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MARCH 2013
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Swimming - A Great Way to Exercise! 



Swimming is a great way to exercise! It is a lifetime sport that is beneficial for children, teens, adults & seniors alike. Since it is a no impact form of exercise it is gentle on bones & joints - while improving bone strength & joint movement. Water provides natural resistance which also gives you a full body workout for muscle and cardio strength particularly if you use a mix of aerobic and resistance training within your workout program. 


By combining a variety of exercises in the pool (swimming laps, water walking & water aerobics) you will create a well rounded, low impact program that is beneficial for both body and mind. Along with bones and joints other important muscles benefit from swimming. With aerobic exercise, the heart becomes more efficient in pumping creating better blood flow to the rest of the body. Holding your breath will strengthen lungs for an improvement in respiratory function. And...swimming burns calories better than many other programs!


As for the mind...there is nothing better than a relaxing float in the pool to calm the mind and reduce the stresses of a hectic life. Even in our little corner of Paradise, the winter months may make the water too cool for comfortable exercising. To continue your exercising year round, a heated pool will give you the best environment. And for arthritis sufferers, a heated pool will help loosen stiff joints so they can proceed with beneficial exercises that will keep joints moving.


If you've never learned to swim, there are many local programs that offer swimming lessons or water exercise programs (see "Learn to Swim" on right). It's not hard to do and the benefits are well worth the time and effort.


For a healthier lifestyle try swimming for exercise...and...it's fun!





Pete Coccaro
Owner Nautilus Pools
President Florida Swimming Pool Association



Some Great Pool Exercise Tips to Get You Started
Exercising in your pool is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and tone muscle. It doesn't take a lot of equipment and can be done solo or with friends. For year round exercising that's fun, easy on your body and burns fat quickly try these pool exercising tips:Water Exercises
Exercise in waist deep water
(helps to keep your balance)
Wear water shoes & webbed gloves 
(both are great for traction & resistance)
Use Your Noodle 
(Pool "Toys" - noodles & balls - are great for Exercise Equipment)
Drink lots of water
(even though you're surrounded by water, it's easy to get dehydrated when exercising)
The internet abounds with sites dedicated to swimming exercises. Type "Swimming Pool Exercises" in your search engine for more choices or go to these websites:
BRRR...Still Too Cold to Swim or Exercise?
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 Learn to Swim


Try these Community Locations for pre-school to adult classes.


Times, age groups and prices vary by location:  


  Charlotte County Community Services Aquatic Program

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