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Dolphin Pool
Hammered copper dolphins accent the front face of an infinity edge pool. To see more, read the full story (pgs 94/95) in the September issue of Harbor Style Magazine!




Pete CoccaroLiving in a small community, like Charlotte County, offers a variety of ways a person or business can be involved and give back to the community. Sometimes it's in small ways and other times volunteers make a large impact. Either way, the cumulative value is always great for the organizations and the residents. 


Sometimes our work extends to a larger area (State or National organizations) but, again, it doesn't matter how large or small your "donation" (time or money) is.



At Nautilus Pools we take pride in our involvement in industry related organizations like the Charlotte Desoto Building Industry Association (CDBIA) and the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA). My wife, Beth, who is our service coordinator here at Nautilus Pools, has joined the local Women's Council of Realtors. It is an organization that is dedicated to empowering women to exercise their potential as entrepreneurs and industry leaders.

Beth Coccaro
Beth Coccaro


Their membership consists of not only realtors (women and men) but also other companies within the community that are classified as "business partners". This diverse group of local businesspeople hold fundraisers that support other

organizations within our community. All in all, a win/win for everyone.


 Thank you, Beth, for donating your time to fulfill our goal of community involvement.




 Pete Coccaro

Owner Nautilus Pools
President Florida Swimming Pool Association 



In Floor Cleaning Systems



When building a new pool an option to consider is the "in-floor cleaning system".  At Nautilus Pools, we use the Paramount PCC-2000 system which utilizes the largest heads to minimize the amount of piping needed. This also creates a clean aesthetic installation.


The Nautilus installation always places the heads, not only in the floor, but on the steps and benches, too.  Other pool companies up-charge for this installation. 


Features & Benefits:


Automatically cleans walls, floors, steps, benches and even spas...so you don't have to!


Enhanced Circulation saves money on heating and chemical costs.


Available in 8 designer colors to complement any pool surface.


The gear module, which is the mechanism that drives the unit, has a 3 year warranty and the heads have a lifetime warranty.




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Circulation / Suction Entrapment and Pool Drain Safety

When using any swimming pool:

  • If any drain cover is broken or missing, do not enter or allow anyone else to enter the pool. Notify the pool owner or call your pool professional immediately to make necessary repairs.
  • Do not allow anyone, child or adult, to play with or sit on any suction outlet (drain) or wall vacuum fittings!
  • Pull long hair back into a ponytail or a bathing cap.
  • Remove jewelry before entering the pool.
  • Periodically have a licensed professional evaluate and, if necessary, maintain all drains and outlets.
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We're in the News!


Harbor Style Magazine


Two of the homes that are featured in the Sept 2013 issue feature custom

Nautilus Pools.

Harbor Style magazine cover

The Perisho residence built by

Thornberry Custom Builders, Inc


(cover story pg 42)


and the home built by

Gulfview Construction Management Services 


(pg 93 featuring

the "Dolphin pool" pictured above left)


Harbor Style available now

throughout Charlotte County!


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Hurricane Pool

Since Hurricane season extends until late November, here's a list some of the simple things you can do to protect your pool and lanai.


1.   DO NOT DRAIN the water from your pool. The weight of the water actually keeps the pool in place and avoids the possibility of the pool lifting if there is lots of rain and flooding.

2.   SHOCK - Superchlorinate!

Add plenty of liquid pool chlorine or powdered shock product (found in any pool supply store). This will help to keep the levels up especially with all the additional rain and debris that may collect.

3.  REMOVE or SECURE everything on your patio to prevent flying objects that could damage screen enclosures.



to allow maximum water flow off the deck.


Please be aware of weather forecasts, take appropriate measures and stay safe! 


Know Your Zone 

Charlotte County Emergency Management logo  



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      Children's Safety Activity Book    


  Lots of puzzles, coloring pages & 
  games to help the kids learn about 
 pool safety in a way that's fun!  


FSPA Children's Safety Activity Book

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Women's Council of Realtors
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