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Volume # 2013-02-E 
February 21, 2013

ATAC Special General Meeting
and Spring Symposium 2013


Thursday, May 23, 2013

The National Hotel and Suites

361 Queen Street, Ottawa, ON


Tentative Agenda

  • Committee Meetings
  • ATAC Special General Meeting **
  • Symposium
  • Reception 
** A new Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act requires ATAC to amend its Bylaws. The ATAC Board has recently approved the first set of bylaw amendments.  We will be seeking member approval at a Special General Meeting scheduled for Thursday, May 23 in Ottawa.  An official Notice of Meeting and a new set of modified bylaws will be distributed to members shortly.

Visit our website at www.atac.ca/web/en/events/spring-event for updates.

Minister of State for Transport Seeks Input on Irritants

ATAC and some of its members attended the January 23rd session in Toronto held by the Honourable Steven Fletcher in his outreach seeking input from the Canadian industry regarding specific irritants arising from Transport Canada Regulations & Regulatory Programs. ATAC not only provided direct verbal input during the meeting but also followed up with a letter documenting the many ATAC examples of issues and solutions.


ATAC and most Associations Reject the FRMS WG Recommendations

In an unprecedented show of solidarity, the vast majority of the national and regional associations in Canada representing the interests of Commercial and Business Aviation joined forces in opposition to the recommendations contained in the Fatigue Risk Management Working Group Report submitted to the CARAC Technical Committee on November 6, 2012. The joint dissent letter was forwarded to TCCA on January 31, 2013 for deliberation by the Civil Aviation Regulatory Committee (CARC).


ATAC Supports TC at ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection

The ninth session of the CAEP, the triennial meeting of states and industry representatives was held in Montreal on February 4-15, 2013. ATAC successfully lobbied for positions supportive of ATAC members regarding aircraft noise and emissions issues, including preventing aviations leading to a potential phase-out of certain aircraft types such as those with hush-kits.


Operations Committees Monthly Conference Calls Successful

Thanks to all of you that have made this new initiative such a success! However, new participants are always welcome and encouraged! The committee conference calls are held from 1400-1500 ET and those scheduled for February are: Cabin Operations on February 27th, Flight Operations on March 19th; Technical Operations on March 21st I welcome your input at any time regarding topics to be discussed.


TC Aviation Emissions Data Workshop

March 20, 2013 - Ottawa

This workshop will bring together representatives from air carriers and their associations, government officials, and other aviation stakeholders to discuss fuel use and greenhouse gas {GHG) emissions data, as well as related issues, to help build a consensus on a path forward to develop reliable data on domestic and international aviation fuel use and GHG emissions and sustainable, cost effective means to collect such data. Contact me for further details.


Les Aalders, Executive Vice President and VP, Atlantic Canada & British Columbia, laalders@atac.ca
  CNS/ATM - FAA Next Generation Air Transportation System Project

NextGen is the name given to a new national Airspace System for implementation across the United States in stages between 2012 and 2025. The Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) proposes to transform America's air traffic control system from an aging ground-based system to a satellite-based system. GPS technology will be used to shorten routes, save time and fuel, reduce traffic delays, increase capacity, and permit controllers to monitor and manage aircraft with greater safety margins. The project is managed by the FAA with technical assistance from NASA.


Web link for what's new in NextGen:


Link to access NextGen Technologies Interactive Map: http://www.faa.gov/nextgen/flashmap

Bill Boucher, Special Advisor and VP, Quebec, bboucher@atac.ca  

ATAC Continues Work on the PCC

Regulation Review

Ontario flight schools face challenges with the interpretation of the current Private Career College Act. Ontario schools have reported unannounced spot visits and heavy handed fines levied by the ministry on old information cached on internet search engines. ATAC is working diligently to strengthen the relationship and understanding between the ministry and flight training units (FTU's) which are required to register as Private Career Colleges.


New CIC Regulation to Curb International Student Fraud

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has drafted new regulation in Gazette I of December 29, 2012 with a 45 day comment period. ATAC has participated in consultation meetings in Toronto and Ottawa to discuss the importance of international students to the flight training community. Forty five per cent of commercial licenses issued in Canada are to foreign students (reported by Transport Canada, November 2012, ATAC AGM). ATAC has partnered with HAC to deliver key messages to CIC on the uniqueness of flight schools which are federally regulated compared to traditional private career colleges. A joint submission to the Gazette with ATAC & HAC will emphasize the importance of FTUs eligibility to student study permits.


Wayne Gouveia, Vice President, Commercial General Aviation and VP, Prairie and Northern, wgouveia@atac.ca

ATAC Attends the First Meeting of CBSA

"Fines" Working Group

The first meeting of Canada Border Services Agency's Working Group on Administrative Monetary Penalties (fines) concerning the provision of Advance Passenger Information, was held January 17, 2013.


ATAC had been asking for meetings for a considerable period, as ATAC members, amongst other carriers have been fined for either incomplete or late submissions. Currently there is no written policy on fines in this area which is a deplorable situation, given CBSA has levied fines without guidance from even their own management.


The Working Group first examined historical contraventions and fines. It will go to greater depth on these areas to determine if there are trends which can be remedied. As well we will survey the policies of other countries.


Michael Skrobica, Senior Vice President & CFO and VP, Ontario, mikes@atac.ca 

ATAC Welcomes New Members

ATAC is proud to welcome the following new Members:


Langley Flying School, Langley, BC

Langley Flying School was founded in the fall of 1994, and originated as a small single-instructor and single-aeroplane Flight Training Unit. Now they operate a fleet of eight aircraft. The flight training and administrative operations of Langley Flying School conform with requirements established by Transport Canada and is authorized for training students for Commercial Pilot, Instructor Rating, Instrument Rating, Multi-engine Rating, Night Rating, Private Pilot, Recreational Pilot and VFR Over-the-top Rating. 


WJR Aviation Services, Ottawa, ON

WJR Aviation Services is a consulting company offering services such as Flight Operation Manuals (Development, Amendment and Upgrade); Approved Check Pilot - Type Rating and PPC/IFR (ATR 42/72, HS 748, SD 330/360, All Single Engine Multi Engine Land and Sea Non-High Performance); Line Flying, Line Indoctrination and Line Check (ATR 42 and ATR 72); and Auditing.

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Minister of State for Transport Seeks Input on Irritants // ATAC and most Associations Reject the FRMS WG Recommendations // ATAC Supports TC at ICAO Committee on Aviation Environmental Protection // Operations Committees Monthly Conference Calls Successful // TC Aviation Emissions Data Workshop
CNS/ATM - FAA Next Generation Air Transportation System Project
ATAC Continues Work on the PCC Regulation Review // New CIC Regulation to Curb International Student Fraud
ATAC Attends the First Meeting of CBSA "Fines" Working Group
New ATAC Member


Mark your calendars! 


ATAC Annual General Meeting & Tradeshow


November 17 - 19, 2013


Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel 

Montreal, QC





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