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Is your pool over 10 years old?
Remodeling may be in your future!

Remodeled Pool & Deck including new cage

& spillway on spa 




Pete Coccaro


We often categorize "remodeling" as something we do to our home, but how about your pool? Since the economic picture is starting to look better, people are finally starting to invest in their homes again. In general, the remodeling industry has seen an upturn this past year and that includes pools. Pool remodeling in Charlotte is catching up to Lee, Collier and Sarasota and has given us the opportunity to change our business model. Where once new construction was our primary focus now remodeling has taken over a solid portion of our work.


If your pool is 10 years old (or older) and you're thinking of resurfacing the interior, it would also be a great time to remodel the pool area, too. The pool itself could be enlarged if space allows or updated features could be added to it...a spa, a water feature, new lighting or even a fire bowl. The deck could probably use a change. Pavers would be an excellent choice because not only are they a great surface but they add color, texture and pattern to the entire lanai area. Waterline tile will add another splash of color to coordinate or accent the new interior surface (which also is available in a variety of colors).


We can reconfigure the deck to allow for tropical plantings within the cage area. And speaking about the screen enclosure, it may also be time to replace the screening. In our 25 years of business, Nautilus Pools has changed the look of many pools in the Charlotte County area. We've even made some smaller! There's no limit to the design ideas and construction projects that are available to enhance your entertaining and swimming area.


The pool in the photos (above and on the right) was a complete remodel when the owners contracted with SandStar Remodeling to add a guest wing to their home. Not only was the pool area updated but the deck was extended to include a new seating area off the guest suite.


If you would like to discuss the options that would work best to modernize your pool, please give us a call at 941-624-5744





 Pete Coccaro

Owner Nautilus Pools
President Florida Swimming Pool Association  


We're Keeping Busy!


In December, I visited the Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Northport chapter of the Women's Council of Realtors with my wife, Beth, to give a talk on some of the things realtors (and other residents) should know about pools including:

Adding pools to existing homes...City and County Requirements for

set backs (usually 90% is the general rule, but may be different in some cases)

Heating choices & Salt Generators

Trends in Pool Construction - Underlayment, Paver Decks, etc



Also speaking at the meeting was Pool Boy, Inc. owners Jessica & Frank Immich who not only spoke about their business, but also had their pre-teen son entertain everyone by playing the piano! He was great!



January and February will be bring on the trade shows where we'll meet vendors showing the latest & greatest products for the Pool industry. 



We'll be in Atlantic City for the NEPSA Pool Show (North East Pool & Spa Association) January 26-30...shall we hope for Pool weather? 


Then in February (20-22) we'll warm up at the FSPA (Florida Swimming Pool Association) "Everything Under the Sun Show" where we'll also attend educational classes and meetings at the Orlando Convention Center.


So keep an eye on the next few months' newsletters, as I'm sure we'll have lots of new information to share with you!



Cool DIY Projects
Decorate with Plants
If you want to add a little height to the plantings around your pool and lanai, try this easy trick.
By using 5 pots of varying sizes and stacking them according to the diagram below it will give you an easy way to create a 3 tier planter. Fill with good potting soil and make sure there is drainage (and a catch basin if on your lanai).
Build a three tier planter
Build a three tier planter
Trailing plants in the bottom level, bushing plants in the center and upright plants on the top will create a beautiful pyramid. 
You could also plant herbs and use the tower near your kitchen. Or, how about using it as a strawberry planter?
Whatever you choose, it's sure to attract attention and take your garden to new heights (pun intended)!


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Decorate with Plants
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Photo Story - Remodeling a Pool
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Remodeling a Pool...

Photo Story


Footers are poured for the new addition

Footers are poured for the new addition including new deck
Completed addition with extended deck & remodeled pool
Completed addition with extended deck & remodeled pool
View of remodeled pool  from the lanai
View from the lanai
View of remodeled pool from spa to house
View from spa to house
Looking at remodeled pool  towards the new addition
Looking towards the new addition

See below for our January Pool Remodeling Special 




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Grandkids Coming to Visit?


Order this fun & educational activity book now! 



      Children's Safety Activity Book    


  Lots of puzzles, coloring pages & 
  games to help the kids learn about 
 pool safety in a way that's fun!  


FSPA Children's Safety Activity Book

Call or Email Nautilus Pools

to receive your FREE copy






Hire Only Licensed Contractors


PUBLIC NOTICE FSPA hire licensed contractorsWARNING:

Homeowners Face Penalties For Hiring Unlicensed or under licensed Contractors. According to Florida Law, consumers who knowingly hire unlicensed construction contractors could face a fine of up to $5,000.00. 
Chapter 455.228

Here are some links to help you make an educated decision when choosing a Builder, Remodeler or Contractor. 

  Checklist for Finding and Hiring a Builder or Remodeler.

Verify your contractor's  

State of Florida license.

Verify your contractor's  

Charlotte County license or  

Certificate of Competency.   

 Charlotte County's Building Construction Services department.  

 NOTE: Check both County and City Government Agencies for specifics on rules for your location.   

A Charlotte County or Punta Gorda BUSINESS TAX RECEIPT is NOT a License to perform construction work.

CDBIA hire licensed contractors

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