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January 21, 2015

2014 was a very busy year for ATAC and its members. We are very proud of the important work done by ATAC last year and 2015 promises to be just as demanding on everyone. Election years have a tendency to grind to a halt the legislative and regulatory processes in Ottawa and this year will probably not be any different. This means that the demand for ATAC services will grow in reaction to this bog down.   


Popular policies announcements will be made by Party leaders but aviation issues will most likely be moved to the sidelines again this election year in favor of more popular vote generating infrastructure projects. Nonetheless, there are many pressing aviation issues which require the government's full attention. Transport Canada and Minister Raitt need the Government's support if TC is to provide the level of service our industry is entitled to. Also, major issues such as fatigue management warrant sober thought and can't be allowed to be used as political fodder by either side. It would perhaps be wiser to put such issues on hold rather than be tempted by quick fix solutions with irreversible long term repercussions. 


John McKenna


Micahel Skrobica
ATAC Presents Air Transport Concerns in Ontario Pre-Budget Hearings

ATAC will make a presentation to the Ontario's Standing Committee on Finance and Economic Affairs on January 22, 2015. The Committee is making stops through a number of locations in the province. ATAC will highlight its opposition to the Aviation Fuel Tax increases brought in by the Ontario budget last year and the proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan.

Les Aalders


ATAC and several of its MRO industry partners completed a successful international marketing mission to MRO Latin America in Buenos Aires, January 12-14. This was the first foray by the ATAC led Canadian MRO Alliance into Latin America. ATAC industry partners participating were AJW Technique, Avianor, Discovery Air Technical Services, Global Aerospace, L-3 Electronic Systems Services, Mxi Technologies and Premier Aviation Overhaul Center.

Flight Crew Fatigue Management/Flight & Duty TimE

ATAC continues to work with its members and all other aviation associations to find reasonable solutions to address the recent TC proposed new Flight Crew Fatigue Management/Flight & Duty Time proposals including key meetings with TC, January 19-23.

Wayne Gouveia

ATAC Flight Schools International Outreach 2015-2016

ATAC schools are once again participating in the Global Opportunities for Association Program supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Development.


A proposal has been submitted to the federal government to help Canadian Flight Training companies participate in the AOPA Flight Training Expo in Shenzhen China (September 9-15, 2015). When approved 5 Canadian Flight Training Units will have the opportunity to attend the show and support a Canadian booth. In China the gradual opening of low level airspace is supporting the rapid growth of General Aviation aircraft. General Aviation in the context of Chinese airspace includes regional airline, on demand charter, business aircraft, rotary wing aircraft and personal aircraft. Orders for these new categories of aircraft have already surpassed the available supply of qualified Chinese pilots to operate these machines.     


The second GOA mission for 2015 will include participation in the Professional Flight Training Exhibition (PFTE) - London, England November 5 -10, 2015. This is the first trip for ATAC members to the PFTE in London and will provide an opportunity for Canadian FTUs to establish a presence in the European Flight Training market. Currently only 3% of Commercial pilot licenses in Canada are issued to the UK. Much work is needed to streamline the license conversion process and to promote the real value of Canadian pilot training to this market. The GOA project includes funding for 5 FTUs to participate in a Canadian booth and to attend meetings on the margins of the show.


If interested in participating in any of these events e-mail wgouveia@atac.ca


Industry Symposium
& Annual Spring Reception


ATAC Annual Meeting
& Tradeshow 2015

ATAC welcomes
new members:

Aeropol Aviation Services Corp.

Mississauga, ON


Avianor Inc.

Mirabel, QC


Blue Sky Booking

North Vancouver, BC


Essential Helicopters

Callander, ON


Morningstar Air Express

Edmonton, AB


The Magnes Group

Thornhill, ON

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