another's sanctity. Gentleness gains its strength from its steady and stable foundation.

"I learned that it is the weak who are cruel, and that gentleness is to be expected only from the strong."
Leo Rosten

"When you encounter difficulties and contradictions, do not try to break them,
but bend them with gentleness and time."

Saint Francis de Sales

*  *  *  *

The course includes Instructions for contacting the instructor. In addition, the Wikiversity platform encourages your participation in improving the course.  Comments on each page are welcome on the accompanying  "Talk" page, accessed via the "Discuss" tab.

We want to hear from you.

If you are interested in participating in a forum of active students to discuss assignments and share your thoughts, please let us know and we will work to provide a space for that. Also, we would like to be able to provide conscientious students a completion certificate at the end of the course, but we have not yet decided how best to assess completion. What are your ideas?

We certainly hope you continue to enjoy this tour of the virtues.

Leland Beaumont
New Essay: 
Being Fully Human
Chris Thomson


Chris Thomson is a previous contributor to the Wisdom Page. In this new essay, the question is: What is human nature and have we lost our capacity to realize it?

Read the article

New Essay:
Creating Wisdom
Sajid Khan

Sajid Khan is another previous contributor to the Wisdom Page. In this new essay, Sajid discusses the difference between understanding wisdom and "being wisdom." He includes a review of spiritual, philosophical, and psychological perspectives.

New Course: 
Science Fiction - 
The Mythology of the Future

Science fiction is the most visible and influential form of futurist thinking in contemporary popular culture.

Science fiction is so popular because, in narrative form, it speaks to the whole person--intellect, imagination, emotion, motivation, behavior, and the senses; the personal, social, and cosmic; the natural and technological; the secular and the spiritual; and values, ethics, and aesthetics--stimulating and enhancing holistic future consciousness.*

Indeed, science fiction, for many people in contemporary times, has become a total way of life--a way of experiencing and creating reality, and in particular, the future.

* "Holistic future consciousness" is the total set of psychological processes and modes of experience and behavior involved in our consciousness of the future.

Next month at the World Future Society Convention I will be offering an intensive full day (eight hour) experience: Science Fiction: The Mythology of the Future. The date and time is: Thursday, July 10, 2014 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. The location is Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida. You can register for the course at: 

This full day educational experience will provide a comprehensive evolutionary history of science fiction from ancient times through Mary Shelley, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells, the Golden and Silver Ages, the New Wave, Cyberpunk and Steampunk, and the consciousness expanding visions of contemporary cosmic science fiction.

We will examine science fiction literature and cinema, science fiction art and graphics, and the science fiction community, and consider how science fiction has both influenced and been influenced by the evolution of human society and culture over the centuries.

The main themes and topics, breadth and depth, and multiple strengths and values of science fiction will be described.

I will highlight how how science fiction, as an ongoing and purposeful evolutionary expression of human future consciousness, is the mythology of the future.


You do not need to register and pay for the whole conference to attend this course. You can just pay for the course. The cost of the course is $249, which will include your own copy of a comprehensive and detailed outline of the evolution of science fiction and an extensive bibliography of readings and films. There will also be a dinner dialogue that evening to discuss information and ideas presented during the day. There will also be a Science Fiction Symposium as part of the conference, to be held on Saturday, July 12, 2014, 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., same location. I will be participating on one of the morning panel discussions. 


For those interested groups, organizations, or associations, this educational experience can be offered at your preferred location, as either a single-day event or as a weekend retreat (with more dialogue, cinema, and multi-media included). Contact Tom Lombardo for details: tlombardo1@cox.net.



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That's it for this month: The new Wisdom and the Future, Tom Lombardo's article on "The Future Evolution of Consciousness," Lee Beaumont's Virtue of the Month - Gentleness, new essays by Chris Thomson and Sajid Khan, and "Science Fiction as the Mythology of the Future."

Tom Lombardo