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Imagine This Tropical Paradise in Your Back Yard!
Tropical Paradise in Your Back Yard
The Natural Rock Wall with cascades of plants and tropical palms create a lush organic privacy buffer for this pool and spa.




Pete Coccaro


Our usually fabulous Florida weather has been a bit of a challenge this winter. One week warm and humid, the next week cold and windy. At least we don't have snow to contend with like our Northern friends and family.

One of the things people always ask me is about the energy usage for running a pool. Over the past few years much has been accomplished in creating "greener" pool equipment. From variable speed pumps and salt chlorination systems to heat pumps the industry has come a long way in creating efficient units for home and commercial use.

Variable speed pumps offer up to 80% energy cost savings over single-speed alternatives because of their integrated variable-speed drive and totally-enclosed, permanent magnet motor. Salt chlorination eliminates the liquid or tablet chlorine method of sanitization and also eliminates red eyes, itchy skin and chemical odors. All with using a minimal amount of salt...a teaspoon of salt per gallon is all it takes!

As for heat pumps, they're perfect for year round continuous comfort for water temperature. The newest varieties consume less energy than gas heaters to lower your operating expense.They're super quiet, durable and designed to ensure maximum heat transfer and resistance to harsh pool chemicals for a longer life.

All of these features add up to a greener swimming environment for your family. Call today and let me explain how we can add these features to your new pool or replace your existing inefficient units with new equipment that will increase your pool use and save money, too.         




 Pete Coccaro

Owner Nautilus Pools
President Florida Swimming Pool Association  


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Cool DIY Projects
 Decorative Concrete Stepping Stones
Found this great idea on Pinterest!

Build a mold frame (sized to fit selected door mat), fill with concrete mix, then press rubber door mat into the wet cement to create these beautiful designs. To take this a step further...use other items like sea grape leaves to create nature inspired themes. Visit fam-bjork.se for more ideas and how-to's.  



One Week Warm,  
One Week Cold! 

Weather playing havoc on your
Pool temperature?
 Heat Your Pool for Year Round Comfort and Save Now!

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A Word (or Two) From Our Clients
Cool DIY Projects
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Meet the Newest Member of the Nautilus Family

  Kubota Mini Excavator

This nifty "little" piece of equipment will be used to dig trenches around the pool for piping plumbing from the pool to the equipment pad.

Much more efficient than the old way...digging by hand! 


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EcoStar Variable Speed  Pump
EcoStar Variable speed Pump
Aqua Rite Salt Generator
Aqua Rite Salt Generator
Heat Pump
Heat Pro Heat Pump


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Grandkids Coming to Visit?


Order this fun & educational activity book now! 



      Children's Safety Activity Book    


  Lots of puzzles, coloring pages & 
  games to help the kids learn about 
 pool safety in a way that's fun!  


FSPA Children's Safety Activity Book

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PUBLIC NOTICE FSPA hire licensed contractorsWARNING:

Homeowners Face Penalties For Hiring Unlicensed or under licensed Contractors. According to Florida Law, consumers who knowingly hire unlicensed construction contractors could face a fine of up to $5,000.00. 
Chapter 455.228

Here are some links to help you make an educated decision when choosing a Builder, Remodeler or Contractor. 

  Checklist for Finding and Hiring a Builder or Remodeler.

Verify your contractor's  

State of Florida license.

Verify your contractor's  

Charlotte County license or  

Certificate of Competency.   

 Charlotte County's Building Construction Services department.  

 NOTE: Check both County and City Government Agencies for specifics on rules for your location.   

A Charlotte County or Punta Gorda BUSINESS TAX RECEIPT is NOT a License to perform construction work.

CDBIA hire licensed contractors

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