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October 2015

This Month's Featured Pool


       A total pool remodel that included a new two story open view screen cage.






Do It NOW! 
If you've been thinking about a new pool, NOW is the time to get it started.
Think ahead for next Spring, because construction on the West Coast of Florida is moving rapidly. Supplies and workers are in demand and stock is low. For example, interlocking pavers are taking 8-10 weeks for delivery because they're so popular for decking material.
In our scheduling process we've had to extend time frames for many phases of the construction process to allow for these challenges. But, if we can order early, we can be prepared and have your pool constructed in a more timely manner.

 Pete Coccaro

 Owner, Nautilus Pools  



Featured Pool...
Complete Remodel
Before: pool, cage & bi-level deck

Preliminary computer drawing
Preliminary computer drawing

The old cage with multiple vertical posts
Before: The old cage with multiple vertical posts
Clear view screen cage
After: Clear view screen cage

Close up detail of the new _stepped_ edge
Close up detail of the new "stepped" edge

This job was a very detailed remodel. By using our new CAD program we were able to show our homeowners an accurate example of what the finished product would look like. 

After finalizing the drawings, we  started the renovation by taking down the existing 2 story cage and after completing the construction, replaced it with a clear "open" view 2 story screen enclosure. 

The existing two level elevated deck did not make sense and was actually dangerous.  We extended the existing elevated deck to form a "band" to match the existing radius of the roman designed pool. 

The existing old bull nose brick coping was removed and replaced with 16 x 16 Artistic Pavers bull nose that had to be carefully hand cut by Ron, one of our seasoned employees.  The upper band of bull nose was cut to match the lower.  We made the lower level of bull nose a lighter color to give it dimension. 
24" x 24" Artistic pavers were used for the decking including the raised balcony.  The old waterline tile was replaced with a very contemporary color to make it "pop". Pebble Tec Aruba Aqua with Glass luminescence was added to the interior surface which makes it shimmer in the sunlight. 


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Rope lighting is one lighting element which can help create that final WOW moment we all want to achieve in our garden and landscape. They can add a sparkle and say... "Hey... psst... the party is over here!"
If you are looking for some ways to bring that WOW moment to your garden by using rope lighting check out some of the ideas below.
Before rushing out to buy any type of lighting take a walk around your garden and landscape. I'd recommend taking this tour when the sun is going down and bring along a pad to sketch on and your camera, iPad or smartphone to snap some images. Don't forget to look up... and take advantage of putting lights on trees.
Use your imagination, have fun, take it slow and watch how using rope lighting can transform a garden with "light at night!" Now for some ideas...
Highlight Walkways - Use rope lights to highlight walkways and sides of pavements. Check out this light rope maze at San Antonio Botanical Garden
Highlight Steps or Stairs - Light up the steps leading to a deck or patio area. To prevent any tripping make sure the lighting is secured and fitted properly.
Heating Mat - Use rope lights to create an inexpensive heating mat to start seeds and help speed up rooting!
Garden Bed Edges - Outline the edge of a garden bed. This creates a clean. crisp looking cool effect and really draws the eyes!
Deck Lighting - If your patio is in need of lighting, wrap deck railings with rope lights, if the deck has built in seating put lights under the seating. Dress it up by using different colored lights. Over at Instructables they have complete and highly detailed how-to instructions.
Light Docks and Pool Area - Highlight swimming pool borders and outline docks using warm and soothing rope lighting.
Wrap Tree Trunks Branches - Create a festive look by wrapping tree trunks and winding branches with rope lights. Mix things up by wrapping with different colored-lights. How to Strap Rope Lights to Trees
Rope Light Spheres - Make a bundle of rope lights resembling a sphere and hang them from tree branches.
Rope Light Tree - Wrap a tomato cage with rope lights. Interesting idea for an outdoor party and a unique look.
Create Designs - Make designs of flowers or animals on fences or attached to wire frames for eye catching conversation pieces. During the holiday season illuminate wreathes, a reindeer and stars.
Draw Attention - Outline building contours, doors or windows to draw attention to them.
We've shared several ideas and ways you can incorporate rope lighting into your landscape and garden. However, we would be remiss if we did not include a - How To Install Rope Lighting for you DIY's!

To read the entire article and to see more photos and "how to" tips go to Best Plants






Hire Only Licensed Contractors


PUBLIC NOTICE FSPA hire licensed contractorsWARNING:

Homeowners Face Penalties For Hiring Unlicensed or under licensed Contractors. According to Florida Law, consumers who knowingly hire unlicensed construction contractors could face a fine of up to $5,000.00. 
Chapter 455.228

Here are some links to help you make an educated decision when choosing a Builder, Remodeler or Contractor. 

  Checklist for Finding and Hiring a Builder or Remodeler.

Verify your contractor's  

State of Florida license.

Verify your contractor's  

Charlotte County license or  

Certificate of Competency.   

 Charlotte County's Building Construction Services department.  

 NOTE: Check both County and City Government Agencies for specifics on rules for your location.   

A Charlotte County or Punta Gorda BUSINESS TAX RECEIPT is NOT a License to perform construction work.

CDBIA hire licensed contractors


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