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Volume # 2013-05-E 
May 14, 2013

ATAC Special General Meeting of Members

ATAC Industry Symposium and Spring Reception


Thursday, May 23, 2013

The National Hotel and Suites

361 Queen Street, Ottawa, ON



  • Committee Meetings
  • ATAC Special General Meeting of the Members
    Operator Members will be voting on the by-law amendments.
  • ATAC Industry Symposium
    The Honourable Steven Fletcher Addresses Industry "Irritants"
  • Spring Reception

For program details and registration please visit our website at http://springevent2013.weebly.com/



Make your hotel reservation at the National Hotel and Suites by calling toll-free 1-855-238-6001 or 613-238-6000 or by email at reservations@nationalhotelottawa.com and mention Group ID Code "GSATAC".

NEW - (Not an ATAC organized event)

50th Anniversary of the certification of the PT6 Turboprop

The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, Ottawa Branch, is holding the 50th Anniversary of the certification of the PT6 Turboprop/Turboshaft. For more information and to RSVP, please see brochure.

Operations Committees Monthly Meetings/Conference Calls

All ATAC members are encouraged to engage with other members within our active operations focused committees. Scheduled upcoming ATAC operations committee meetings and/or conference calls are as follows:

  • Technical Operations Committee meeting in YOW on May 23rd from 0830-1030 ET
  • Flight Operations Committee meeting in YOW on May 23rd
    from 1030-1230 ET
  • Cabin Operations Committee conference call on June 5th
    from 1400-1500 ET

Performance Based versus Prescriptive Regulatory Requirements

During our various operations committee conference calls and meetings, the subject of interpretation continually arises over the requirements that our members must meet. Sometimes this is due to differences between TC regions, however this is becoming more prevalent now even within the same region and between regions and headquarters, when performance based requirements are compared with prescriptive requirements by individual inspectors. This will be brought up with TC during our meetings on May 23rd and during the next Civil Aviation Advisory Board meeting. In the meantime, please continue to bring examples of these to our attention, either during our committee meetings or directly to laalders@atac.ca by email or phone.


ATAC - Canadian MRO Alliance Success @ Aviation Week's MRO Americas 2013

ATAC is happy to report on another very successful Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) event where ATAC facilitated MRO companies in their international business development and marketing. The 2013 key MRO event took place in Atlanta on April 16-18. In addition to facilitating the Canadian MRO Alliance booths, ATAC also once again hosted the ever-successful Canadian MRO Business Development Networking Event. This year's networking event was kicked off by the Canadian Consul General in Atlanta, Mr. Stephen Brereton, and attracted approximately 100 invitees.


Les Aalders, Executive Vice President and VP, Atlantic Canada & British Columbia, laalders@atac.ca

The Runway Safety and Incursion Prevention Panel (RSIPP)

Runway incursions and excursions continue to be a major aviation safety concern. In order to exchange valuable information on runway safety aviation stakeholders formed the Runway Safety and Incursion Prevention Panel (RSIPP) under the tutelage of NAV CANADA in 2006.


To access valuable runway safety training and promotional material visit the Canadian Runway Safety Website at www.navcanada.ca  


Bill Boucher, Special Advisor and VP, Quebec, bboucher@atac.ca  

Ontario Flight Schools Working Group Meeting - Toronto Airways

The Ontario Flight Schools Working Group consists of flight schools concerned and challenged in working within the construct of the Private Career College Regulation. A meeting was held at Toronto Airways, Buttonville Airport on May 14. The agenda included an update by lobbyist Richard Mahoney, National Public Relations. In addition, the need for new guidance from the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities (MTCU) to help industry comply was discussed. We also disussed the MOU with the Transport Canada/MTCU and the strategic plan going forward.


New Global Opportunities for Associations (GOA) Destination - International Pilot Training

The goal of GOA funding is to attract international students for pilot training in Canada. The GOA program proposal has been expanded to include participation in the Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium in Bangkok, Thailand, September 17- 18, 2013 and the Latin America Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition August 14 -16, 2013 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. GOA supports the promotion of sector-specific international business development for ATAC member companies. Flight training companies interested in participating in a Canada booth and outreach meetings please contact Wayne Gouveia at wgouviea@atac.ca


The Air Cadet League of Canada and DND Assure the Future of the Air Cadet Flying Program

On May 1st the Minister of Defence, Peter MacKay, announced that the future of the Air Cadet Program is assured. The Air Cadet League and ATAC welcomes the announcement. ATAC is in discussions with the DND on facilitating the delivery of a new, innovative and progressive approach to delivering flying experiences. The goal of ATAC will be to engage Cadets in flying programs to pursue careers in the aviation industry. ATAC is committed to assist the DND and the Air Cadet League in making this program cost effective and successful for all cadets selected. 


Wayne Gouveia, Vice President, Commercial General Aviation
and VP, Prairies and Northen, wgouveia@atac.ca  

ATAC Welcomes New Members

ATAC is proud to welcome the following new Members:


Frasca International, Urbana, IL

Frasca International manufactures flight training equipment for airlines, flight schools and military organizations worldwide. Founded in 1958, Frasca has delivered over 2,500 devices to over 70 countries.


Skeye Aviation Systems, Montreal, QC

Skeye Aviation Systems (Division of Arkys Systems) is a leading innovator in the airline software solutions and information technology. The company consists of over 50 employees.


SkyTrac System, Kelowna, BC

SkyTrac is a specialized supplier of satellite-based aircraft flight following and SatCom solutions. Founded by experienced aviators in 1986, SkyTrac brings more than 25 years of experience to the SatCom marketplace. 


Mark your calendars! 


ATAC Annual General Meeting & Tradeshow


November 17 - 19, 2013


Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel 

Montreal, QC


Exhibitor package is available on our website 



A special thanks to the following Exhibitors
to date 


Aviall (Canada)


Avjet Holding




D.H. Kay Sales


Discovery Air Technical Services


FlightSafety International


Frasca International


Labelmaster Canada


Latitude Technologies




Plattsburgh International Airport


Pratt & Whitney Canada


Skeye Aviation Systems


SkyTrac Systems


Talon Systems, LLC


Tulmar Safety Systems



A special thanks to the Sponsors to date 


Emond Harnden


FlightSafety International






Pratt & Whitney Canada





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