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APRIL 2014

 Featured Pool...

This 11'x25'6" pool features an infinity edge with tiled wall catch basin. The LUV 1"x1" porcelain tile (LMX8888) is used for the waterline, inside and outside of the spa. 12"x12" Old Chicago pavers (set straight) are on the decking with matching colored coping. Pebble Tec, Tahoe Blue is used for the interior finish. A PCC-2000 In-Floor Cleaning System was installed to aid in the cleaning, chemical disbursement and heating. The 5'6' x 6'6" spa is controlled by a Hayward E-Command and has the same interior finish and tile as the pool. (See more photos on right)




Pete Coccaro

Infinity Edge Pools are all the rage these days and we're quite proud of the variety of infinity pools we've designed and constructed. Some "overflow" to the water view, others to a view of the house and still others incorporate spas in the catch basin. A look at the photos in the side column to the right will give you a good idea of all the choices that are available.


I always visit the site for any pool we build, but in an infinity pool it's really important to consider the entire view. You want to give it a seamless look. To make it look like the pool water flows into the surrounding area. Definitely a great visual!


Automatic controls keep the basin full creating it's own pumping system...like a giant skimmer moving the water from the pool over the edge to the collection basin which recirculates the water.   


Infinity edge pools are almost always created for new construction. Occasionally we've been able to remodel a pool to include an infinity edge, but the circumstances have to be perfect and that is a very rare occurrence.


If you're considering adding a pool to your backyard, give us a call and together we can decide on the best design for your site! 





 Pete Coccaro

Owner Nautilus Pools
President Florida Swimming Pool Association  



AMY MEYERS, Service  Concierge 

Amy is the newest member of the Nautilus team. Her job is to make sure that all service appointments are handled quickly and that work orders are fulfilled to clients expectations. She also acts as our receptionist at the front desk answering phone calls and greeting visitors.

Originally from Northern Kentucky, Amy has been residing in Charlotte County for five years.  She and her partner, Todd, enjoy boating, gardening and are just learning to play golf.


To celebrate our 25th Anniversary we'll be having drawings for some great prizes throughout the year. Just download the Contest Registration Form and send it in to our office and we'll put your name in the "pool" (pun intended).

Each quarter we'll draw a winner. First drawing is April 30th!

The first prize is a Pelican Cooler - a $300 value -for more info on the cooler click here.

Good Luck! And thanks for all your support!

Look What's Happening At Nautilus Pools...
New Sign Outside Our Office
It's Our 25th Anniversary!

Updating Truck Logos
Updating Our Truck Logos



If you love being outdoors, perhaps it's time to think about vegetable gardening. Here in SW FL we're fortunate to have two growing seasons and now is the perfect time to get started. We found this great article
posted in the Preen Garden & Landscape Tips newsletter...

Helpful Guides for Growing Vegetables

Nothing compares to growing and harvesting your own vegetables. But it definitely takes some know-how to get from seed to plate, and even experienced gardeners can face challenges along the way. That's why it's always great to have trusted resources to rely on when you need them.


We like Cornell University's Vegetable Growing Guides. Comprehensive and written for gardeners at all levels, these helpful guides offer growing instructions for more than 70 vegetables. You'll also find plenty of tips for things like managing pests and diseases, as well as building good soil and choosing optimal planting sites. 


Gardeners looking for more information on particular varieties and plant traits will find those details in these guides, too. Important things like a vegetable's frost and drought tolerance are also noted.

New to vegetable growing? Don't worry. Cornell has a couple of resources that help novices get started, including Vegetable Growing Basics and Solving Common Vegetable Problems.

Happy Gardening and Healthy Eating! 


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               INFINITY POOLS

2 More photos of our Featured Pool

Our featured pool's infinity edge faces the water view. The spa overflows into the main pool which in turn overflows to the catch basin at the back...which is landscaped for a finished face from the water.

This infinity edge features a 66' French Curve along the back length of the pool facing a beautiful view of the river.

Looking from the spa toward the fire pit gives a good view of the infinity curve.
On this pool, the wall to the catch basin was decorated with playful dolphins.
Straight lines and angles create a dramatic waterfall effect.
It's all about the uninterrupted view!
An infinity edge spa overflows into the catch basin of the infinity edge of the upper pool
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Hire Only Licensed Contractors


PUBLIC NOTICE FSPA hire licensed contractorsWARNING:

Homeowners Face Penalties For Hiring Unlicensed or under licensed Contractors. According to Florida Law, consumers who knowingly hire unlicensed construction contractors could face a fine of up to $5,000.00. 
Chapter 455.228

Here are some links to help you make an educated decision when choosing a Builder, Remodeler or Contractor. 

  Checklist for Finding and Hiring a Builder or Remodeler.

Verify your contractor's  

State of Florida license.

Verify your contractor's  

Charlotte County license or  

Certificate of Competency.   

 Charlotte County's Building Construction Services department.  

 NOTE: Check both County and City Government Agencies for specifics on rules for your location.   

A Charlotte County or Punta Gorda BUSINESS TAX RECEIPT is NOT a License to perform construction work.

CDBIA hire licensed contractors

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